Immortal Pain

This is the story of Tanya's mum. The names are in the vampire index, under The Denali Coven in the back of Breaking Dawn. I do not, unfortunately, own Twilight.

Physical Struggle

Sasha POV

Three days of intense pain, now, finally, over. I found out the secret, and they came for me. Th e Volturi. Tanya, Kate and Irina tried to protect me. I'm afraid they may have been changed to.

I steadied my mind, then, slowly, opened one eye. Immediately, I slammed my lids shut. I could not believe what I had just seen. The colours were so clear and I could see the cities on the moon.

I opened my eyes again, to see if it could be true. It was. I gasped, and sat bolt upright. The movement surprised me. One second, I'm staring at the moon, the next, I'm staring at a smoking wall. With jolt, I realised what the wall was.

It was the back wall of our house. The house Tanya, Kate and Irina grew up in. The house Vasilii had been born in. The girls don't know about Vasilii.

Vasilii! I hope to goodness he's OK. He's only a baby. He's my baby. My baby boy. If he's dead...

No. I won't think about it. I can't think about it. I hope the girls are OK. My shining lights. My little stars.

"Mom?" a voice croaked through the darkness. "Tanya? Kate? Help me! Mom?" The voice broke, and I heard sobs.

"Irina, sweetheart," I winced at my new voice. Clear as bells.. Irina, obviously, had not been changed.

The crying stopped.

"Mom? Mom, help me! Please!" Irina sounded desperate.

"I'm coming!" I sprang up, and looked around. It didn't take me long to find her. She was trapped beneath a door. I moved slowly, so as not to frighten her.

"Mom..." she whimpered, then collapsed. I scooped her up, and shoved her on my back. Her head lolled.

It didn't take long to find the other two, they were both unconscious. Once they were on my body and secure, I ran. My poor babies. I hate those Volturi. They tried to kill my babies. They tried to kill them. When I find the Volturi, they will die. But first, I'll have to know some more people in the vampire community. I couldn't take on the whole of the Volturi by myself.

Time to get the magic man to change them.

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