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Chapter One- The Bet

"Look it's been fun but it's over."

Sasuke stared blankly at the pink-haired girl in front of him trying to process that fact that he was pretty sure that she was breaking up with him. Still the thought sounded a little foreign even inside his own head. He realized then that Sakura was staring at him, one perfectly manicured hand resting on her hip while she tapped her foot impatiently against the ground. Apparently she was expecting some sort of reply.

"You're breaking up with me."

It was a statement, not a question because Sasuke understood her words just fine. He wasn't about to have her repeat them again. The only real question he had was why. They had been going out since their freshman year and overall he had figured them to be pretty happy. They didn't fight and he put up with more crap from her than he figured most boyfriends would for their girl. So why now, at the start of their senior year, was she breaking up with him? It didn't make much sense for a girl who thrived on her position at the top of the social ladder. Still he didn't ask the question because if he knew Sakura, and he figured he did since he had dated her for nearly three years now, then she was going to share that with him whether he wanted to hear it or not.

"Look no hard feelings alright? It's just, well I need someone more mature."

To this Sasuke raised a dark eyebrow though again he said nothing. He had never been one for talking much. Instead he choose to let either Sakura, or his incredibly annoying best friend, fill the silence with whatever they wanted to ramble about, and he could honestly say that there was always something.

"I met a guy and well he's in college," she said emphasizing the word college as if it meant he was next in line to the thrown or something. "Anyway he asked me out and I decided that it was really just time for me to move on. Like I said no hard feelings, right?"

"Sure Sakura, whatever."

With that Sasuke walked away from the bubbly, head cheerleader and towards the school. She had caught him out in the parking lot and apparently had figured she would break the news to him then. Not that it mattered much to him. He was surprised, but at the same time he was overly upset by the news. His relationship with Sakura had been, taxing, to say the least, and part of him felt slightly relieved that he no longer had to worry about it. Still there was another part of him that was actually hurt. Not that he would ever admit that to anyone but the fact that Sakura was breaking up with him stung a bit and it wasn't just because of his pride.

Running a hand angrily through his black hair he rounded the corner into the building and plowed into someone. He would have sent the girl, as it turned out, to the ground if he hadn't caught her by the shoulders in time to steady her. With an annoyed sigh he bent down and picked up the books she had dropped all over the floor and shoved them not so gently back into her hands.

"Watch where you are going next time," he said, practically growling at the petite girl who was now practically cowering in front of him. For a moment he hesitated. The collision had been his own fault and there was no need to take out his sour mood on the poor girl. Still he was Sasuke Uchiha and he wasn't about to apologize. So without another word he pushed past the girl, leaving her standing there all wide-eyed and nearly shaking.

So he was being an ass, more importantly so what? His girlfriend of nearly three years had just broken up with him for some college guy. It was probably going to make him look like an idiot and therefore he was entitled to his sour mood. He would like to say that he could care less about what the rest of the student body thought of him but if he were being honest, he had to admit that he liked it here in the top. It was a hell of a lot more convenient because things simply came easier to him and he didn't need his breakup with Sakura ruining that for him, especially since he had practically handed Sakura her pedestal. Before he had dated her, Sakura had been the weird girl with the big forehead. Now she was cheerleading captain and one of those girls that could simply acknowledge a guy's existence and easily make his whole year. So the hell with her, Sasuke had no intention of letting it get to him. He had been through worse before, and he had survived that. This was merely a bump in the road, an incredibly annoying one, but hardly one to lose sleep over.

In theory his plan to not let Sakura's breakup get to him had been rather simple. The truth of the matter however, was that it was anything but that. By the time lunch had rolled around the news had spread like wildfire. He was pretty sure that the whole school knew about their breakup and he contributed that to two blondes. One of which was his own best friend, the other being Sakura's. Either way he wasn't overly happy when he walked out into the courtyard, his hands shoved into his pockets and a sullen look on his face. He took a seat at his usual table and for the moment was glad that it was empty. However that brief moment of being content was shattered by an obnoxiously loud voice.

"Sasuke! I heard you and Sakura broke up. Word is she's dating some sort of fitness guru," Naruto yelled as he made his way over to the table, a tray in hand. With him were Kiba, Sai, and Shino. Of the three only Kiba appeared to be interested in what Sasuke had to say back to Naruto. Both Sai and Shino looked as if they had already heard enough about the big breakup news.

Sasuke decided not to dignify Naruto's outburst with a response. After all it wasn't like the blonde had asked him any direct questions. Plus the last thing he felt like talking about was Sakura. It was only liable to worsen his mood. He wasn't entirely sure why he was so angry either, but he was. Maybe it was because he was going to have to spend the rest of the school year dealing with her smug attitude. Unfortunately for Sasuke though Naruto didn't take the hint and keep rambling on.

"What's wrong? Did she break your heart? I didn't think bastards like you had those," Naruto supplied, earning and snicker from Kiba.

"At least he has a dick," Sai interjected causing Naruto to whirl on him. If it wasn't for Sai's quick step to the left, Naruto's fist would have undoubtedly connected with his face.

"Shut the hell up," Naruto practically roared, causing a few heads to turn in the direction of the group. However upon seeing the source of all the noise, the glances once again turned away. Naruto and noise simply went together.

Kiba's cat call proceeded to break up the near physical confrontation and Sasuke turned his head in time to see Sakura and Ino walking by their table. They were both dressed in their cheerleading outfits for the back to school pep rally that was being held after school, the same one that he as a football player would be required to attend. It was the reason he, along with Naruto, Kiba, and Shino, were dressed in their jerseys. As senior members of the team they were required to go to the pep rally and unfortunately take part, though their main job was simply to smash a paper mache version of the rival team's mascot. It wasn't overly difficult, and if Sasuke's prediction was right, it would be Naruto who did most of the smashing. He would just get to be witness to the destruction. Naruto was the team's quarterback after all. He was also one of the captains.

Sasuke himself happened to be the other captain and the team's star receiver. For some odd reason he couldn't explain, he and Naruto always managed to connect out on the field. It didn't matter if there was not a single person standing in the space where Naruto threw the ball, Sasuke would end up there every time. Together the two of them had broken all sorts of school records and had helped carry their team to two consecutive state championship games. This year they were hoping to make it a third. With the help of solid defense from Shino at linebacker and Kiba at free safety their team just may be able to have a perfect season, something they actually hadn't done just yet. This was supposed to be the year that everything came together, not the year he got dumped by his sure-to-be-prom-queen girlfriend.

He watched them pass, his face impassive as always. Their outfits consisting of short skirts, tight fitting sleeveless tops, and the word Kohona printed across the front in black lettering. Somehow both Sakura had Ino had managed to alter their outfits just enough to push the envelop when it came to the dress code at the school. The only real difference between them was that Sakura's shoulder length hair was down while Ino's long blonde hair was pulled back into a high ponytail. He resisted the urge to glare and instead turned away while the rest of the guys around him let their gazes trail after the two beauties that had walked by.

"Damn now that she is back on the market I want to get myself a piece of that," Kiba said with a grin that could very well be described as wolfish. Sasuke's opinion was that the guy spent way too much time with his dog. Still if he said one more thing, Sasuke was going to be forced to punch his teeth in.

"She has a new boyfriend already you idiot. Besides I thought you and Ino had a thing," Naruto pointed out.

"The fact that she has a boyfriend doesn't mean a thing to me," Kiba said with that same wolfish grin. "And Ino and I have an unofficial sort of thing. It's called she doesn't tell me no."

"You're an asshole," Naruto said with a frown, and for once Sasuke had to completely agree with the blonde on something. Kiba was an asshole. Lately, the only reason that Sasuke put up with him was because he was good at football.

"Of course I am," Kiba agreed. "So what do you say Sasuke, you mind me trying my luck with Sakura?"

At this point it was clear that Kiba's sole reason for asking the question was to get on Sasuke's nerves. It was clear that while he would no doubt jump at a chance with Sakura, he enjoyed messing with Sasuke even more. While Sasuke and Naruto had a competitive relationship that resulted in a lot of insults being thrown back and forth, there was a brotherly undertone to it all, a kind of unshakable bond formed by two kids who had lost their families. With Kiba there had always been a one-sided rivalry and a rather malicious one at that. Sasuke usually ignored it, but today he made a mistake. Today he took Kiba's bait.

"Stay the hell away from Sakura," he growled, thoroughly annoyed at Kiba. "You and half the school population still wouldn't even have known that Sakura existed if I hadn't started dating her."

As soon as the words had left his mouth Sasuke knew that he had made a mistake. It was clear from the smug look that worked its way across Kiba's face. Sasuke wanted to groan out loud but there was no taking back the words that had just left his mouth. He blamed the slip in judgment on his desire to shut Kiba up, but the fact was that it did just the opposite. It gave Kiba a whole new arsenal of ammunition to choose from.

"Well excuse me. I didn't realize any girl that dates you suddenly becomes prom-queen material," Kiba said still looking smug.

Sasuke didn't answer. He wasn't going to dig himself deeper into the hole he had already created. Still the damage was already done, and he had a distinct feeling that he was not going to like the outcome of this all.

"Kiba just drop it already," Naruto said trying to relieve the tension that had settled between Kiba and Sasuke.

"No way, since someone seems so sure of himself, let's make a bet," Kiba said taking a step closer to Sasuke. Sasuke stared blankly back at Kiba, fighting the urge to knock the smug look off of his face. "If you can take a girl and make her prom queen Uchiha, then you win. If she loses though, I win. I'll even let Naruto pick the girl though I do have some say in it."

"What's the bet," Sai asked inserting himself into the conversation for the first time other than his earlier comment about Naruto.

"I don't know yet. We'll think of something though. So what do you say Sasuke. Are you in or are you afraid of losing?"

Sasuke frowned. He was not afraid of losing and certainly not to Kiba. Still the idea to use some girl as a pawn in a bet did seem a little wring, but then again wouldn't most girls do just about anything to be at the top of the social ladder. There was also the fact that just about every girl at the school would be willing to go out with him. He would just have to put up with them in the meantime. In the end though none of that really mattered. What it came down to was that he refused to let Kiba win in any way and backing out now would be doing just that.

"You're on Inuzuka."

"You are so going to regret this Uchiha," Kiba muttered before turning to Naruto. "Well Naruto pick him out someone."

"How about Ino," Naruto suggested with a grin.

"No way in hell will I let him off that easy. She could win if she wanted to with or without Sasuke. So nice try Naruto, but next option," Kiba said with a dismissive wave of his hand.

"How about that girl with the flute," Naruto said pointing to a table where a girl with long red hair and dark eyes sat with two other guys. "The one sitting with Jirobo." Jirobo was a member of the football team as well. With his freakishly large size he made for a good offensive lineman.

"No way, too much potential. All she needs to do is lose the flute and the weird hat," Kiba said shaking his head.

"Well how about Haku?"

At the mere suggestion Sasuke felt his eye twitch. Naruto would be the only one to suggest turning a guy into the prom queen. Before he could say anything Shino spoke up, which in itself was slightly surprising. Shino was about as talkative as he was and so between the two of them they usually managed a few sentences combined at lunch.

"Naruto, for the last time Haku is guy," Shino explained.

"And I don't swing that way," Sasuke added just for good measure.

"I don't get it! How is a guy that pretty," Naruto exclaimed. He shook his head and then let his head fall down to the table they were seated at. "Man I didn't realize this would be so hard. You guys keep shooting down all my ideas."

"Because they suck," Kiba pointed out.

"Wait I got it," Naruto said sitting up from the table suddenly. "Hinata!"

"Who," Kiba asked as he turned to look at Naruto.

"She's the girl with the dark hair that's in our first block class."

"You mean the one that fainted when you said hello to her today?"

"Yeah that's Hinata," said Naruto with a grin.

"Deal," Kiba said with a grin. "Good luck turning that little mouse into a prom queen Uchiha."

"Alright, who's this Hinata," Sasuke said, his dark eyes scanning over the crowds of people.

"Right there," Kiba said with a grin.

Sasuke followed the direction of Kiba's gaze, anxious to see just who was at the receiving end of it, a sense of something akin to dread building up in the pit of his stomach. His oynx gaze landed then on a small girl with dark hair pulled back into what almost appeared to be a knot. Strands of her dark hair fell down in front of her face, hiding it from view as her face was turned down towards the ground. She was wearing clothes that Sasuke was pretty sure were better suited for someone's grandmother as they had absolutely no shape or style. Sitting with her were two boys, one of which was sound asleep with his head propped up on his hand, and the other a larger guy, stuffing his face with a bag of chips.

Sasuke looked closer at the girl, trying to figure out why she appeared familiar for some reason. It hit him then that she was the girl he had plowed over this morning. Again he had to resist the urge to grown out loud. He had just started this stupid bet and already he was off to a bad start. Before he could say anything though Naruto was standing on the table and waving like a madman at Hinata.

"Hey Hinata," he yelled.

Sasuke watched as the girl looked up and flushed a shade of red that he didn't think was possible. Hinata then proceeded to fall straight out of her seat, causing her friends to shoot up to check on her. This time Sasuke did groan and behind him he heard Kiba laughing.

"This is going to be one hell of a year, huh Sasuke?"

A/N: So it is a short chapter but before I continued on further I wanted to get thoughts. First off if any of you have seen the movie "She's All That" you will notice that is where the plot idea came from. I am planning on changing it a bit but the concept is the same. I personally just felt like a bet would force Sasuke to actively pursue Hinata as I can't see him doing it for no reason while staying more in character.

Also I wrote the chapter from Sasuke's pov. What do you all think of that? Should I stick with Sasuke, switch to Hinata or try and work both of them in there. Granted I will probably switch the pov at certain times no matter what but I was just wondering if there was a preference on who's side the story should be told from.

I am guilty of using the Hinata/Shikamaru friendship again but that is because I really like it for some reason and Shikamaru also happens to be one of my favorite characters. This time I added Choji into the mix though instead of Naruto. Another question I had was what could you, as readers, see as Hinata's passion. I was thinking perhaps dancing but I was just wondering if anyone else had any input on that.

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