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Chapter One - An Unexpected Meeting

Allen Walker numbly sat on the ground beside a pile of smoking remains that was no longer recognizable as the creature that it had been mere minutes ago. His breathing was labored and his right eye possessed a glassy shine that would make anyone who gazed upon him think that the child had lost his mind. It was an empty stare. The look of someone who's world had ended. His other eye was glowing red and covered in blood. A cursed star had been carved in the flesh above his left eye and a scar trailed from the pentacle's tip down the length of his face.

The cursed mark had been a gift from his foster father Mana.

The little body cringed involuntarily as he thought back to the moment he had acquired the injury that was now causing blood to run down his face and fall to form a small pool on the ground. He had been so happy when the strange man had offered to bring Mana back to life but the offer had been too good to be true. Mana's soul had been brought back but it was different, corrupted. And angry.

The creature had cursed him, in a voice that Allen would never forget, and then slashed his face.

Allen had been certain that he was going to die at that moment and he was more than resigned to his fate. He welcomed it. His world had ended with Mana's death and now that he had brought Mana's soul back and caused him so much pain all he wanted was to die and join his father.

Unfortunately the strange arm that he had been born with, the cause of most of the suffering that he had endured in his relatively short life, suddenly changed it's shape. As though it had a will of it's own it transformed into a huge claw and began to move of it's own volition. The strange appendage attacked the creature that contained Mana's soul, no matter how much Allen screamed for it to stop. It was his own arm and yet he found that he couldn't control it.

And it was after Mana!

"Allen. . ."

The sound of that voice gave the young boy pause.

"Allen, I love you," the creature said with the voice of a dead man. "Destroy me, please. Destroy me, Allen."

Despite the plea Allen still shouted for him to run. He didn't want to watch Mana die again and yet, despite his warnings, Mana refused to run. The child screamed in horror as his claw like hand closed around the strange skeleton that possessed Mana's soul. It wasn't supposed to be like this.

Tears were flowing unchecked from Allen's eyes and he desperately wished that he could take back what he had done. He was utterly devastated by what he had done to Mana and all he wanted was to die. The child couldn't get the words 'I curse you Allen' out of his head.

He feared that those words would be echoing through his memories until the day that he drew his last breath. The hurt in Mana's voice had been obvious and Allen knew that he was going to be haunted by today's events for the remainder of his worthless life.

"I'm sorry Mana," he mouthed, unable to make any actual words issue forth from his mouth.

Allen was suddenly brought back to the here and now by the sound of someone approaching. He didn't even bother to look up and he had no fear of whoever it was that was walking toward him. There was nothing left to fear when you wanted death and he merely continued to stare blankly ahead. The sound of the approaching footsteps paused briefly and a voice broke the silence.

"The souls trapped inside Akuma are powerless. They're forever captive and become dangerous toys of the Millennium Earl. Destroying them is the only way to save them."

The footsteps resumed and within seconds a strange man had come to kneel behind the young boy. Allen continued to stare at the remains of the thing that had held Mana's soul, not even registering the fact that the mitten he used to hide his deformed hand from the world was now gone.

"Ah, a human born with an Anti-Akuma weapon. What an unfortunate fate. You also appear to be an apostle possessed by God."

Allen glanced around as he felt the man place a hand on his shoulder. The man who was kneeling behind him was dressed in black and gold and had long hair, which was flaming red in color. The right side of his face was covered by some kind of white mask and a strange golden object was perched on top of his hat.

"How would you like to become an Exorcist?"

Allen was somewhat surprised by the man's words. He had never heard of Exorcists before but he gathered that they were people who went around and destroyed the cursed Akuma. Thinking back to the pain that Mana's voice had held the boy nodded.

He had committed a grievous sin, had turned his foster father into an Akuma, and he desperately wanted to make up for what he had done. Before he died Mana had told him to keep walking and Allen saw this as an opportunity for his life to have meaning.

For Mana he would become an Exorcist and help those other unfortunate souls who have been brought back to the world of the living against their wills. If there were indeed other souls suffering out there like Mana then he wanted to do something to help them.

"My name is Cross Marian and I'm a general with the Black Order," the man said as he got to his feet. "Our job is to track down the Akuma and destroy them. I'll train you to use the weapon that you were born with and then it will be your job as well."

Allen nodded once more.

"Let's go," the man said, his voice gruff.

Allen nodded and shakily got to his feet. His legs still seemed somewhat numb after his encounter with the Akuma and he stumbled as he attempted to follow along behind the man. "Ugh," Cross groaned as he seized Allen by the front of his shirt and prevented his fall.

"Thank you," the boy whispered, his throat becoming somewhat sore due to the hold that the man had on his collar. "My name's Allen by the way."

"Wrong," Cross said, still holding the kid by the collar of his shirt. He gazed into the kid's eyes, one gray while the other was glowing red. "You will answer to whatever I happen to call you at the time. Or else."

Allen saw a glint in the man's eye and was certain that this was a threat.

With a disgusted little sigh Cross released the hold, nearly causing the boy to fall. "You will address me as Master from this day forward. You are now my apprentice and for all intents and purposes I own you. Do you understand this boy?"

This statement brought out the defiant streak in the boy, the part of his personality that Mana had all but rid him of. "Yes. . . Master."

Cross heard the barely veiled defiance in the boy's voice and he didn't like it. Not one little bit. Turning around with surprising speed he backhanded the child, causing the boy to fall. Allen hit the ground hard and gazed up at his new master with a hint of fear in his eyes.

Cross smiled, enjoying the look. It would be better for them both if the kid both hated and feared him. It would force the brat to grow into a stronger person, which would aid him on his journey to becoming an Exorcist. This was not a job for the weak and if the boy didn't toughen up and quickly then he wouldn't survive long.

Shaking his head Cross turned and once again began walking away. Allen gazed at the man's retreating back for a couple of seconds before getting to his feet and following along behind him. He was fairly certain that his time with this man wasn't going to be pleasant but he had made his decision and he was going to stick with it.

For Mana's sake, as well as the sake of all of the other unfortunate souls who had been damned to the existence of an Akuma, he would become an Exorcist.

"Keep walking. Never stop."

Those were the words that echoed in his mind as Allen Walker fell into step behind General Cross Marian. He would keep walking, following along the path that he had chosen. For the poor souls of the Akuma he would become an Exorcist.

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