And The Twilight Twenty-Five begins. I've got until December 1st to come up with a series of 25 one-shots and/or drabbles (those are 100 words--no more, no less--in case you're wondering why they're so short) that were inspired by twenty-five prompts. None of these pieces are going to be related to one another, nor do they have to do with the other story I'm working on. I'll be shocked if I can actually complete this challenge, but I'm doing it because one of my favorite ladies, queenofgrey, was awesome enough to think of it. It'll be fun. Rock and roll.

For more information on other participants or insight on the other prompts, please go to thetwilight25(dot)livejournal(dot)com

The Twilight Twenty-Five

Prompt: 3. Crave

Pen name: bananapancakes7

Pairing: Edward/Bella

Rating: M


I stood in the shower's doorway, watching rogue drops of water cascade down Edward's back in a wet path, inviting my eyes to stare. The plush towel around his waist was criminal in its very purpose; its tucked corner held loosely, hugging his hip, screaming to be undone.

My heart pounded zealously in rhythmic lure, hunger, and stimulation.

He turned as I moved, my hands ridding him of the swathe, and I pressed my naked body to his immaculate form in a fevered longing. My hot breath panted against his cheek as I whispered in raw desperation:

"I need you."