Chapter 1 – Weather It Be Bad

"Blasted weather," Ginny mumbled to herself as she zigzagged the field yet again looking for the miniscule golden snitch. The sky was playing footsie the whole two hours they have been flying, drops of rain falling at one time then stopping to make way for terrible winds to blow.

She was playing seeker today as her fellow Harpy Lindsey Straight caught the flu.

It was really quite unusual for a team to choose a reserve from the team roster but since not one person from the tryouts beat Ginny, the captain decided to make her the reserve seeker and just hired another second-string chaser instead. Sports analysts thought the arrangement was ludicrous since this was the first time it was attempted at pro-Quidditch but they were quickly eating their words after Ginny won her first game five years ago while Straight was recovering from a knee injury. Praises started pouring in and critics declared her 'The One To Watch Out For'.

Ginny continued to circle the field, narrowly missing a bludger aimed at a Harpy Chaser she just passed. The winds howled and she held tightly to her broom, vaguely hearing that Puddlemere scored another goal and that now they only led by twenty points at one hundred and forty. She had to catch the snitch soon before the clump of dark clouds dissolved into sheets of rain.

She passed the box where the Weasley clan were sitting along with Harry who was in his usual Harpies jacket and vigorously cheering for her. Ginny beamed excitedly as she sped, remembering that this was her last game before she went on a two-month vacation to prepare for her wedding in three-weeks time and the honeymoon thereafter.

It was surprising how quickly people accepted the engagement six months ago, with some who claimed that the Weasley-Potter romance was inevitably headed for marriage. Hundreds of letters from well-wishers flooded their doorstep, from relatives and friends, to co-workers, Harpies supporters and Harry Potter fan club members. The team even threw her a bridal shower a week ago where they presented her a new team uniform with Potter stitched at the back. All in all, her life couldn't get any better. She just had to catch the snitch now and she was out of there.

With increased determination, Ginny flew higher, giving her a wider field of vision. Just as she thought she spotted the little ball, the winds blew powerfully and threw her off-course, making her lose her grip on her broom. She was falling fast but she didn't lose her sense of control. She still had her wad stuck on her boots. If she could just reach it, she could summon her broom before she could hit the ground. Just as she caught hold of her wand, a bludger collided with her left side, almost knocking her out. There was no hope now, she was accelerating downwards and no one seems to have noticed amidst the loud cheering and applause. She was starting to lose consciousness while still fighting to summon her Firebolt. Pretty soon, she's going to hit the muddy ground and all she could think about was Harry.