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Prussia still couldn't believe that Matthew was really letting him stay for a full month (sure he'd only said a few weeks but who wouldn't want his awesomeness floating around for an extra week or two?). As the Canadian's house came into view Gilbert began to grow uneasy. Something wasn't right, noting that Gilbird (currently located on his left shoulder for the moment) seemed nervous as well. This caused the Prussian to speed the rest of the short walk to Matthew's front door, pressing the doorbell in rapid succession.

"Matthew… Answer your door!"


Matthew groaned as the repeating ring of his doorbell awoke him. To tired to notice that his pajamas were practically falling off of his slim form, while his glasses hung lousy on the bridge of his nose. The nest few moments went by so fast that the Canadian had to repeat the scenes repeatedly over and over again in his mind. He swung the door open to find an ill at ease Prussia standing there. The previous irritation that he'd felt drained away being replaced with blurry vision and the feeling of suddenly becoming light-headed. The next thing Canada knew was that of him waking up in his bed while in Gilbert's arms with the Prussians possessions put away in apparently their now shared room.


Canada was sick with a common flu bug. Knowing that calmed the Prussian of his cloud of unease for the moment, letting him sigh with relief when the doctor said that what Matthew had wasn't fatal. With the antibiotics in hand from the doctor a thought ran through Gilbert's mind. 'A flu can be cured and who better to help Matthew than the awesome Gilbert Beilschmidt? However…'

"I don't know where I'm supposed to be sleeping…"

This is how Prussia ended up moving into the Canadian's bedroom after silently promising not to attempt to seize his host's vital regions until after he was better. Both were unaware that they were currently being watched through the tiny part of the window that wasn't covered up.


Anger welled up inside of Ivan as he watched the Prussian curl beside his Matvey. The Russian could list only three reasons for his current anger: 1. Canada belongs to Russia and not some annoying ex-country. 2. He might just be turning into his sister... and 3. His scarf is caught in the tree…

"Don't worry Matvey… After the other's come you will become one with Russia too. Проклятые дерево, отпустите мой шарф, чтобы я мог подготовиться к "союзников" приехать!"

Somehow with that the branch holding onto Ivan's scarf snapped causing the frozen nation to fall…


Проклятые дерево, отпустите мой шарф, чтобы я мог подготовиться к "союзников" приехать! - Damned tree, release my scarf so that I may prepare for my "Allies" to arrive!

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