Juta was sitting in class working on his manga as always when what he was working on got to him. The characters were perfect for each other, was their a perfect person for him too? Of course his work was fiction but people always talk about soul mates in real life.

Did people really have soul mates?

The girls he hung around him have asked multiple times but his perfect girl would be, and he would always answer that all the girls in the world were perfect. But now that he really thought about it what would be his perfect girl?

They would hopefully be able to cook, and being able to clean to definitely be a plus. Cooking…cleaning….oh! And sewing would be nice. It would be awesome he they're were cute on top of it all an innocent kind of cute. Juta let a small smile creep up onto his face as he looked ahead to see his class mate and friend, Asuka, scribbling down what the teacher was writing on the board in front.

He had basically just described Asuka, not that he minded, he thought Asuka was rather cute. Being with a boy never crossed his mind but he'd give it a go for Asuka. He was perfect he was everything he wanted in a partner, how could he not mind switching teams?

Though Asuka liked Ryo, so Juta will just have to wait until they break up or another person as comes along to replace him.

For right now Asuka will remain his fairytale.

The song Fairytale by Alexander Rybak gave me the idea for this, it just popped into my head and since I felt like writing something it was just like why not. I hope you all enjoy it! :D