Challenging Humanity

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Chapter 26: Disastrous Pierce Around Alcohol

Alice POV

I was crying hard as Dad hugged me. I couldn't stop repeating Rosalie's words in my head. Those words didn't just hurt, they killed me. How could she say that? How could he tell her? How!

My breathing hitched as my sobs came faster. I hid my face in my hands and kept crying. Dad had sat me down on the couch.

"Honey, quiet down. Drink this." Mom started to rub my shoulders and brought a glass of water to my hands.

I shook her off and just sobbed.

Dad slowly helped me get back into control. "Deep breaths, honey. Calm, deep breaths." Dad slowly helped me get back into control. Mom held the cup to my mouth as I sipped the water. "There, now, can you please tell me what happened?" Dad wiped my tears and gave me tissues.

My eyes filled up thinking of Rosalie's words again. "Rosalie..." I choked out.

"Easy, easy," Dad crushed me to him.

"Dad...Rosalie...she said…she you gave…Edward three weeks…of grou...nding...but Emmett...a month…because because … Edward…biological…" I wrapped my hands to my face.

I felt Dad let go of me, and Mom wrapped her hands around my shoulders. I heard Dad call Edward and Emmett both in his office.

Both of them came at once. They both tried to touch me but I moved closer to Mom. They both noticed and gave me my space. My sobs slowly subsided but I couldn't help but look at Edward in betrayal. He had always fought against Rosalie, but today he had just stood there like a statue.

"What?" Edward asked as I continued to glare. He shook his head, finally giving up and moved his eyes to the floor.

"Okay, I have no words for this," Dad began, looking between the three of us. "Tonight, I want all three of you to just go to your rooms and stay there. Leave each other alone. I will be having a long talk with Rosalie and Liz about this. Does anyone have anything to add?"

"I'm sorry, Alice," Emmett whispered, softly.

I ignored him and walked out of the office to go to my room. The tears were again beginning to slowly make their appearance. I locked my bedroom door and jumped on my bed, hiding my face in my pillow.

Edward POV

I moved closer to the edge of the stairs. I was getting tired of hiding here, but I needed to know what was going on. Alice was crying in her room and Emmett was busting himself with the punching bag that he had dragged from his gym to his room. I wanted to play my music but I needed to know what my parents were going to do. It was horrifying to see Dad's deadly gaze and Mom's sadness.

After Alice had left, they both had given us a lifetime of tongue lashing. We couldn't meet our parent's eyes by the time we left the office.

Mom had been on the phone with Liz and was screaming her throat out. Dad had locked himself in his office. I hope they didn't do something drastic.

"Is it my fault, Liz?" Mom's voiced cried.

I moved a little closer to hear her properly.

"I have done everything, Liz. He is my son. I don't care what the hell those birth certificates say. I have never made any difference in my children."

My teeth clenched at the sound of Mom's sobs.

"Just because of some few words, there is a wall building in between them. I am at loss at what to do. I don't think I will take it if they start fighting amongst themselves…no...I won't be able to take it...these kids have saved my life, Liz. I just..."

I held the staircase as hard as I could. I couldn't keep myself from crying with my mom's sobs. I had a sudden urge of going to Rosalie and beating the shit out of her.

"Esme," Dad's voice made me jump.


I tiptoed to my room as quickly as I could, and shut it closed.

Next Day

Bella's POV

"Stop laughing!" I scolded. I almost stomped my foot again. He had woken me an hour before school this morning and was still laughing about yesterday.

"Bella…I'm sorry..." He chuckled. "I wanted to talk about this. Come on, sit here." He pointed to his special place in the corner of the couch he usually sat on. I sighed, sitting down. "Okay, now let's start from the beginning, you don't want my beer. Am I right?"

I glared in response.

He laughed, opening the beers one bottle at a time. "Look, first I want to say is that, I want you to tell me if something is wrong. I don't want you to be ever afraid of me. I want you to get to know me, like I am getting to know you." He opened up all the bottles and lined them up on the ground. I was afraid he might just drink all of those in front of me. "Now, tell me what do you think about these bottles? Be completely honest." He grinned, waiting expectantly.

"I don't like them." I signed. "I hate alcohol. I have seen what happens when people are out of control, and I don't like it. I want a sober father, a responsible one. Finding this in your house, I was really shocked and disappointed," I answered honestly.

"Okay, two things; First this is our house. You were brought here first time after the hospital. That is also the other reason why I love this house, because I have memories of you here. Before you came from Phoenix, your bedroom still had your crib and your baby toys. I had moved them to the basement right before you came. Second, you have seen people that lost control with alcohol? That one, I need a complete explanation on. I don't like that one bit. Bella, one thing I can promise you, I am a sober, responsible man. I am an officer, and I know my duties. If I drink, I am responsible about it. These beers are actually for my friends if they ever come over to watch the game. When I drink, my car keys are safely with Sue and I stay over at Billy's." He smiled patiently.

"I will explain how I know about alcohol, but I still don't want you to drink, or to keep that type of thing in the house. Guest or no guest."

"Even on occasion?" He sat comfortably across from me.

"No, no alcohol not anytime."

He smiled. "Bella, I drink beer, like I drink coke or something; I like to have it sometime with my dinner. Do you still say no?"

I shook my head. "No."

He got up. "Okay." He then took all the beers in the kitchen.

I followed him. I smiled as I watched him pour all the alcohol from the bottle, one at a time, down the kitchen sink.

"Thanks." I signed, once all the alcohol was gone.

"Bella, come here." He sat me down on the chair. "Do you really thing I could be alcoholic?" He didn't look upset, just curious.

I shook my head. "No, but I still don't like the idea of you drinking at all."

Charlie kissed my forehead. "Remember last night? I told you about my dad being strict on me?"

I nodded.

"Alcohol wasn't his favorite either. I suspect he did drink on occasion too, but I couldn't be sure since I had never witnessed it myself. I had accidently found a wine bottle hidden in his closet. I showed it to my mom. Since that day, I have never seen any alcohol again in my house. In high school one day, I went to a party and, got drunk, came home and threw up all over the place. Mom had made me sleep on the living room floor as punishment. My dad wasn't as easy. He was very mad. He made me walk from home to school and back. It...was a ten mile walk." I looked at him sadly as he grimaced. I patted his shoulder.

"The punishment was supposed to last two weeks but I kept taking rides from my friends, which pushed my dad to keep adding days to my punishment. Mom volunteered me as a designated driver for any parties. After that, I have never once lost my control on alcohol. I have also witnessed many drunk- driving accidents to last a lifetime. Right now, I know my parents would be watching you and be very proud. I am very happy that you know how dangerous alcohol is and how you care about me and yourself. I am very proud of you." He stood up and hugged me.

"Yesterday, you looked exactly how my mom looked when she was upset with me. You were standing in the kitchen and confronting me. Your godmother always told me you were like my mother. Last night, I saw it."

"My godmother?" I asked.

"Renee didn't tell you about your godparents?" Charlie let go of me.

I shook my head.

Charlie grinned. "No problem. How about I take you to meet them after you come back to school?" I hugged him in answer. He laughed, hugging me back then sat back down. "Okay, now you tell me what your explanation about alcohol control is."

I bit my lip. " know my ex." I signed slowly since Charlie wasn't as accepting of that fast as I thought he would. I ignored his wince and continued. "His dad was an alcoholic. He used to beat Kevin and his mom all the time until Kevin fought back one day and ran away with his mother. It is very scary because I have seen the scars of his beatings. And..." I blushed sheepishly, "I did some stupid things a few years ago."

His eyes grew wide in understanding.

"But, I learned my lesson." I signed quickly. "It was very, very wrong, and I will never do it again."

"What? Did you get drunk too?" he slowly asked.

I nodded, looking at him sheepishly.

"How drunk?" he asked, as if he was afraid of my answer.

I closed my eyes. I didn't want to show him, but it would be better if I told him now. I didn't want him finding out from someone else. I had already made a few people unhappy. I slowly stood up and started to raise my shirt a little. Please don't scream. Please don't scream.

"Isabella Marie Swan!"

I pursed my lips and opened my eyes in defeat.

"What the hell is that? Is that a ring? Or piercing? Or whatever the hell you call that? Take it out right now," he ordered.

I sat down again and waited for him to cool down.

"Bella, are you listening to me? Take it out right this minute. How Renee could let you do this? I will...I will…I don't what I am going to do but it won't be good!" he bellowed.

"Dad, please sit down and listen to me. Hear me out." I signed.

He started to take deep breaths. Finally he sat down and waited for me.

"Thank you," I signed, sarcastically. "First, Renee doesn't know I have this belly ring." I bit my lip to not laugh at his disgust at the name. "Second, I was drunk when I got this done. How did Renee let me get drunk? Easy she didn't know, just like your Mom didn't. It was New Years and we wanted to do something 'grown up.' Trust me, we all suffered a great deal. I am very scared of a needle that is why I am scared to take this out. It's been a long time since I got it, and I am used to it now. I don't mind. I don't want to take it out because I know it will hurt. I started liking it too."

He looked at me in shock. "No no no, take it out. I don't want to see it, Bella."

I shrugged. "You didn't see it until I showed it. I promise you won't see it again."

"Bella..." he moaned, rubbing his face with his hand. "Why is this happening to me?" he moaned, more quietly. "Okay, okay, just. Let's pretend this didn't happen, and you promise me you won't ever get drunk again." He looked at me sternly.

I nodded. "I promise I won't do it again."

He sighed. "Okay. Do you want me to drop you to school or you want to take that piece of truck that I bought without using me head?"

I smack him on the arm and pouted. "I love that truck. I'll drive myself. Want some cookies? I made a lot of them last night."

He already stood up and took cookies out of the tray. I laughed silently. I had the world's best Dad.

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