Title: Past Transactions

Author: Essence of Soup

Rated: T for Hidan's mouth.

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or Naruto. Aren't you glad?


Shikamaru died after blowing Hidan up. Now he and the zealot are reborn into HP world. How will this affect Harry and Draco?


~Ninja Realm~

Two figures were in the clearing, one a leaf-nin with dark brown hair pulled back into a high spiky pony tail, dark almost black eyes watch the man -- no, monster in front of him.

The other stood suspended in midair, his ruined cloak surrounded by paperbomb-carrying shadow strings, his silver hair a mess as blood dripped down his chin from his mouth, violet eyes wide in shock.

This bratty infidel caught him? Again!? He, Hidan, ardent follower of Jashin-sama, who had sacrificed hundred's of heathenness shinobi's in the name of his god?!

He was gonna kill the audacious shithead!

Shikamaru, chunin of Konoha, watched coolly as he lit the cigarette, hatred burning in his normally bored eyes at the akatsuki member in front of him.

"When you cursed my sensei, I didn't come here to play around." Pointing to the large hole the Jashinist was currently hanging over, the shadow manipulator continued.

"That hole is your grave."

Hidan chuckled, an amazing feat considering half of his throat was slit open.

"I'll never die. Even if you destroy my body and I'm left with nothing but my head, I'll escape and when I do, I'll hunt you down and bite your fucking throat out!"

Shikamaru exhaled, a wispy cloud of smoke exiting his mouth.

"The thing about this forest is that it's run by my family. No one else ever comes here without permission. My clan will keep you trapped here forever."

Shikamaru could have sworn he felt Asuma next to him, congratulating him on catching the insane psyco. So lost in this feeling he didn't see the Jashinist's face.

Hidan scowled. He was in deep shit.

Come on there's gotta be a fucking way out of this! There's gotta be! Damn that fucker! I'll send ya to hell and fuckin' torture you for ever! I'll kill you even if I havta give up my immortality--

Then an idea sparked in the zealot's head. It was an ancient ritual for Jashinist's, used only as a last resort. When a Jashinist had lived for a very long time, they often longed for death after a time (100-200 years usually) and so to end their immortality they seek out a very strong opponent and then in the mist of battle used the ritual to connected their life source to the opponent then kill the opponent, thus killing themselves in the name of Jashin.

Hidan grinned. He much rather be dead then to be trapped in that shithole, unable to serve his god.

Congrats ya damn fucker, you just forced me to use my ultimate technique. You and I will die today, and I'll be with Jashin-sama as you rot in hell.

There was still his blood on his blade, and looking at the teen in front of him the boy had gone glassy eyed as though remembering something, his shadows slacked in that brief moment. Perfect.

Taking the boy's distraction, Hidan pulled his arms out of the loose shadows, quickly performing the signs with a speed that only Kakashi could have followed.

Shikamaru cursed his distraction and tighten the shadows around the madman but it was too late.

Hidan finished the last seal and he and Shikamaru both felt their life force connect, startling Shikamaru from the concentrated sensation.

Now! Hidan thought as he threw the blade at the stunned boy before the shadows could stop him.

Shikamaru felt it before he ever saw it, his heart and lung getting pierced through.

He dropped to the ground clutching the metal blade-rod, Hidan jerking back in his bonds from the feeling. Then Shikamaru's shadows unleashed, dropping the violet eyed man into the hole below, the bombs still attached to him.

Shikamaru gasped, the cigarette falling from his mouth as blood seeped through.

"Ah…ah…ha…ha ha…ha ha! HAHA HAHA HAHA!!" Hidan's dying laughter echoed from deep below.

"Jashin-sama's judgment has been dealt! Now you…and I will die. Weep… in despair, you atheist fucker! Jashin-sama will torture… you for all eternity!" He said between gasps.

Shikamaru staggered to the edge of the hole, his life seeping out of him.

"I don't care…about your Jashin or… whatever you call him. You and…I believe two different things." Shikamaru's vision blurred, the pain receding as life left his body.

Pulling out a kunai and explosive tag he pointed it at the wall in the hole.

"I believe in the will of Fire."

The kunai went flying towards the wall.

A resounding boom was heard every where and in that moment two men died.


~Order of the Higher Power~

Death was a powerful being, looking like a wraith from the ancient stories, and taking souls to the afterlife to be sent to paradise or to hell and was one of the few elder gods left.

Not many mortals knew the difference between the elder and the lesser gods but those that did knew that the lesser gods were usually only worshipped in their realm while the elder gods were worshipped on nearly all realms, making Death one of the strongest and oldest of deities along with his twin brother Life.

Right now though he was stuck in a meeting of realm entities, discussing the latest souls he had collected.

Or more like listening to the loud mouthed ninja realm minor deity Jashin, Lesser God of Utter Destruction and Iniquity, and a pissed off Destiny, an elder deity have a screaming match.

"He will not be sent to the bowels of Hell! He was an important piece in my plans for that realm!"

"Too fuckin' bad! It was my servant that killed the fucker with my rituals thus his soul is mine to frichin' deal with!"

"No! He was important to my plans and must be sent back!"

"That's against the rules bitch!"

"Then your servant should be sent to hell as well!"

Death rubbed his nonexisting temples, as did many of the other gods, both elder and minor.

The laws put up clearly says that if a minor deity had a anything given to him/her by one of their devotee's that the sacrifice was theirs to do with however they saw fit.

But the laws also stated that if an elder deity had plans for something or someone it was to run its needed course.

Thus landing to where they were now. The mortal known as Shikamaru Nara was an important piece to Destiny and had been murdered by Jashin's servant Hidan before his time. But because it was within Jashin's right to do whatever he wanted to the mortal because it was his ritual that killed him Destiny couldn't have him, but because Destiny had a pre-plan for Shikamaru to help shape the ninja realm Jashin couldn't have him either, thus leading to the two entities backbiting.

Now they were fighting over whom to send back, which went were and neither would compromise to the others demand.

Death wanted a cold hard drink, maybe get out into the sun, bleach his bones and just pretend these two weren't bickering like mortal children.

Finally minor deity Eris, Lesser Goddess of Discord was getting enough of these two, stood up and promptly bellowed, "SHUT UP! We came to discuss this as civil beings! Not warring mortals!"

The duo stopped, then quietly sitting back down while the rest stared at Eris in shock and surprise. Made you wonder how bad these two were to get the personification of arguments annoyed with their banter.

Death, after order was returned, stood up.

"We have come here to decide where we should put the mortal Shikamaru Nara. Shall he be given to Jahin? Or taken to paradise?"

"Sir," Destiny addressed. "Why not send him back to the living?" Destiny didn't want to see him be taken by that cruel Jashin.

No, she would not see one of her inheritors of the Will of Fire suffer such a fate.

"Because it was, as Jashin had so clearly and voicefully said, his servant that did this. It would not be far to allow one to live and not the other."

"Then send him back to the living as well as Nara." Elder Hope said.

"We can't." Tezcatlipoca, minor deity of Anxiety and Trouble spoke. "Death himself said that the devotee Hidan's time had run out on that plane. You can't restore it."

"If I may," A quiet voice spoke though everyone heard it. Life stood, much to everyone's amazement. He normally never spoke during these squabbles.

"I think in the name of fairness that Mister Nara should be reincarnated."

Many looked surprised at him. Reincarnate? They haven't done that since the Hindu's first came about! Of coarse they had to stop that after awhile do to the overpopulated deathtoll, much to Death's amusement.

"What?!" Jashin yelled. "How is that fair? My servant had to die to get that fucker in the afterlife! Now you want to put him back on the ninja realm just like that? Where's the damn justice in that?!"

One look from Death and Life sent the lesser being into silence.

"Destiny," Life spoke.


"Can you change the course of the ninja realm without Mister Nara?"

"Possibly, but it'll take a lot of finagling." She said hesitantly.

"Good. Do you have any other realm that may need Mister Nara?"

"Um, let's see…" Destiny said, shuffling through a large folder she always carried with her.

"Well, there is one realm… but I'm not too pleased with how I had to plan it. Lots of people will die, more then I like to admit."

Destiny had a difficult job. Every world had at least one Avatar on it in every century and often closer in years. In order to get the Avatar to his final destination, more often then not she had to choose who was dispensable and indispensable. Many of the dispensable ones were usually allies or close friends and family to the Avatar, making her job really sad game of chess.

Life smiled fondly at her. "If I were to place Mister Nara on this world, would you be able to use him?"

Destiny looked up in surprise, but she began to quickly come up with strategies. After a long minute she nodded. "I just re-evaluated my plan. If all goes correctly, there won't be as many demises."

"Oh?" Life chuckled. "You already thought of a place for him?"

"Yes, but I only have a narrow opportunity to do this. Time is dwindling."

"Hey! What about my servant?! Don't tell me he fuckin' died for nothing!"

"Hmm, you're right Jashin. That really isn't fair. Mister Nara as well as Mister Hidan shall be reincarnated into this realm."

"WHAT?!" Destiny and Jashin yelled.

Destiny didn't want that fanatic there! He might ruin everything! Again!

Jashin didn't want his servant there! That wasn't his realm!

"And to make things interesting, they both shall keep their memories of their previous lives."

Jashin and Destiny just stared at smiling Life, jaws unhinged and eyes ready to pop out.

"I see by your faces you agree to the terms. Excellent! We'll reincarnate them now!" Life said far too cheerfully as he coaxed Destiny to tell him where Nara was going to be reincarnated as he sent a couple of his minions out to inform the Jashin follower and former Leaf-nin of their new mission.

Life, you need a hobby. Death thought as he rummaged around his desk for aspirin.

"Now that that's settled, meeting adjourned!"


~ 9 April 1981, Wizard Realm~

Lucius Malfoy rushed to the room his wife was in, nervous for the first time since his son Draco was born a year ago.

Why? Because one week ago his wife Narcissa had gone into labor with their second child.

He had been shocked when she told him to expect a second child, or more accurately she approached him one day and smacked him across the face, yelling about how it was his fault her figure, which she had finally gotten back after having Draco, was gone again because he had impregnated her.

He decided to keep on his Death Eater's job till she gave birth.

A baby's cry was heard, his heart stopping momentarily before moving faster to the room. Opening the door he found his son Draco kept giving his new sibling wary glances as his wife gently rocking the newest member of his family.

Narcissa smile a rare smile as she looked at him. "Meet Aries Brutus Malfoy."

She said happily, handing the week old over to his father.

Lucius looked down at his son. The child had a silver tuff of hair, was very pale and had violet colored eyes.

Lucius blinked.

The baby was glaring at him. Not the 'Your not my mommy' glare more like a 'I'll rip out your heart, eat it, then dance on your corpse as I sacrifice your soul' kind of glare.

It worried Lucius greatly, thus he gently handed the baby back to his mother, who seemed oblivious to the infant glaring viciously at her.

Neither parent noticed Draco scoot away from the baby.


~ 22 Sept 1981, Wizard Realm~

Lily was painfully tired. She had just been through twelve hours of labor, but it was worth it.

She looked down at the tiny babe in her arms. The new born boy had her father's dark brown almost black hair and even though he was just born his eyes were already open, revealing black eyes that looked around them languidly.

Looking up she saw the pride and love in her husband James face as he looked down at his new son. She laughed when little Harry tried to crawl out of his father's arms, reaching for his brother.

"Shawn Charles Potter," James said the babe's name quietly, as too not disturb his new son.

The baby slowly looked at him, then rolled his eyes before shutting them, quickly drifting off to sleep.

"Heh, he sure is quiet."

"Oh I'm sure he'll grow out of it." A voice said, causing the two adults to look up along with the two babies, much to the younger one's annoyance.

Albus Dumbledore, their former head master and undisputed leader of the light stood in the room, looking exactly the same as always.

Harry stared at the funny looking man as the newly named Shawn gave the man a cautious look.

"Dumbledore! It's good to see you!" James said brightly, Lily smiling at the professor.

The older man looked grim, meaning he had bad news. It was only then did the parents notice members of the Order of the Phoenix behind him.

The smiles faded.

"He has found our hiding place hasn't he?" James said, only to get a nod from the aged wizard.

"I know Lily just gave birth but we need to move post haste."

The two of the members of the Order were quickly packing everything as the other two carried Lily who held Shawn close. In minutes everything they had was packed and they were gone.

Later that evening Lily sat on a comfy couch in Dumbledore's office, trying to get Shawn to eat, but the baby was determined not to open his mouth (or eyes, which were tightly clamp shut) for his mother's breast milk.

Fortunately Madam Pomfrey had checked up and thought maybe he would try eating formula. This proved true, as he would much happier drinking from a bottle to which James said that maybe the baby was ill since no normal male would pass up a chance to suck a woman's tit.

Dumbledore wisely didn't try to unjinx James, who was now sporting tentacles on his forehead as he was suspended in the air upside down, just out of reach of his own wand.

He waited till morning to discuss matters with them, James finally getting down and unjinxing himself.

The messy haired man sighed, Lily quietly patting him on the back as she held Harry and rocked Shawn's crib, though he never made a noise.

"I just don't understand! It's like he's always half a foot behind us! Why can he always find us?" the tired man said, looking up to Dumbledore for an answer.

Albus looked at his former students and their two infant son's over his half-moon spectacles deep in thought.

"There is only one explanation as to how Voldemort seems to catch up with you so easily; we have a spy in the Order. I had been suspecting it due to the high number of failures any recent missions have been met with. Unfortunately, the fact that the Dark Lord is only able to keep up with you and not the Longbottoms suggests that it is one of your close friends who is indeed the traitor. I'm afraid that it is best that you tell no one where you are going next. It is too dangerous otherwise."

James stared at Dumbledore as though he was crazy. "No Marauder would ever betray his friends! Just suggesting it is barmy!"

"Now James, look at the facts. We have moved no less than five times in the last month. However, it doesn't necessarily mean that one of our friends is a traitor.

What if they're under the imperious curse? Either way we can't trust your friends like we used to and we need to find a way to keep Voldemort away from Harry, and Shawn as well."

"There is one spell which will not only hide you, but it is impossible to betray your location through spells and potions. The location must be willingly given by the secret keeper. It's called the Fidelis Charm." Dumbledore said.

"Would it work?" James said, hope showing in his eyes.

"Yes, its suppose to be strong enough that people could literally look straight at us but never see, feel, or sense us." Lily said, bringing her knowledge on the charm up.

"But it's a fixed charm, meaning that if we were to step out of its bounds we cancel it, and become far game. The only other way for people to find us is, as Dumbledore had said, if the secret keeper reveals our location."

"Then let's use it."

And the three adults made plans, unaware of the tiny ears that listened to their every word, quietly thinking through multiple scenarios and analyzing in way's that no baby ought to ever be able to.

He learned more about the events of that time in one month then most did in ten years.


~ 2 Nov 1981, Wizard Realm~

Nara Shikamaru, now known as Shawn Potter, had just witnessed the man called Voldemort murder Harry's parents, who were betrayed by that rat Pettigrew, who was currently being hunted down by Harry's murderous godfather Sirius.

Now here he was, next to a sleeping Harry, on one of those motor things, a flying motor thing, that is being driven by a giant of a man.

It was official: he hated magic. It was waaay too troublesome.

And to make things worse, he was stuck in a month old baby's body, meaning he couldn't stop that Orochimaru-wannabe from killing the boy's parents. Though he did still have control over his shadow, as this proved when he managed to make Voldemort trip and misfire, only grazing Harry instead of killing him, but the attack had been enough for the protective magic Lily had used to activate, retaliating against the evil man, though judging by the blacken mist that all but ran from the place, Voldemort wasn't dead only weakened.

Yes life had become too troublesome.

The vehicle came to a jerky stop, the large man getting off and picking up the fifteen month and one month old.

Two people stood near him, both elderly.

"Hagrid, at last. And where did you get the motorcycle?"

Shikamaru grew tense at that voice. Dumbledore. He didn't like the man, if anything he sent his well hone survival instincts on edge.

Sirius gave it to him so that he could hunt down Pettigrew. Shikamaru answered mentally. He saw the desolated look in man's eyes, the need to get revenge. Shikamaru knew that look; he himself had sported it when that akatsuki cursed Asuma-sensei.

Though he did think out a plan for how to get back at the raging zealot instead of rushing off to kill him.

After Hagrid had explained that he found the boys in the nearly destroyed building, Dumbldore and a woman --McGonagall-- looking down upon them.

McGonagall stared at the sleeping Harry next to him.

"Is that where-?" She asked, looking at the tod's forehead.

"Yes, he'll have that scar forever." The creepy old man said.

"And this one?" McGonagall said, looking at the awake baby.

"He's fine. I doubt he got hurt at all."

After a sobby goodbye from Hagrid the giant handed the boy's over to Dumbledore who gently place the babe's on the doorstep, a note tucked in.

He relit the lights of the street bidding Hagrid and McGonagall goodbye before looking at the bundles on the steps of Private Drive.

"Good luck Harry and Shawn." The aged man murmured before disappearing.

Really, what nutso leaves two babies in the middle of the night on a doorstep with crazy followers of a homicidal psycho racist running around? And to make things better, it's the doorstep of Lily's magic hating sister. Troublesome. Shikamaru thought angrily as he willed the shadows to shield him and the sleeping baby next to him.

He was charged with keeping the baby alive and well, and he sure as clouds wasn't going to get sent back to the afterlife because he flubbed that up.

After a moment he easily went to sleep, dreaming happily of clouds and his friend's and family in Konoha, unaware that in a few hours he was going to be awoken by Harry's banshee of an aunt or how he and a certain Jashin follower were going to change the course of this world.

Destiny could only smile, and wait.


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