Prologue: The Noose

Jasper was here.

Stephanie Meyer owns Twilight and the characters. I own this story, Copyright mopstyle© 2009

"If we do not hang together, we shall surely hang separately." -Thomas Paine


June, 2009

"Bella? Is that you?" I asked. I couldn't stop myself. She was three feet away. What a stupid idea it was to come here. It's been too long and it was bound to happen eventually. It was stupid to raise my voice up. She could have stayed in my peripheral; I should have left her there. It isn't that I don't need to see her; need to hear her voice. I need it all. I just can't stand wanting it.

The screeching guitar made me cringe. The blue stage light was panning over the crowd and it stopped on her. The memory flashed through my mind before I had time to shut it off. Perfect and sweaty; naked and mine under the blue light in my bedroom. I could still smell her and everyday I was without it haunted me. She was my ghost and she was translucent. I could not touch her, even if I wanted to. I was desperate and ravenous. She turned and ran as soon as her eyes met mine. She was gone again and I couldn't bring myself to even breathe.