"References are in check…decent availability…" He continued murmuring as he read over her resume with no inflection of tone or twitch of emotion on his face which gave all the more reason to Hinata to worry. Not only was it nerve-wracking enough that this was her first job interview in her entire seventeen years of being on this Earth, but fate had to throw her a curve ball like the monotone store owner who barely even registered her presence.

Abruptly, the interviewer stood up and put down her resume amongst the other large pile of them as he said smoothly, "I suppose you know the way out?"

She felt her shoulders droop against her own will. "Y-yes." Holding out her shaking hand, she gulped. "Th-thank you for your t-time, Mr. Uchiha."

He eyed her hand for a moment with a raised eyebrow before giving it a firm pump. "Not at all, Ms. Hyuuga."

Three steps before reaching the door, Hinata turned to ask without much hope, "Wh-when can I expect a reply?"

Blinking, he replied, "Now. You begin your training tomorrow."

Her mouth fell open in mute shock as he continued, "Welcome to The Fan Grocers."


Nervously, she shifted in her seat and resorted to taking out her anxiety by chewing on the back of her pen. Paper work shouldn't be this terrifying. Sign a couple papers. Write down some banking information. Ta-dah. Done.

However, any paperwork Hinata had done in her life had been in the comfort of her own home at her desk with the help of either her highly intelligent sister or cousin. Not in a cramped room filled with computers, a coffee machine and Styrofoam cups. She was supposed to finish this before he came back?

Well, damn.

Sighing, she focused on the tabs in the sheets that said, "Sign Here" and continued to read and fill in the blanks until the opening of the door signified the entry of Mr. Itachi Uchiha ready to collect his contract.

"Are you finished?"

The voice that asked this was slightly less deep than her as-of-now boss and sounded almost familiar. Raising her head from her papers, she looked sheepishly at the man. "Um, s-sorry, I'm not--" She stopped mid sentence and let her jaw hang open for a moment in a most incredibly unladylike way that would have made her father reprimand her in a most annoying and persistent way.

Hm, what have we here?

Arrogant and dark eyes?


Cold disposition?

But of course.

Unruly black hair?


Sasuke Uchiha, badass rebel in her biology, math, and English class?

Undoubtedly so.

He merely raised an eyebrow at her before turning to exit the room. "Well, hurry up. Itachi has the next set of papers ready for you. If you have any questions you can come and find one of us." With that he closed the door behind him.

Hinata smacked her head against the stack of papers in front of her and groaned.

This definitely sucked.


"Did you get yelled at by anyone today?" Hanabi asked as she lounged across the large leather couch lethargically reading her magazine. She only flickered her eyes up for a moment to watch her sister collapse onto the loveseat next to her to groan face-first into a pillow.

"Hm. So…it went alright?" Hanabi licked her finger and turned the page.

Raising her head from the pillow, Hinata rubbed her eyes before sighing. "I didn't get y-yelled at, Hanabi. I was only doing paperwork." She formed the word in her mouth as if it was ready to make her vomit from the bitter taste.

"Ah. Well, why so glum then?" The younger of the sisters put down her magazine and gave a cat like stretch. "Paperwork isn't so hard."

"It is when you have Sasuke checking it over afterwards to verify your b-bank account branch." Hinata grumbled and hugged the pillow to her chest.

"Sasuke Uchiha?" It was at that point where the final Hyuuga child entered the room while drying his wet hair with a damp towel. "Asshole extraordinaire? Always manages to kick Naruto Uzumaki's ass?"

"Oh, you're home, Neji." Hinata looked up at her older cousin and smiled. "Welcome back." As soon as Neji had graduated from high school last year and been accepted into the most prestigious university in their vicinity, he had immediately packed up and moved out, only coming back sometimes to visit his younger cousins and evidently…to shower.

He gave her a curt nod before sitting down on the La-Z-boy chair in front of the two. "Hello, Hinata. It's nice to see you."

"How's university? Are the professors good? Well, better than high school teachers? Meet any n-nice girls?" Hinata asked and rested her head in her palms that were being supported by the elbows she placed on the couch's armrest.

"Excellent. Yes. Infinitely so. Y--" He frowned at her and placed his towel in his lap. "I do believe we were discussing your new development at work that now involves the Uchihas. Don't change the subject."

Hinata sighed and let her head now rest against the seat cushion, leaving her perfectly horizontal. "My boss is Itachi Uchiha. My supervisor is Sasuke Uchiha. I now work for their small, but fairly p-profitable company."

Neji slumped in his seat and rubbed his temples before sighing deeply. Hanabi watched her two favourite relatives with interest and sat up slightly straighter.


"What?" Hinata blanched and recoiled. "Y-you want me to quit? After all the work I put into getting here?"

"Well, you can't be working for Uchihas." Neji snapped and resumed his rough attempt at drying his hair with the towel.

"I don't have a choice!" Hinata trilled and clutched the pillow tight to her chest. "Not when father's business is going under and I need to find a way to pay for university! Or would you rather me be working at McDonalds for six dollars an hour trying to earn my tuition? I'm lucky that I'm getting this job even with the lack of work of experience I have!"

"No--I…" Neji gave a frustrated growl and threw his damp towel forcefully onto the floor. "Fuck. I don't know, Hinata. I just think that working for the Uchihas is hardly a good idea."

"I didn't kn-know that it was going to be the Uchihas who I would be working f-for." Hinata mumbled into her pillow and relaxed back into her seat.

"It can't be all that bad." Hanabi piped in as she flipped the page of her magazine.

"We'll see." Neji muttered.


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