Dare I attempt a Breaking Dawn moment? Dare I?


The Twilight Twenty-Five

Prompt: 13. Plea

Pen name: bananapancakes7

Pairing: Carlisle/Edward

Rating: K+


"I wasn't aware you'd become a Thoreau enthusiast," I remarked.

Edward had excused himself during Bella's x-ray, and to find him in my office wasn't a surprise. He was crouched by my bookcase, running his hand over a book, and didn't acknowledge my presence. I placed my hand on his back and the hardback fell to the floor with a deadened thump.

"Please," he whispered, but he was not speaking to me. The book hadn't been what I had thought; he'd been holding my bible.

My son, for the first time in his vampiric existence, was knelt in desperate prayer.


I can't believe I finished this challenge. I'm in shock, honestly. Thank you to all of those who've left me such gracious words and encouragement, and it was great to have you along for the ride. This was fun! I'll probably do it again, one day, but I think I have to take care of "The Woods" for awhile, because I'm starting to receive curious, "upset," and even threatening messages on my lack of updating. *snort* Chill, ladies (and gents, if you're out there), I would never give up on that. 'Kay? ;) Thanks again, everyone.

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