"…son… son, can you hear me?" a voice called out.

"Dad…?" the young boy sat up in his bed. Satoshi was kneeling beside, his hand on the child's head. It was pitch black outside, and the digital clock on the wall read "3:30".

"Dad? What's wrong?" Satoshi's face was pale, and the hand that was on the boy's head was shaking. Something had deeply disturbed his father, and now the boy was frightened.

"Son… I…" he paused, considering was he was going to say. Satoshi's face hardened, conviction shining in his eyes. "Son, I have to go to work."

The boy glanced at the clock again. "This early…? What for?"

"There's a… slight problem with the project. A hiccup, that's all. You need to set your alarm clock so can wake up and go to school, okay?"

"…okay… huh?! Wait! Today's career day! You're supposed to…"

"I know, I know," Satoshi nodded. "I promised. And if it's humanly possible, I will be there! But… I just have to fix a tiny problem at work first. Is that okay?"

The boy eyed his father. He was lying, but he knew better than to ask why. His father wouldn't have told him anyways. He nodded.

"I'm leaving now, and I know you're upset, so… here." Satoshi pulled a small bright green rock out of his pocket that shined, even in the dark room. Threaded through a small hole in the top was a chain.

The boy's eyes widened in wonder. "What's that?" he asked.

"This is something special," Satoshi reflected, "that your mother made for me, before she died. It was the best present I ever got… and now I'm giving it to you."

Satoshi carefully unclasped the chain, and wrapped it around his son's neck. The necklace was a little big for him, but not too much.

"Your mother was a great designer. It's resistant to the cold, the heat, it's water proof, and it's shock absorbent. I want you to keep it on, no matter what. It's very important to me, and I don't want you to lose it. And again, I'm sorry about the career day."

The boy smiled and shook his head. "It's okay! I forgive you!" he cried as he admired his new necklace.

Satoshi stood up and walked to the door. The boy laid back down as he closed the door.

"By the way," Satoshi paused in the doorway. He looked back at his son, who was already falling asleep. "Be a good boy at school today, no matter what happens. I love you… Gennai."