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Booth sighed contently as he gathered her closer in his arms. He loved waking up with her right beside him. It was practically the only time he got to hold her close, without her stating that they should be doing something else. Something more productive. The only other time when she wouldn't object, was when they were making love. He studied her calm expression. He never got to see her this carefree, this relaxed. She was always worried about something or trying to figure out stuff. But right now, laying in bed with her in his arms, everything was okay.

Nick Stames watched her and Booth on the video feed. His plan was almost ready to be set into motion. "Enjoy it while you can, Seeley... Enjoy it while you can..."

Brennan couldn't keep the smile of her face as she walked into the lab. It's been almost a year? since Booth and I got together. I should ask Angela if there is a celebration required. She chuckled at her silly thoughts and walked over to her office. Brennan was still chuckling as she entered her office. It was quickly replaced by a frown as she saw the letter laying on her desk. It caught her attention because it was a black envelope. There was no writing on it. I wonder who left this here. She slowly opened the envelope. When she saw the picture it held, she gasped.

It was a picture of her and Booth. The time and date suggested that it had been taken early this morning. She was in Booth's arms and Booth's lips were pressed against her forehead. A big cross had been drawn over Booth's form. There was one word written over her body. MINE. She turned the picture around and read the message.Show him and he dies. Call me. A number was staring at her. As she read the number she reached for the phone. She dialed it. While listening to the dial tone, she walked to the door of her office, closed it, locked it and sat down on her couch.

"Hello ? What do you want ?"

"Now, now... That isn't very polite. Especially not after I took the courtesy to give you a fair warning."

"What do you want?" She repeated. Determined not to let him change the subject.

"Okay... If you want to be direct. I can do that too. I'll tell you." He chuckled. "Well actually the picture already did that. But I'll say it. I want Booth dead. And I want to make you realize what you are." He paused.

She swallowed audibly as she could feel her heart pounding in her chest. "What am I?"

His voice was husky as he answered. "You are mine."

"I am not yours! I am Booth's." She hated referring to herself as the property of anyone else, but if she had to be anyone's property, she'd rather be Booth's.

"Not if he dies, you're not."

She felt panic overwrite her system. It was all she could focus on. However, she did hear his next sentence loud and clear.

"You can save him... But... nah... you wouldn't..."

She was quick to react. For once in her life she reacted instinctively without thinking about it. "Anything."

"Anything huh?" He chuckled. "Fine... I want you to stay until 2 am in that lab of yours. Oh and Temperance? I am watching you... So not a word of explanation to your FBI Agent. Got it?"

"Yes. But..." She was interrupted by the sound of the dial tone.

She was startled by a knock on her door.

"Bones? You in there?" He had been taken by surprise that the door was close. She NEVER closed the door of her office.

"Booth. Uhm... A sec!!!" What am I gonna do? I can't just tell him... But if he takes one look at me, he'll know something is wrong with me... What do I do? When she opened the door she tried to look as normal as possible. She did her very best to ignore the phone call she just finished. "Booth... Is there a new case?"

Booth was slightly startled by her reaction to him. Wow, something must be bugging her. I didn't even get a kiss... I mean, sure she doesnt particularly like to show affection in public, but I usually get a kiss... Just a peck on my cheek, but a kiss nonetheless. "So, Bones! Why was the door closed?" He just asked cause he was curious. He didn't expect the answer he got...

"What Booth? God, I was just calling my dad! Do I really need to ask permission for everything I do? This is MY office! Can't I do what I want?" From the moment she stopped yelling, she could feel the hurt and panic rushing back over her.

Just like he hadn't expected her words, he didn't expect her actions.

She walked over, kissed him briefly and whispered: "I'm sorry, but I was on the phone with my dad..." Booth engulfed her in his arms. She pulled back a little and looked into his eyes. "Really Booth... I'm fine."

"So, do you want to go out to lunch with me? Maybe grab a piece of pie." He was glad that his silly joke had worked when he heard her laugh.

"Sure, Booth." She smiled at him. Her smile faltered when she heard the phone ringing.

Booth noticed, but she was out of his embrace before he could react.

"Dr. Temperance Brennan speaking."

"You are not going anywhere Temperance. Tell him that you can't go now and that he should leave."

She remained silent.

"Would you rather start arranging his next funeral? I'll give you to the count of ten. One, two, three, four, five..."

With knots in her stomach she turned around and spoke up. "I can't Booth... Please leave."

"Good girl. Now say goodbye to me and say to me that you'll talk to me soon. If he asks who this was, I want you to lie. Remember Temperance, I'm watching... Don't dare to attempt a stunt like this again. You are MINE, not his."

"Okay. I'll talk to you soon. Bye." She quickly shot down the connection and turned to face Booth. She was mad, not at Booth though. But since he was there, she knew she'd end up taking it out on him. Desperate to avoid that possibility, she spoke up again."Just go, Booth. Another time. Not now."

"What? Why?" He looked confused and hurt.

'Damn him and his Alpha Male tendencies. Now he is just going to get REALLY overprotective and now I'll never hear the end of it.' "Booth." She sighed. "I just can't go. But you go. You must be hungry." She turned to her computer, signaling that their conversation was over.

"Kay... I guess I'll see you tonight Bones..." Defeated Booth turned around and left.

I wonder what the hell is REALLY going on with her... I'll just let her organise her thoughts and ask her tonight...

Booth was getting worried. It was already 1 am and she still wasn't home. She hadn't stayed at the lab till this late since the beginning of their relationship. After a very emotional fight they had agreed that they would only work longer than six pm during high profile cases. She must've been more upset than I thought. I wonder what has been bugging her. He was pacing in their apartment, clueless that Brennan was doing the same thing in her office.


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