`Amazing ` it was the only word that came to mind. The only word which came to mind to describe her grace, beauty her strength. Batman wished he could articulate these musings but that just wasn't Batman. Wonder woman, his goddess, was sleeping, Bruce had work to do but couldn't tear himself away from her beauty. Resting peacefully after another night of passion. It was getting late prime time he should be out stopping the scum of Gotham but it's not where the dark knight wanted to be. The thought of another night's patrol was actually less inviting than it usually was.

`Batman come on` his mind kicked in. Walking out of the majestic main bed room, toward the clock on the first floor. In two weeks it had all changed for the better. None of the league knew which was too Bruce's liking he'd already had enough of Flash's jibes when it came to him and Wonder Woman if Flash heard of this Batman would never hear the end of it. She was a beautiful secret. For the first time Bruce could say he was happy, however the dark knight wasn't about to show it, as he knew his luck in this department Bat's mind flashed toward images of Selina Kyle and Andrea Beaumon. Normally relationships fizzle out in the first week or something worse happens. That was one eventuality Diana quickly dismissed. Still it was something on the forefront of his mind. Wonder Woman was on the same tier as Superman in the strength department. But strength wasn't everything Batman knew given the right circumstances she was just as vulnerable as he was.

`I wished she would understand. She may be eternally youthful but she wasn't immortal`. Sighing inwardly the entrance to the bat-cave opened.

Suddenly the bat-cave wasn't Batman's sanctuary, in the past Batman wished nothing more than to be sat contemplating his mission. Now Bruce wished nothing more than to be with Wonder woman. Two weeks of contemplating their future. Bruce knew Wonder woman was a distraction to Batman, a welcome one. Looking toward the Robin suit.

"Dick was right" whispering to himself, a genuine smile appeared over his face. Walking toward the glass cases which housed the Bat suits past and present. Wondering if one day Diana's suit could be housed next to him. In his brief visit to the future Bruce hadn't seen Wonder Woman but he knew just by looking at himself he turned into the lonely old man. Just his body language and how he addressed the new Batman Bruce's future self wasn't a content old man. Although it triggered another argument did his future self live these days out, He couldn't afford to second guess himself, His visit to the future was what finally spurred this relationship or he hoped it was.

`God i hope so`.

Opening her eyes slowly looking over to her lover, or where he should have been. Again a Bruce shaped indentation was left where the Dark knight had lay. Laying her head on her pillow punching the bed causing it to shake to the point Diana wondering if she had broken it.

`Damit Bruce` she thought sitting up. `i told you`. Casting her mind back to an earlier conversation in which she specifically to wake her when he went on his patrol. Wonder woman slipped out of bed pulling her silk dressing gown from a nearby chair. Once she was dressed Diana swiftly flew down to the cave. Her suspicions were affirmed by the bat suit missing. Three nights in a row.

`Just one night ` she wished `Just once night where he could be content with being with me insted of leaving to fight the armies of evil alone. Time to go check up on him`. When bruce was with Robin or Batgirl she knew he'd be safe as Batman was always more cautious when he had his subordinates with him, although the latter brought different thoughts into her head. But on his own he was as reckless as Nightwing could be. A charm which Diana knew she wished she didn't like about the masked avenger.

`Stupid fool` Batman thought a ragged piece of his cape wrapped around his mouth. Finding himself in a situation he'd faced before. A gang of standard drug dealers standard stuff Batman had done this routine a million times over didn't notice the other twenty hiding. `Stupid mistake`. In the inevitable shoot out he'd taken to shot wounds both to the stomach, not fatal. Managing to get to height ground Bruce had used a technique he'd once used on the police send his cowl and cape at the group so he could get away. Bruce felt it he was getting old not dodging as fast as he could. Sitting on top of an adjacent roof. It all happened in a flash his sight blurred and followed with a numb feeling and that was it.

"Bruce!" slowly opening his eyes, his goddess sat over him she looked like she'd been in a fight. "Thank Hera". Bruce was no longer on the roof top but the bat cave again. He could see the tears in her eyes. "You fool why didn't you take me". Coughing batman felt a sudden stabbing pain in his side, the wound had been taped up but the pain was still present.

"Why i didn't need help!" Bruce barked. Wonder Woman looked hurt.

"They would have killed you." Tear came in full force. "When i found you they were about to shoot you again! ".

Here it was in Bruce's lifetime this conversation was one which had ended many relationships, romantic or not. His answer now would determine everything.

"Sorry" it was inaudible.

"What" Diana snapped.

"I'm sorry" Batman couldn't believe it he had said the word's he never thought would come.

"You stupid-" Diana hugged him squeezing him tight. Her herculean might put more pressure on Bruce's already damaged ribs.


"Sorry" she smiled moving some hair out of her eyes. "I love you Batman".

"And I-".