Hello everyone! I came up with this one-shot after re-watching Blue Dragon season 1 & 2 and then I notice something when Shu fought Zola then later Rudolf as they use the power of Darkness to absord the world in its past state. We never see Blue Dragon's humanoid form or show this to Shu and the others. Here's my thought of this.

Disclaimer: I don't own Blue Dragon.

The defeat of Rudolf has brought peace to world once again, thanks to the effort of Shu and his friends. Because of that, a party was held in Nirvana in celebration of them and everyone went there to relax and have fun; all except for Shu. The Blue Dragon User was in the garden, gazing at the sun as it disappeared from the sky and he sighed when he hear cheers from the party.

"Everyone is having fun at the party but me." Shu said to himself.

"Then why aren't you celebrating at the party with your friends my shadow gifted friend?" The voice came from behind and he quickly whipped his head around only to come eye to eye with a woman quietly sitting on the bench in the garden. He blinked at the mysterious beautiful woman's question.

"I don't feel like going there..." He peered at the woman closely, taking in her snowy white, ageless skin. The golden tiara perched on top of her head of her long dark blue hair, and her red eyes. "I don't think we have ever met before."

The woman chuckled in a friendly fashion as she fixed her red, gold, black and silver silk under the dress as she stand up. "Actually, we do and I know you and your friends defeated Zola and Rudolf from using the power of darkness for their own selfish reasons and save the world from them." She said to the shocked shadow user.

H-How did you know all about it?" Shu said.

"I know everything, my friend."

Then things get even more weirder by the second.

The mystery woman kisses Shu on the forehead; making the boy's face turned bright red. She giggle when she's done and turn her back at the boy as she begin to leave. "Wait, where are you going! Why did you kiss me for? You still haven't answered my question!" Shu shouted at the weird woman.

She paused for second and say something very odd to him. "That kiss is my gift and a "thank you" to you. It will help you turn the power of darkness you absord during your fight against Zola, by becoming Blue Dragon's new power for future fights on your journey and saving your life from becoming a monster as well." She said.

"You know something about the Darkness and Blue Dragon?" Shu asked.

She smiled. "Yes and you should know something about the Darkness that your friend Zola or Rudolf never knew about...Its neither good nor evil but a lonely entity that created everything so it not be alone anymore and watch as life goes on. As for Blue Dragon....I think you aready know about it." She then walk away.

"Wait!" He called and the woman paused again. "What's your name?" He didn't saw Bouquet and Marumaro running towards him and still kept an eye at the woman, waiting for an answer from her.

"My name is ..."

"Shu, Why are you doing here? Who are you talking to?" Bouquet asked, sounding concerned. Shu pointed to the woman in front of him.

"The woman in front of us."

"There's no one there, Shu. You must seeing things, maro."


He quickly turned around. Marumaro was right, there was no sign of the woman anywhere, or that there had been a person there at all.

How do you guys think about it? If you all wondering who is the woman that Shu talked to is....Her appearance will tell you.:)