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Booth was pacing in the hospital waiting room, getting on every one's nerves. Especially Hodgins'. But he didn't notice. His thoughts were focused on Brennan. What the hell has been going on? Was she really in danger? How long has she been in danger? Why didn't she come to me?

Hodgins walked over to him and grabbed his arm, stopping him mid-pace, "Dude, you're coming with me cause I have to talk to you." His voice was stern and not to be argued with. He yanked on Booths arm, forcing him towards the hospital doors and leading him outside. Once they got there, he simply glared at Booth for a moment as Booth yanked his arm away, "What the HELL were you thinking? Running out like that? You promised me you would..." He was cut off by an anger induced Booth.

"I promised to come, Hodgins. NOT to stay! I NEVER said that!" Booth ran his hands through his hair in frustration.

"DAMN IT BOOTH!" Hodgins yelled, "That's semantics and you know it! She wouldn't be in the hospital, having surgery right now, if you had just stayed and heard her out! Did you even let her tell you? Did you? I doubt it, because if you had, you wouldn't have run out! You would have pulled her into your arms and NEVER let go. She deserves a HELL of a lot better! Especially from you."

Booth had tried to interrupt throughout his speech but Hodgins had continued throughout anyway, silencing him with his hand.

The anger was coming off of Hodgins in waves and for a moment, he thought he was actually going to hit Booth for being such an ass, a notion he quickly quelled as he stopped talking, but continued his hate-filled glare directed at Booth.

"Hodgins! What are you talking about? She said that it wasn't what I thought it was. But I know what I saw."

"YOU KNOW NOTHING!" Hodgins shouted at him, but stopped talking altogether when he saw Sweets coming out of the hospital doors towards them, his phone pressed tightly to his phone. He could see the determination in his stride as he hung up and made his way over to the pair.

Sweets turned to face Booth and decided not to comment on the tension that the two were emitting. Instead, he just looked Booth in the eye and spoke in a detached professional manner, trying to hide how shaken he was from what Cullen had told him over the phone. "Booth, we need to get to the Hoover, Cullen just called. The man Dr. Brennan shot, was identified as Nick Stames. When they went to search his apartment..." He paused there not wanting to tell him anything of what the evidence was. Booth had to find out for himself. "Well Cullen says you need to get to the Hoover and see what they found." He turned to Hodgins, his eyes clouded with worry, "Dr. Hodgins, you'll let us know right?"

Hodgins nodded and Sweets looked back to Booth, "Shall we go?"

The pair walked into the Hoover, frustration and annoyance coming off Booth as he followed Sweets. The kid had refused to give him any further information on what had been found, but Booth could tell he knew far more than he was letting on. He saw Cullen as he approached the evidence room and nodded curtly, "Sir. You thought I should see some evidence?"

The man placed his hand apologetically on Booth's shoulder. "I'm sorry Booth. But rest assured, only the people who are required to clear Dr. Brennan from all charges will see this evidence. Again. I am so sorry."

The man turned to the room that held a few technicians, "Alright, Agent Booth needs the room, everybody out!" He ordered firmly.

Booth stepped in with an ominous feeling. His stomach was knotted and he felt as if he were going to be sick without even having seen the evidence yet.

Sweets looked at him from his place at the door, "I'll be out here if you need me Booth," Then shut the door firmly and waited, asking Cullen if they could all clear out as Booth was going to be in no state to deal with a bunch of onlookers when he came back out of that room. Cullen nodded and proceeded to clear the hallway, nodding encouragingly at Sweets before he left as well.

Booth sat in front of the screen debating whether or not he really wanted to press play. He knew in his gut whatever was on these tapes, that it was going to be bad. He pushed aside all his fears for a moment, knowing he needed to know the truth of what was going on and pressed play. His jaw dropped open as he saw his and Brennan's apartment. He saw her in their room smiling at him, and then he went to her and kissed her. His eyes filled with tears as he pressed fast forward on the tape only to see days worth of them at their apartment. As he went through each tape, he felt even sicker than he had on the one before. They had been taped for months, literally everywhere, from their home to the Jeffersonian to the diner. His mouth went dry and tears were streaming down his cheeks as he came to a new place, one he vaguely recognized. He stopped fast forwarding and played the scene, listening carefully to the conversation. His heart sank as he heard the man threaten his life as he told her to strip. She had refused at first, but then when he brought out his phone he saw her submit. The anger at himself made his entire body shake. How could he have doubted her? He knew her, he loved her. He should have known there was more to it. All he had seen was the blind rage at being betrayed when really she was doing it all to save him. To ensure his safety, without regard to what it was going to mean for her. He shut off the tape, he couldn't watch any more. He now knew what Hodgins meant, he had known nothing.

His limbs were shaking so bad, that he was unable to stand. He simply sat there, sobbing quietly, disgusted at himself. He wondered if she would ever forgive him. He had been terrible to her. He had made her feel worse than when that...that...sick pervert had violated her. The thought made him wretch into a nearby trashcan. After what had seemed like an eternity, he finally regained control of his body, however his heart rate still continued to race as he shot out of the chair and towards the door. As he burst through it, he saw Sweets looking at him with concern, "I need to go to the hospital..." Booth managed to get out as he walked past, "I need to see her...explain...I need...she...oh my god...she..." He found he couldn't articulate what he wanted to say and so he stopped trying, and headed for the elevator instead.

Sweets followed him, silently, only able to imagine how he would be feeling.

Hodgins and Ange watched, as Booth emerged from the hospital elevator.

The look of pained determination on his face was enough to tell them he had found out exactly what had been going on. Hodgins let out an audible sigh of relief as Booth rushed past them without even sparing them a glance. He only had eyes for the hospital room they had just come out of.

They were on their way to get coffee, and they had promised Brennan they would be right back with some for her as well. However, as they saw Booth headed for that door they looked at each other, silently deciding that it would be better to drink their coffee in the cafeteria and bring her back a cup much, much later. They knew that the pair needed time and had both decided it best to give them just that. The pair felt as though a weight had been lifted at this development, but at the same time they felt the need to almost literally hold their breath at the possible outcome. They hoped it would be a positive outcome, but with Brennan, well, there really was no telling how her rational mind would decide on what was going on. The best they could do was hope. The pair were silent, neither wishing to break the spell of hope they had cast. They would wait, and they would hope.

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