"You ready for this?"

I glanced at Bella, hair wild in the breeze, skirt obscenely short and teasing me in a way she couldn't imagine, and knew there was no-one else I could possibly want to do this with.

"Hell yes," I replied, slamming the trunk of the car down.

She grinned at me and took my hand.

Here we go.

Bella and I had finished the last months of senior year with relative ease. There had been very little drama, save for a few run-ins with Tanya Denali and her minions.

Bella took care of them sharpish.

After Bella had come back, it had been difficult at first for me to leave her alone. I was terrified that I was going to wake up alone or go to pick her up to find that she had done a runner. She tried to reassure me that she was done running, but only time would help me get over my fears.

It was only after I realised that a whole month has passed without incident that I started to feel safe in the relationship.

And only then did we have sex again.

I had been the one to implement the 'hearts before bodies' plan, and let me tell you, Bella had not been too happy about that.

I believe her exact words were, "Get fucked, Whitlock."

But that had been the point. I wasn't.

I had wanted our hearts to catch up with our bodies before we went there again, and trust me, Bella had done anything and everything in her power to dissuade me. Dressing up in little costumes, dressing up in less than that, little lacy scraps of fabric that made my hands itch to touch her, feel her against me, dressed up in nothing at all.

I couldn't count the number of times I had come home to fine her naked on my bed on one hand. Two hands, maybe.

Eventually though, I realised that she did, in fact, love me like I loved her, and we had sex again.

And oh my fuck, why the fuck did I wait so long in the first place?

I think the trauma of having her leave the next day dulled my memories of the night we spent together, because if I had remembered that shit in perfect clarity, I certainly would not have been able to hold out that long.

Fuck, me.

We settled into a new groove, became so nauseatingly comfortable with each other that our friends had a hard time being around us. Including Emmett and Rosalie, previously the worst of the group, now paled in comparison to Bella and I.

And I Fucking. Loved. It.

You'd think that Bella and I being constantly on or around each other would deter other guys from being interested, but apparently not. My girl was just that much of a draw. This one time, we were at that shitty little bar that she loved so much, and she had been gone from my side for to fucking minutes before some asshole was hitting on her.

The old Bella would have definitely played into his interest, flirted a little bit to make me jealous, but I think the new Bella knew that wouldn't fly. The man would be out cold before I let hi anywhere near her, so she just told him, in her own way, to fuck off and that was that.

School was a blur of alcohol, smoke, music and Bella, Bella all the time Bella. She was my whole world and when she got the idea into her head to explore America by the road there was no way in hell that I wasn't following her.

Alice was heading off to fashion college in New York, we would hook up with her eventually. Emmett and Rose were heading to Florida, Emmett was gonna be a Gator and Rose was happy with the mechanical engineering programme at the college that she didn't mind following him.

Bella and Emmett had grown closer in the last few months, knowing that they were soon going to be separated again. College just wasn't in the cards for either Bella or myself, so we were going to do the wandering thing and see where we ended up.

It's not like we didn't have the funds to find ourselves.

Charlie had had a little something to say about that, but fuck him. He could seriously go and fall off a fucking cliff as far as I was concerned. That man never cared about his daughter a day in her life until she was getting in trouble, and then it was only to yell at her. Bella insisted that she was fine with the way her relationship was with him, but I knew it tore her apart. That was something they'd need to work on in the future.

And then there was Edward. He had been pissed at first, more about losing out to his best friend than anything else, but had gotten over it and was now looking forward to starting pre-med at Dartmouth. Fucking Dartmouth. I still don't know how he pulled that out of his ass but there you go. Dartmouth.

We all approached graduation with a sense of anticipation, the air around us practically buzzing. We crossed that stage, grabbed our fake diplomas and threw our hats into the air, cheering along with the rest of our class.

The day after graduation Bella and I were packed and ready to go. Bags loaded up in my car, tank full of gas, money for more gas and food and shitty motels and I couldn't fucking wait.

I was ready for the next adventure.

"Hey, where are you?" Bella asked me softly, her hair whipping a little in the wind coming through the windows. We were two weeks on the road and hadn't killed each other yet. I was pretty sure that if we hadn't done it by now we were never going to. Of course, the girl drove me crazy, but I was fine with that.

The make-up sex was fucking incredible.

"Just thinking about the last few months," I said, grabbing her hand. In the dying light of the day, she was glowing, her face all smiles and calm. Her thin t-shirt left nothing to the imagination and I knew she wasn't wearing a bra and Fuck Me she just gave me those eyes.

You know, those eyes.

"Anything in particular?" she asked, running a hand down my chest over the increasingly large bulge in my jeans.

"Now that you mention it…" I trailed off, looking at her suggestively. My girl wasted no time.

"Fuck, Bella, so good," I got out, words coming out stuttered as her mouth engulfed me. Tight, wet suction that brought me to the edge over and over. It was all I could do to keep the car on the road. The girl knew exactly how to play me, and she knew it, never letting up until I was begging her for release.

"Fuck, Bella, please," I groaned, as she relaxed her throat and took me deeper. "Right there, right there," and with one final suck I was done, exploding down her throat. She milked me dry and then sat up with a satisfied smirk, wanton and aroused.

"We better stop for the night soon Jasper, or I'm going to have to take care of this situation by myself," she said, indicating to her arousal.

I pulled over at the next motel.

"Fuck, Bella."

"Jazz, right there, right there, oh god, oh god."

"Fuuuuck, so wet for me, always."

"Always for you, fuck, harder, harder."

"Like this baby?"

"Just like that."


"Stop that."


"Bella, stop."


"That's it," I grinned, grabbing her round the middle and falling on top of her, careful to keep my weight from crushing her. "You are in for a world of pain," I said. She looked up at me, eyes dilated, hair a mess, cheeks flushed.

"Promise?" she asked me, smirking salaciously and I couldn't help but stop and take the moment in.

We were wet and sticky with the remnants of the past few hours, and she looked well and thoroughly fucked. I mean, I had given it to her goooood.

I smiled to myself and raised a hand, the moment turning from horny to tender in the blink of an eye. Tracing a finger down her cheek I smiled softly at her.

"Love you."

She smiled happily, seemingly content. "I love you."

This time it was slow, needy. She reached between us and took me in her hand, stroking me to get me ready before guiding me into her. The air around us became charged as I slid into her, wet and ready, to the hilt before coming to a stop. We let out a collective sigh and Bella leaned forward to kiss me, changing the angle slightly.

She moaned into my mouth at the new sensation and then urged me to start moving. My weight resting on my arms, I began to move, slowly but surely, in and out, the languid pace slowly driving her mad.

"Jasper, oh, god, it's so good, it's so fucking good," she whimpered, clutching me to her with her arms, her legs, her gaze. "Don't stop, don't ever stop."

"Never," I said, meaning more than our love-making as I drove us both over the edge. With one final thrust we came together, falling into a sweaty mass of limbs.

Our eyes locked, sated and wanton. She had never looked better.

I brushed her hair over her ear and with her answering smile I knew we were going to be alright.

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