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Kari: Only a month passed by after defeating MaloMyotismon until things started going weird again. My brother kept disappearing, he was skipping school and wouldn't come home till really late at night. The older kids thought he was just going through a phase, but I think differently.

And then it happened. And now I'll never see him again.


"This is the most depressing day of my life." Mimi sighed. For once, Mimi was wearing black, and not pink. In fact, everyone was wearing black. For someone like Matt, this wasn't a big deal, but the girls, this was.
"From now on life will just get even more depressed." Izzy said.

"Now that he's gone we'll never hear those dumb jokes he used to always crack, even when the moment was at its worst." Matt said.
"How are we going to save the Digiworld if something new pops up?" Joe asked. "There are only eleven of us now."

"I don't want to think about the Digiworld." Kari said, sniffing. Her eyes were red and bloodshot. "This is not the right time."
"Don't worry, Kari." Gatomon said.

"I can't help but think that he'll come running up, or drop down from the tree or something, with that lopsided grin on his face." Sora said.
"So this is where the after party is, huh? Couldn't wait to get rid of me!?"
Everyone looked at the person who had randomly appeared. They blinked at him for a few seconds. And then....

"What the HELL, Tai!?" Matt exclaimed. Everyone had regained their composure, although they were still a little spooked.

"What are you doing here!?" Sora accused.
"Um.....aren't I allowed to hang with my best friends?" Tai asked. He leaned against the tree.
"That's not the point." T.K said. "The point is..."
"You're dead!!" Davis shouted. "You aren't supposed to be here!"

"Oh yeah, I forgot." Tai said. Everyone sweat dropped.
"Look, everyone, look on the bright side." Mimi said. Everyone stared at her. "Well, no one knows how Tai died, right? He can tell us!"
Everyone looked back at Tai, his grin failing.

"I'm not here to tell my life story, Mimi." he said. He sighed. "I came back to warn you guys."
"Against what?" Cody asked.
"A Digimon." Tai said.
"We could've figured that out ourselves." Izzy said.
"Could you?" Tai asked. "He's been around for weeks. Ask Kari."
Everyone looked at the younger Kamiya.

"What are you talking about?" Kari asked. "You haven't been at home or anything so how would you...." she trailed off. Tai nodded.

"That's what happened. Guys, this Digimon is more than anything we've ever faced. He started off in the Digiworld. And now he's here. In the real world."
"How did you find out?" Yolei asked.

"How?" Tai asked rhetorically. "I discovered it one day when I was visiting Agumon. And then after it came here.....that's how I died. The Digimon. That's why you guys have to be careful."
Everyone stared wide eyed. This was the first Digimon to ever kill a Digidestined. A human. Tai looked over his shoulder at something the others couldn't see.

"I have to go....just, be careful, all of you."

And then, he was gone.


The next day:

"Ishida! Detention!"

Matt groaned as the rest of the lesson past, and then he sat in his seat as Aoshi-sensei came over.

"Listen, Ishida." she said. "I know Kamiya-kun was your best friend, but you can't use him as an excuse to not do your work."
"Sensei, half the school was at his funeral, and no one really wants to do work at the moment. I'm speaking on behalf of the student body."
"Whatever, Ishida. I'm going to go find your dean."

Aoshi-sensei left the classroom, and Matt heard someone sigh.

"Sheesh Matt, although I'm flattered you'd get a detention because of me, it's not very smart."
Matt snapped his head to the right, and Tai was sitting with his legs up on the desk next to Matt, with a book in his hands.
"Are you haunting me or something?" Matt asked. Tai shrugged.

"Nah, just bored." Tai said.

"Then go to wherever dead people belong." Matt said. "Isn't it supposed to be fun there?"
"But I want to stick around." Tai said. "Look, you guys can't just pretend that I'm not a ghost. Wizardmon came back, right? He was a ghost."
Matt looked at his hands in his lap. "Yeah...."
"So? Look, Matt, you die at the hand of a Digimon, you can never go to where we're supposed to go."
Matt looked up at his friend with wide eyes. The brunette boy was staring at the blackboard.

"'s she holding up?"
"T.K said she isn't back at school." Matt said. "So, uh, Tai? What's it like being a ghost?"
"Alright." Tai shrugged. "Can appear and disappear at will, can choose who I show myself to, although, some people can't see me."
"How'd you figure that out?"
"My dad can't."

"What else is it about a ghost?"
"Nothing exciting. Although I can't go to the special place, I can look through the gates. I saw my granddad. And a lot of other dead people. Oh, and I caught up with other Digimon."
"Just kidding. When I'm not "haunting" you guys, as you put it, I hang out with Wizardmon. He's the only Digimon."
"So not too exciting?"
"Why do you think I "haunt" you?"
Matt laughed. "Yeah, I guess. You know, pal? I'm kinda glad you're a ghost. Or at least that I can see you."
"How sweet."
"Shut it, Tai!"

Both boys looked at the door. Aoshi-sensei was back, looking at Matt, bewildered.

"Why are you talking to yourself?"
Matt glanced at Tai, who just smiled sheepishly and shrugged. Matt looked back at his teacher.
"Um, I wasn't." he said.

"I heard you talking to someone."

"I wasn't."
"Well, you're free to go." Aoshi-sensei said. Matt stood up and left the classroom. The corridors were empty. Everyone else must've gone home.

"You are mean." Tai whined as he followed Matt through the hallways.

"You didn't show yourself, it's your own fault."
"I was showing." Tai said. "I told you, some people can't see me!"
"I always knew Aoshi-sensei had no imagination." Matt mused. "Hey, Tai..."
Matt turned to look at Tai, but the other boy was gone.
"Sheesh...." Matt grumbled, and he headed out of the school.


Sora was sitting on the bleachers. She was watching the boys soccer team train, and her eyes were threatening to water.
"I hope we can win the championships."
Sora looked in shock to her left, where Tai had joined her.
"Don't do that." Sora said.

"You were lonely." Tai said. "I just totally ditched Matt. And I got from H Block all the way out here in less than five seconds! That's a new record."
"You're stupid." Sora said, but she giggled. "Man, I wish you could still be here, alive, I mean."
"I don't, it'd mean I'd have to actually go to school to do work."

"You haven't changed a bit." Sora chuckled. Then she got a thought. "Hey....are you solid? Or will my hand pass through yours?"
Tai shrugged. "Dunno. But I don't wanna try. If I do, and I'm not solid, I'll probably cry."
"What if you are solid."
"I'll still cry."
Sora laughed. "Hey, can anyone else see you?"
"Well, the soccer team should be able to. Aoshi-sensei and my dad can't see me, though."
"Not even if you want them to?"

"But you reckon the soccer team can?"
"Actually I'm only appearing to you. I'm too easily recognized. Probably freak them all out."
"Yeah, I guess you're right."

Then Tai looked up at the sky. "Uh oh...."
"I gotta go."
"I just have to go, bye, Sora!"
And with that, he disappeared.


It was like that for two weeks. Every now and then Tai would randomly show up. Sora would occasionally see him at her tennis practices, while she watched the boys soccer team, or in her room. Matt saw Tai at the two after-school concerts he held during that time or in his apartment. Tai would appear to Izzy while he worked in the computer lab. Mimi even saw him while she was doing homework. Tai came and visited her, and once they went around New York so Mimi could show him the sights. Joe saw him the least, only twice. Joe was a little grateful that Tai left him alone around the time of his exams, but he still felt a bit miffed. The younger kids saw him when they hung out in the computer lab at the Junior High school. And Kari saw him every night – he'd talk to her and stay with her until she fell asleep. After two weeks, though, these visits stopped, even Kari's.

"I wonder where he is..." Matt said thoughtfully. The older kids were hanging out at Izzy's.
"Probably moved on." Izzy said.
"Nah, he told me those who die at the hands of a Digimon can't." Matt said. "He's tried."
"Maybe he's so depressed about not being able to be like us again he's gone off to do what normal ghosts do." Mimi said.
"What do normal ghosts do?" Joe asked.

"Haunt old buildings, terrify people, you know."
"He did that when he was still hanging with us for the past fortnight." Sora said.
"He'll show up." Izzy said. He switched on the TV for the news.

"In other news, there are stories popping up about a ghost around Odaiba..."
The older kids stared at the screen as the news reporter went on.
"Um...." Joe was pale. "Do you think...."
"No it's not me."
Everyone looked behind the coach, which Tai was leaning on.
"Sorry guys." he said. "For not seeing you this week. I got caught up."
"Do you know who the ghost is then?" Sora asked. Tai shrugged.
"Maybe. This is the first I've heard of it, though. I mean, I heard from Wizardmon about something but nothing like this."

"Interesting..." Izzy said, but he wasn't talking about what Tai was. He was still watching the news.

"Hey, I'm gonna go find Wizardmon. Ask him if he's heard any news."

Tai vanished, leaving Matt, Sora, Izzy, Mimi and Joe alone once more.


Kari sighed for the millionth time that day. The younger kids were sitting in the computer lab. Yolei, Davis, T.K Cody and Ken were watching the news. Kari sat by the window, depressed. T.K saw this and sighed as well.

"Don't worry, Kari, I'm sure Tai wasn't as bored as to go and be like a proper ghost."

"But he hasn't visited for over a week." Kari said. "And he can't go to the other side, so he hasn't left. Besides, he wouldn't leave without saying goodbye."

"I just keep thinking he's gonna pop up out of nowhere like always." Yolei said.

"Like this?"
Everyone jumped as they looked towards the door to the computer lab.
"Don't do that." Davis said. Tai looked behind him at the door.

"Well, I was going to open the door, but I couldn't be bothered."
"You walked through the door?" Ken asked in bewilderment. Tai grinned.
"Nah. I was joking. I just 'popped up out of nowhere like always' if I may quote the purple-haired female." he said. "By the way, you might want to hurry up with finding that Digimon."
"You haven't given us much information." Cody said.
"You're right. Just a minute." Tai said, and he disappeared. Then, he reappeared, scaring everyone again. "Wizardmon said he's still in Odaiba. Look at the beach, TV Station and Aqua City."
"I have a question." Davis said. "Why is it that you're almost transparent anywhere other than here?"
"I died just down the road, Davis, so it's around here my connection is strongest, as well as my grave." Tai said. Kari shuddered slightly. He said it so calmly, like it was perfectly normal to still be around after dying. Tai glanced at her.
"It's getting late, you guys, shouldn't you be heading home?" Tai asked. The younger kids agreed and left the computer lab, Tai trailing behind them. T.K walked with Kari.

"Want me to walk you home?" he asked. "Well, I s'pose Tai...."
"Tai doesn't walk the streets," Kari said. "Someone might accidentally see him if he lets his guard down."
"Okay, I'll walk you."
As they headed through the streets, T.K noticed Kari was a little too quiet.

"What's wrong?"
Kari looked up at him, startled.
"Sorry Kar, it's just, you're not yourself."
"It's okay, sorry for worrying you." Kari said. She sighed. "It's Tai."
"Oh. What about him?"
"It just...doesn't seem right, you know? He's dead. He's not supposed to see us every day like he's still alive. He knows he's dead, he's accepted it. But, just the way he talks about it, makes it seem like it's no big deal."
"You think it's horrible, don't you?"
"That's he's still here. You want him to leave. To go to the other side. To just go away."
"No!" Kari exclaimed. "That's...not it..."
"Don't feel guilty, Kari." T.K said. "I agree with you. It's not natural. Most ghosts leave after fulfilling their purposes. Or at least leave you alone. But, I thought you were happy with him."
"I am, but...I..." Kari choked on her words. They walked the rest of the way in silence, and then T.K left Kari at her door. Kari entered the apartment, greeting her parents, and headed to her bedroom. Sure enough, her brother was waiting for her. Normally he'd grin and be all excited and pumped, but now he had lost his cheerful attitude and was staring at all the photos on the dresser with a blank expression.
"Hey." Kari said, dumping her bag on the ground. "Um...what..."
"You're disgusted."
Kari blinked at her brother's words. He was still staring at the framed photos.
"Tai, I..."
"Horrified. Appalled. Depressed. You just want me to go away and never come back. To go to the other side. To vanish. Disappear."
"Tai, I...." again the words stuck in Kari's throat. How did he know? But then again, she told T.K that he doesn't walk her home in case someone sees him by accident. That doesn't mean he can't concentrate on making sure no one sees him. And he'd want to make sure T.K didn't try anything. Kari's eyes widened slightly. He'd heard. And been hurt.

"I'll go away." Tai said. He stood up. "See ya."
He headed to the glass door, but then he stopped, and looked at her over his shoulder.
"You know, I wasn't sticking around just because I didn't want to be alone. Wizardmon isn't always around. He's a Digimon, he can go to and from the Digital World. I'm human, even if I'm a ghost. I can't. I'm alone, Kari. So I'm sticking around because I don't want you, or Sora, or Matt, or anyone else to get killed by that Digimon. Do you know how many times it's gotten close to you guys? Before I died, three times it got close to you. In the past three weeks, ten times. TEN, Kari!"

He sobered down a bit. "I guess it doesn't matter. Looks like my time of being a Digidestined is over. See you when you die in the next sixty or seventy years. But you know what, Kari? I'll only ever see you through the iron gates."

Kari: And he vanished. Just like that. I never saw him again. After finding the Digimon that started this mess, he wasn't so tough after all. Maybe it's because Tai was alone. So many years went past. Most of us married after High School. Matt and Sora married (Authors Note: It KILLS me to write that), Yolei and Ken got hitched and T.K and I got married. I know Cody, Joe, Izzy and Davis got married to other people outside our group. Mimi got pregnant first, without getting married. She said she prefers to be single anyway. We all kind of split up, though. The entire team. It just, happened, you know? T.K and I have two kids, now. We told them about Digimon, I mean, they deserved to know. I was just surprised at how much my son reminds me of the elder brother I miss so much....


Me: Sorry about the last part.

Tai: You frickin' killed me! You bitch!

Me: Language!

Tai: ....I'm dead, what do I care?

Me: Okay you've been watching too much Achmed the Dead Terrorist on youtube (If you haven't seen Achmed the Dead Terrorist, it's a MUST-WATCH on youtube.)

Tai: This coming from the girl who wastes her family's monthly internet usage on Taiora vids.

Me: Oh come ON, you'd be ecstatic if you and Sora got together

Tai: Yeah, but remember, I'm dead!

Me: Yeah, whatever. Okay, thanks for reading this! I know it doesn't really make sense and it's weird how Tai's a ghost and I tried to make it make sense when Tai explains it to Matt and I know Wizardmon comes back once and then leaves and stuff but since Digimon are never actually properly in the Real World they can't be like Tai is. Reviews and Constructive Criticism is gladly taken into consideration. Flames will be binned and I'll block you from reviewing my story. Thank you. See you next time!