Dawn was peering over the huge tower buildings in Gotham city, golden beams illuminating the darkness. He hadn't even noticed, for years now he had made a point of not being seen in the light unless absolutely necessary. Batman's huge black cloak flowing in the morning breeze, silent, stoic. Stood absolutely still, he could have been mistaken for part of the gargoyle he was stood upon. All his focus was on her. For the first time Batman could have his entire being focusing on her, not the villains of Gotham or the Earth, not even his grand mission. Wonder woman the perfectly beautiful Amazon, she had shown increased interest in him over the last few months. There had always been something between the two; he had always been quick to deny it to who ever asked. However something inside of him knew, he was just contradicting himself. Batman had feelings for her.

Memories flooded his mind of past experiences. Ever love he'd ever know, failed sometimes tragically. Looking back at his colourful life even those closest, eventually end up hating the batman. Love wasn't a part of the mission, Distractions couldn't be tolerated, and you get soft. Settle down. Gotham would go to the dogs.

All his moping was caused by Diana's recent actions, the black haired beauty had been avoiding the Batman.

`You shouldn't have said it` Bruce thought. Another standard mission, J'ohn must have been up to something they'd been partnered more regularly than ever. Most of the core team must have been responsible. They always did like meddling in his affairs. The mission itself was nothing over in five minutes, on the way back Wonder woman was asking again. Dating maybe. Batman remember her saying relax and enjoy yourself a few times. Then it happened it was more of a reflex than what he'd wanted to say and he didn't want to make it sound so harsh.

`Nothing but a spoiled princess wanting what she couldn't have` Batman's eyes closed, knowing how much he had hurt Diana. All Wonder Woman wanted was for him to open up, `I've never been one for opening up to people` He thought. Looking back for someone who'd seen his future he wasn't very happy with what he saw. In the brief meeting he had with Old Bruce. Batman knew he was alone, except for that new batman.

`Do I really want to be alone? You've been alone since you were eight. Is it so wrong to love someone? I guess I do love her. Will she just become another Selina? Funny every one I let in hates me, Dick, Selina, and Talia even Jason suffered because of me. Do I even desire her? `

Batman signed firing a grapple with amazing accuracy to the building opposite; taking a huge swing the huge hero flew down toward the ground, landing gracefully to on his feet. Calling the car, which arrived in seconds.

Driving back to the cave, Bruce had left it late the sun was getting high and some of the early morning commuters were entering Gotham, giving the Bat mobile strange looks as it zoomed past them. Looking out the tinted windows batman pulled his cowl back, pressing the comlink in his eye activating his link to the watchtower.

"J'ohn" Bruce said in his usual emotionless tone. Waiting for the static to fade,

"Yes Batman".

"Is Diana on the tower?"

"Yes why do you want me to put you threw to her?"


A second press and the comlink were off.

`Ill go and speak to her`. Taking a heavy sigh was the car swooped into the mountainous area where his cave entrance was located.

"I'll tell her." Bruce Whispered."I'll tell her everything".