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It started with a normal day in the kitchen. Mama Josephine Ferecelli was busy making a lasagna for a big party that she was helping to cater later on night. This was nothing new to Mama Josephine, who was better known, to her students at least, as simply Mama.

However, on this day, there were no students there. It was up to Mama to prepare the meal all on her own. She, not being a woman to fear much of anything at all, had left the door of her home unlocked, as per usual, and considering the fact that it was raining outside, she didn't hear a sound.

Unfortunately for Mama, this proved to be a very bad thing, as something strange and quite out of the ordinary happened just as she placed the lasagna she'd prepared on into her preheated oven.

With a large bam, banging sort of sound, the heavy wooden side door that led from the outside on into her kitchen swung inward, opening up wide as the person who had opening it--an intruder--rammed his way on inside the room.

"This Mama's kitchen!" Mama said angrily, standing upright and turning to glare at the intruder as she spoke. "Get out of here!"

"Me… want… cookies!" the intruder exclaimed, before running toward Mama, his hands raised.

Mama had never seen the likes of anyone like this before in her life. The creature was at least five feet tall, and he was covered from head to foot in blue, shag carpet-esque fur.

"COOKIE!" he shouted at her as he advanced. "MEEE WANNNT COO--ookie…."

Stepping back as his voice trailed off into nothingness, Cookie Monster spun around slowly a couple of times, before falling down to the floor of Mama's kitchen, completely unconscious.

"Ha," Mama said, now as she stepped over to her telephone to alert the police. "Teach you to mess with MAMA!"