In the dark of the night

In the dimness of light

You made me a promise.



… There is a confession I would like to make…."

Warm kisses moistened our lips

Tender arms encircled me

We both felt weak uncertainty.

"I committed a personal crime, which warrants no forgiveness from you, and reveals to me that I do not deserve your compassion."

We were caught up in the moment

Thinking we knew what we were doing

I never realized how this would end.

"With brutal honesty, I tell you that my actions were provoked with desperation and selfishness. I…I went into this situation knowing who I was dealing with, thinking I could handle myself, and hoping to ultimately obtain what I was seeking."

Fore warning was given

During the heat of the moment

I said I wasn't seeking love.

"However, the situation now shows me that I have buried myself too deep and…I see no reasonable method of getting myself out."

Reassurance was given

Relief instantly surfaced

He understood the terms.

"To ask you to save me would be crude and cruel… but I know that my final option will leave you devastated."

Time has passed since that night

Emotions have formed

I battle them down daily.

"I'm deeply sorry for the wrong choices and mistakes that I have made, past and present- but especially this. I just want to let you know, I never loved him, I never wanted to be with him- I only did what I did because I wanted you to be with me forever."

Memory serves me well

Double guessing assaults me

I should have known better.

"I wanted you to fight for me, and show me that you wanted me… but as I sit here now, I realize that you've done that all along."

Patience is a virtue

I should have respected you

Time now stands as the key.

"I was too blind to see. And now, I'm too ashamed of myself to dare crawl back- I've defiled our love."

My future remains unclear

Fate knows what is best

Love rides on silver wings.

"I only hope that you will not hate me. I know you will have the strength to move on and find someone better."

Death provides second chances

Offering judgment and penance

Mending mistakes for eternity.

"Goodbye Asato,

I will love you forever.