There comes a time in ever author's life in which they must do something that they do not want to do.... this is it. For me... this is wrong... I know that on my little beta thing I said that I hate GaaSaku... well... I do...

this fic is something that NaruGaaFan and I predicted would happen if GaaSaku were a real option for a couple. So if you are a fan to this HORRIBLE couple then I suggest you do not read this. And no, Gaara isn't going to randomly kill the radioactive pink bitch.... that would be a crack fic and I don't think I'd be good at those type of things... and...

I'm really pissed off now... I just finished this stupid thing and my laptop decided to freeze and delete it and now i'm re-doing it! Ah!... whatevs..

I personally do not like this couple, I think its bad and the scene in which I must put in there really bites me.... I mean for real, this goes against the morals on which I live by....

There is gonna be some cheating, Male pregnancy ((maybe)) I love pregnant guys running around! yaoi... hard yaoi... and hard straight sex scene in which I had to do... and slight.... Sakura... bashing-ish. Except what I put in author notes. Those will be all out hating her.

About the hard straight sex... just to let you know i'm really uncomfortable saying words like clit and pussy. So if the lemon/sex scene sound akward then suck it up... not my fault I find those words... disturbing.


~Sakura POV~

"Get... up... come on Sakura..." a voice whispered in my ear. I moaned and rolled away only to have my body rolled back over. It was then that I noticed that someone was laying over top of my own body. The person was warm and about my height but weighed less than I did and I'm sure that he was skinnier.

Of course I knew who it was already. And I had to stop myself from sighing or cursing. It's not that I don't love him, I do! But not the way that I'm supposed to love him. Not that way he loves me. For me he's a replacement of someone I lost not so long ago. Though he'll never do a great job in replacing that bastard that I obsessed about.

"Open your eyes angel..." his voice is rough and sweet and that just breaks my heart. I feel bad for being dishonest but it'll break his little heart if he knew that he was almost like a brother to me.

We've been lover's for two years now, exactly two weeks after he got Shukaku removed and nearly stayed in the after life. I have no idea what possessed him to ask me out or why I even said yes. I mean, he is better than Lee who had been asking me out for the fifth time that day. And with that uncertain look in his eye and that light blush across his nose, I just couldn't say no to that face!

I live in Suna now, as the top medic nin and the Kazekage's girlfriend. He gives me missions like any other shinobi and holds me tight to his body after the blood chilling experiances. Right now the two of us are in a Konoha hotel, the house Gaara recieved is being fixed after I tried to cook. I swear it was an accident! How was I to know that forks cannot go into the mircowave?

Anyway, we're only here for five months which started one week ago. He's supposed to be here for a really important meeting that requires all the kages. My... boyfriend had to argue to allow me to come with me and have those Elders in charge. Sometimes I think they are plotting against him and... sometimes I find myself not caring.

I know he loves me with all his heart. He smiles for me and only for me. You should see it. Its a big smile from ear to ear, almost like Naruto's but smaller. It makes him look as if he has no care in the world.

I know that when my eyes open, I'll see his aquamarine eyes right above mine. They'll be filled with love and contentment (never happiness) and lined with permanent black rings. I'll see that round, almost boyish face with its soft pale skin just inches from my own face. His shoulder length red hair, soft and thick.

I'll see all those things: that smile and those plump, pink lips. But I don't want to. I hate seeing this face all the time when I know that he loves me but I cannot return those feelings full heartidly. Once I make eye contact with those hopeful, adorable features I'll forget every doubt I had. I'll just want to hug him and love him and hold him as close as I can.

I'll just slip into my happy girlfriend mask. A mask I find myself having a difficult time keeping on. I have to keep it on though. So that the world can see the perfect couple.


Gaara watched as the soft eye lids with black lashes slowly seperated and revealed large, dark green eyes. They stared into his own pale greens, telling him that she was awake for a while now. I hate when she does this... making me wake her up even if she knows I have to be out in a few moments... the redhead thought as his girlfriend smiled at him.

The pink haired girl leaned up onto her elbows and kissed the soft, almost girlie lips. Gaara smiled into the kiss, giving her bottom lip a playful nip. Then he pulled back and rolled off her body and to a standing position with more grace than Sakura could ever master.

"You have to meet up with the girls in about one hour, breakfast is on the table and I have a meeting in about... forty minutes." Gaara stated, sipping on his coffee. He was wearing simple, long black pants and a tight net shirt... in other words he was looking hot. In that outfit he looked sleek and dangerous.

Sakura sat up in bed and cracked her back. She blushed as Gaara's eyes ran over her body. She knew that she looked a mess at the moment. Her pink hair was a mess and she needed to give it a touch up anyway ((in other words she needs to re-dye it)).

The gray tank top she wore was rumpled and pulled above her stomach. She was sure that it was from Gaara carrying her to bed. She remebered falling asleep while they were watching the stars. Gaara would never take advantage of her period. She doubt that he even wanted to.

Anyway her black panties were visible. The medic nin giggled as the Kazekage eyes seemed to linger a little while in certain places. She knew that he would always like her no matter the way she looked.

"Oh Gaara-kun..." the pink haired medic nin spread her legs invitingly. The redhead blushed slightly and turned his head. Sakura loved how he was still shy about sex. Who would think that the dangerous Sabaku no Gaara was ignorant about the worlds of sex? When first asked, his virgin mind didn't know that there were other things that you could do with your body other than use it and clean it.

It's funny... in a way it's almost like he's innocent.

"Come here..." she purred, winking a eye. The redhead placed the coffee mug on the wooden nightstand and nodded his head.

Gaara slowly strolled over to his girlfriend and stood in front of her. Before he could even protest to what sex (lets not forget his meeting), he was tackled back onto the bed and straddled by the strong female. His eyes widened as she rotated her hips, bringing his member to life.

"You're so hard, so quick Kazekage-sama?" Sakura taunted lightly. Gaara smirked and snaked his pale arm in between their bodies. Sakura gasped and moaned as thin fingers stroked her pussy. She was already wet and ready for the taking.

"Already wet Haruno-san?" he mimicked her voice. The girl growled playfully and lightly grinding against the hand.

Moaning and concentrating on the pleasure that the hand was delivering, she barely noticed when she was flipped onto her back. Contrary to everyone contasnt belief, Gaara is strong physically and he was gentle when the time called for it. Sakura opened her eyes just in time for her boyfriend to pop his wet fingers into his mouth. She found this oddly hot.

Taking his now clean fingers out of his mouth, the redhead grabbed the sides of Sakura's face and gently kissed her thin lips. The girl let out a soft sigh at the gentle nature of the Kazekage... a nature only reserved for her. He nibbled on her bottom lip, instantly gaining access.

His tongue ran along her teeth and slid along her tongue. He wasn't much of a battle person with his tongue... somehow she actually beat him 9 time out of 10. Sakura wasn't sure if that was good or bad. Gaara didn't care either way.

Eventually they both needed to breath, so they broke apart panting. The desert ruler pushed Sakura flat down, her arms off his shoulders. The girl whimpered, knowing that she was about to be spoiled silly. He always did this, got her off before going to himself.

The pale, slightly cold hands, tore the tank top in half. She's making me late so she can get a new one, he thought with an evil smirk. His pale green eyes drank in the sight of his half naked lover. Sakura moaned at the heated feeling those cold eyes were giving her.

Great I'm gonna have to change my pants now... The Kazekage thought as her wetness got on the front of his pants. He loosened her strong legs from his waist and began to lead soft kisses from the top of her head to her sensitive neck. He suckled on the junction between her neck and collarbone. Deciding that the hickey was going to stay there for at least 24 hours, he moved down.

His sort of small hands cupper her small breath and gently played with the pink nipples. He took one erect nipple into his mouth and gave it a hearty suck. The female arched into the mouth, her body loving the wet, hot muscle. Gaara grinds the tiny bud between his teeth, causing her to shudder and lace her fingers into his hair. He winced slightly as she pulled a little too hard.

"Ah!" the girl withered when the mouth drew back, leaving the pink tongue to circle and blow onto it. Her back arched into the air as her breast were pushed together and both nipples sucked at the same time, little bites here in there. By this time her breath was coming out as ragged pants and her panties were almost soaking the sheets with her esscence.

This is usually the part in which the guy probably starts talking dirty to his girl about being wet and dirty and 'do you want this cock'. As Sakura already observed, Gaara was almost innocent in a way. So there was no talking dirty... no matter how much Sakura wanted.

Gaara finally decided that her nipples were not going out any further and the kissing trail was going to be picked back up. Only this time he was going further down, leaving a burning trail of kisses down her flat belly. He licked the edges of her panties, smiling at the answering groan. Gaara sat up quickly to remove his shirt to show off pale, elegant muscles. Not wasting any time the pale teenager ripped the panties with a hard tug.

"Please... Gaara... don't tease me..." she knew that Gaara was going to slowly lick her heat and hardly do anything. She regretted teaching Gaara the art of teasing. But how could she resist? He was just a natural cock tease... That didn't come out right... he's a natural tease is what I meant to think...

Gaara smiled slightly and promised to not tease, they both had things to do anyway. Sakura wasn't completly surprised when gritty sand wrapped around her legs and arms. It brought her hands above her head and legs opened enough so he could fit his head between without suffocating.

The female blushed; obviously her lover remembered the times when she nearly snapped his neck whenever he decided to eat her out. What could she say? He was goood!

((the next part may sound like i was puking while writing it. Don't worry... i was...))

Sakura shiver when she felt the wet muscle licking her folds in quick, doggy like swipes. She let out a high pitch wail when he placed his lips along her outter walls and sucked as hard as he could. Her hands struggled against the unbreakable sand. She needed to push his head down or at least grab the long, Neji like hair.

Gaara felt a smirk coming on. He knew what she wanted/needed and she wasn't going to get it... he liked to breath. The redhead stuck out his tongue and began to tongue fuck her. He hardened his tongue with chakra and circled it around. Damn this tease! Sakura growled mentally, pulling at her binds once again.

"You know that you'll only hurt yourself dear." Gaara removed his tongue, causing a small whine to leave her mouth. No matter how much of a replacement he was, her body wanted him when he did this to her. She turned those large green eyes onto him, showing the mind numbing lust she was trapped in.

The Kazekage shook his head and dived back down, this time focusing his attention on her clit. His white teeth tugged gently on the tiny bud, making her body spasm with pleasure. Son his fingers decided to join the party. Two pale fingers were thrusted deep into her heat, making wonderful friction. Sakura managed to slightly grind into his mouth and hand. This was a large feat, seeing as the sand was still holding her captive.

"Gaara! Please just take me! Stop playing around!" she shouted. Her mouth opened wide as her boyfriend generally ignored her please and continued on tongue torturing. Before long she felt her stomach tightening and she realeased into his mouth, sighing at him swallowing her fluids. Next time remind Sakura to warn before cumming on my face... she wouldn't like my sperm dribbling down her chin.

"You came faster than usual..." the redhead stated, sitting back and wiping her face off on a conventiately placed towel. Sakura rolled her eyes and pouted. Her arms and legs flopped back onto the bed as the sand let her go.

"You... you are to blame... now... finish what... you... you started..." she panted. Gaara winked and quickly threw off his black pants in which he wore no underwear. Sakura was slightly disturbed that he sometimes went commando but she completely adored his cock. It reminded her so much of him. Or what she thought his would look like.

A lot of people make jokes about Gaara's height and about how she is the man in the relationship. Its true that she can dominate a kiss and she's taller and much buffer. However this teenager was by no means small when it came to the penis department. Him being erect made him about eight inches. Eight, warm inches.

Sometimes she wishes that she knew that Gaara's dick was like his. Then she wouldn't have to guess. Then again, that probably wouldn't work right. I mean, what if she accidently called out that guy's name instead of Gaara's? No telling how awkward that would be! And life threatening. Honestly, Sakura couldn't really vouch for Gaara's complete sanity.

She was jolted out of her thoughts by the feeling of Gaara sliding into her moist heat, shivering as the wet walls surrounded his member, making friction. Sakura wasn't the tightest screw on the pole ((Yeah it sucked but you come up with something better)), but the fucking wasn't for Gaara. It was Sakura he was trying to keep happy, sex wasn't really wanted or need for the sand user. When his cock was buried as deep as it could go, Sakura's legs were tightly around his waist and her nails were digging into his shoulders.

The redhead waited for a few moments before pulling back and bucking his hips hard into her heat. The pink haired girl cried out and dragged her nails along his back, not making him bleed for sand always protected his skin. The sound of her begging filled the room. Fuck, she can feel herself so close into cumming for a second time.

Gaara's pale green eyes narrowed and he quickened his thrust, now thrusting slightly harsh. The headboards hit the wall hard and the springs in the bed squeak. Sounds of sweating bodies filled the room. Moan and pants soon join, although Gaara's face stayed emotionless.

These noises don't block out Sakura's screams and shrieks for more. A few hard, fast thrust later and her climax arrives.

"Gaara!" she screamed, thinking another person's name. The male of this situation came not two minutes after, filling the female below with his warm seed. Sakura laid back on the bed panting, allowing the white stuff to go down her thighs. The pale boy jumped to his feet and went into the bathroom. A moment later he came back with a wet rag to wipe his face and other parts of his naked body clean.

"Tsunade said that there is something really important that I don't miss this meeting. So good bye Sakura." Kazekage of Suna muttered, hugging her quickly and changing his clothing. He now had on tight blood red pants, the black net shirt and red trench coat over top.

The redhead pushed a hand through his hair and placed his gourd on, looking as if he hadn't had sex five minutes ago. Sakura nodded to him as he left out the door. The lock didn't even automatically click before it was opened again.

"Oh wait Sakura..." the voice was back. The pink haired girl opened one eye to see Gaara's head around the door, his hair hanging down.

"I just wanted to tell you that.... Uchiha Sasuke is back in town. He killed Orochimaru so that means that he's not on arrest. But he is not allowed to leave the village or travel five miles from his house. I hear he's even taking the Chunnin exams again since he has to start all over." he told her, unaware of the large smile that came to her face. He said goodbye again and left the house.

~Sakura POV~

Oh... my... GOD! He... he just said that Sasuke is back! My head feels like its about to fall off any minute now. I can't believe that Sasuke-kun is back in Konoha. Its just doesn't make since, unless Gaara lied to me. But he wouldn't do something so cruel would he? No, Gaara would never intentionally lie to me about something so very serious! He wouldn't do some-

"Wow you really dropped so low as to get a replacement?" that voice stopped my very thoughts from moving. I knew that voice. It was one that I've waited so long just to hear once more. Its one thats haunted my dreams and sometimes made me cry myself to sleep at night.

I felt my body stiffen and tears pricking the back of my eyes. For some reason I just didn't want to turn around. What if when I turned around he wouldn't be there? That would kill me down to my very soul.

"Hey, I know you fucking heard me." there it was again. Taking a deep breath I slowly turned around. Really I didn't care that I was naked and sticky or that my boyfriend had just left out the room.

Rapidly I blinked and dranked in the sight before me. There he was, sitting on the balcony ledge. He looked very calm and comfortable which made me wonder how long he's been sitting there. Not that that's important or anything. Unless he was there for the whole fiasco then that would be kinda... sorta what I would do if it were him in this bed naked and me on the outside. Though it would be disturbing watching Gaara fuck him... would Gaara even be the dominate one?

Stay on track! my inner voice shouted. I shook my head and go back to observing the God sitting on my ledge.

He looked different... not that that should be a surprise. I haven't laid eyes on him since I was twelve. I used to think he was hot, now he's fucking smoking! He looks nothing like my current repla- boyfriend.

The raven black locks were not flipped in the back (personally I'm happy because it really did look like a duck's butt... a nice duck butt). It was straight and stopped at the bottom of his ear. Gaara's hair was long and straigh, going past his shoulders. I had asked him to cut it but he refused to go to the frickin' barbers. He rather walk around looking like a redhead version of Haku!

Back to Sasuke. His muscles had grown and were no longer elegant like before or Gaara. ((-- that wasn't the way to say it... was it?)) Not that he was overly buff, no that would be wrong and nasty. He was sporting that orgasmic smirk and those same dark eyes that stared deep into my soul. He was wearing tight black pants and sleeveless shirt, simply delicious. He had gotten taller and his skin was only slightly darker than the pale skin of Gaara.

"You're comparing me with him aren't you?" Sasuke smirked. I want to cum again just because of him and punch him for being correct. I feel bad... sorta for even thinking that he's hot. But can you blame me? This is Sasuke Uchiha we're talking about! I just want to grab him and kiss him. Gaara.

That name reminds me of the person I'm currently dating. He's more sensitive than Ino is about her weight. These thoughts I'm having would tear his heart into five billion peices and might send him on a rampage.

Damn... then what am I supposed to do? I can act cool... it cannot be that hard! I closed my eyes before opening them and turning my green eyes to Sasuke who was now staring hard at my naked body.

"No... I'm not. How long have you been there?" I asked, grabbing the sheet and wrapping it around my body. It was strange for him to be looking at me like that. The raven haired male clicked his tongue and climbed into the room, curling his lip at the smell of sex that was heavy in the air.

"You didn't wait for me?" he asked. I blinked. I swear that question caught me in such a brain crashing moment and all my thoughts were tumbling together. I kept thinking things such as: What the FUCK!?


You abandoned your fucking village for revenge!


Snake guy! A fucking snake guy!

and lets not forget

You hated me with every fucking fiber in your fucking being! How the fuck was I to wait for you!? Huh, damn you!

I could pratically feel steam coming from both my ears. Hell, I could feel my hands around his throat. Cha! How can you be mad at him!? He's hot and Sasuke Uchiha! Remember your crush of the life time! Take this chance Cha! I couldn't listen to what my inner voice wanted me to do. I closed my eyes to allow the angered feeling melt from my face. Then I simply repeated my question.

"How... long were you watching us?"

"To watch you catch your breath and him get up like it was nothing... how the fuck does he do that? He's not meant to fuck someone..." the last part he had muttered under his breath. I still heard it and I wasn't really mad. And no, not because Sasuke said it. I was sorta upset that he insulted my lover.

Although I wanted to defend him like a sister defends a brother. Only not like Temari. She would have bashed Sasuke in the head with her fan. I couldn't do that to Sasuke if he had said it to me... no seriously I have proof of that theory. But that's for later. Now I have to defend my brother like lover. I jumped to my feet to stand directly in his face. His skin looked slightly rougher, like a man's should look. Gaara has soft skin! that damn voice is still putting her two cents in!

"What is that supposed to mean? This has something to do with his past? Let me tell you something, mister! You're present isn't so damn peachy!" I stated, pushing him hard in his chest. He stumbled back slightly, hitting the edge of the bed. For a brief moment I wonder what that smirk I saw was for. Then he grabbed my sheet, dragging me down with him. We both landed on the bed, crotch to crotch, me on top. (How we landed like that will always be a mystery)

So I'm looking into his eyes and he's looking into mine. I can see my reflection on those dark pools. That and mind numbing lust! So... really... I couldn't help what happened next.

One minute we were glaring at each other as if one of us would suddenly catch fire, the next our lips our locked and slick tongues are touching. He roughly flipped me onto my back, the sheet long gone. His tongue going along mine. Then we started to battle. Our tongues tried to beat the other back like our lives depend on it!

Before long Sasuke had beaten me and mapped out my teeth and entire mouth. He had beaten me! This is what I want... rough... I thought as he nipped at my lip hard enough to make it hurt and feel good at the same time. He pulled away, making me whimper. Not the whimper I give Gaara. The one I give him is my bodies natural reaction to him. This whimper is my submissive side (one that Gaara don't see).

"You know damn well what I meant. Do you see him? He's a fucking uke! If you were a guy then you'd be the one fucking! Goddammit, he looks like Hinata can beat him in a dominance test." Sasuke growled into my ear, panting. I hate to admit it but he's right.

Gaara does look uke, but he's my boyfriend! So he cannot be uke without being gay! Only way he'd find out that he was gay was if he were to experiment and who is he to cheat on me? It wouldn't be right if he fucked some guy!

I shake these thoughts from my head and concentrate on the present. The way that we are laying which is basically my legs around his waist... I can feel his half bulge. And its fucking HUGE! If the HALF if huge I wonder how big the whole package is? So that means he's bigger than Gaara... I'm not sure if I should know this.

I was pulling Sasuke down for another kiss when suddenly the door was suddenly opened, just a crack. My breath stopped along with my heart and my eyes widened to the size of plates. I felt Sasuke stiffen in above me, I bet he was unable to move which is why he hadn't bolted. I look into his eyes, which are trained on the door, and I see something akin to fear.

Yeah that's right! Even if Gaara does look like a little chibi uke, there is no undermining his wrath. Which means... oh God. Both of us sinners are going to die a horrible, slow death. I pray that he's in a merciful mood.

~Gaara's POV~ ((FINALLY! i hate Sakura! and no this fucking story is NOT going to be only about her! Goddammit, my uke-chan is in here too!))

I was just walking outside the hotel when it suddenly occurred to me that I wasn't in billowing robes. Which meant I forgot my Kazekage gear! How I had forgotten something so vital is beyond even me. I unclipped my gourd and began to run all the way back to the hotel room. I'm sure nothing bad could happen where I would need the brown thing. Or I would feel the need to kill someone.

When I reached the door I went into my pockets only to realize that I had also forgotten my hotel key. I looked up in the air and cursed everything I could think of before crouching down. Facing the lock I realized that it wasn't very good. How much time do I... goddammit! I forgot my watch too! I thought. It seems like I'm forgetting a lot of things when I have a huge meeting to attend.

Obviously someone or something is trying to keep me from being on time. This is why Fate and I do not get along. She's always figuring out things to fuck with my life. Next thing I'll find out is Sakura thinks I'm a cock tease... that's the right word right? Cock tease? That's not important. I have to get inside that hotel room!

"This should be a simple lock..." I mutter to myself. The lock was high tech in its own way but it wasn't going to last against me. Which makes me wonder why I'm staying at a hotel in which I can break the locks to get inside. I gather some sand into my hand and form it into a knife.

I notice my hair has escaped from the back of my ear and is sliding into my view. I flip it back and start working at on the lock. The red locks are on the side of my face again, that's very irratiting. It's like a red curtain sheilding half my face! Note to self: Ask Neji Hyuga how to manage long hair.

I finish picking the lock and the door creaks open by as if by itself. My nose is immediately hit by the smell of our morning sex, which is the reason as to why I can't remember anything important. I don't really like sex that much and sometimes I think I'm asexual. I mostly fuck her because she wants it. Mostly I do the 'deed' because it keeps Sakura happy...

Sometimes she so demanding and dominate. Really, I'm not even sure that I love her. When I think about her, I don't feel butterflies in my stomach. I don't want to dance and jump. Sometimes I just want to be alone but I cannot tell her that.

Too many people have warned me about her temper. That makes me sound scared of her wrath, but trust that is not the probably. If she were to attack me, I'd be force to fight back. I do not take lightly to people attacking me. Not in my nature. I may look soft but I have a mean bite! With thoughts like these, some may wonder as to why I'm daying her in the first place.

The answer would be Tsunade and Temari. Yes, the dangerous blondes. They had both teamed up against me and somehow convinced me to find someone to date. To them I seemed a little 'depressed' after being defeated by a guy on a clay bird, killed, got my demon stolen, and then told to get right back to work right after. Who wouldn't have that type of reaction to all of that?

I've seen Sakura cry when she dropped her chocolate ice cream then try to bite my head off when I offered her mine. Said something about 'PMS-ing' and 'Your germs'. She's so strange sometimes...

Anyway, Tsunade and Temari had decided that Sakura was the perfect girl for me. At first I questioned them. Like what about Hinata? Temari went off to say how she'd tear me a new asshole, no matter how much she loved me, if I moved in on her girl. For a moment I was tempted to try, but the look on Temari's face stopped me. She looked serious.

So then I asked about TenTen: she had her eyes set on Lee. That girl Naa: seemed to just want to push me into other guys (odd to me). Shizune: Tsunade then threatened to castrate me and hang me by my hair. Plus she was a little too old for me. Ino: well... she was a bit clingy and I think she had a thing for Choji or that Sai guy. I can't really remember.

So finally it was down to Sakura. Tsunade had told me that she was not very happy since the Uchiha wasn't around. Sometimes I wonder if she only dates me because I was the first person to ask (Lee does not count). Or because I remind her of Uchiha. We both look sorta a like, though I haven't seen him for quite some time. From what I last seen, we are both leaning in the short department. Have tragic past, pale skin, and cold eyes.

I'm not sure if I'd be angry if she was dating me for the latter reason. That can't be the case anyway. For if she was then she'd be going out with that Sai guy, no matter if Ino may or may not want him. I wouldn't put it past Sakura to do something like that.

The man point is that with me she seems happy. Very happy. Even if I do not love her with all my heart, body, and soul, and all that other mushy stuff, doesn't mean I don't want her to love me. It sounds unfair when I state it like that, but its the truth. Besides there is a chance that my heart will learn to love the pink haired female.

"Hey! You are you spying on my friend!?" someone shouts. The voice jolted me back into reality and I realize that I was just crouching there, not doing anythign while I ponder to myself. These are one of the veeery few times I miss Shukaku. He would be grating on my nerves for not paying attention and killing the person before I even looked at them.

I quickly straightened into my full height, my hair falling into my face. I ignored the person and placed my hand on the door knob. If they didn't go away I'd be forced to teach him how to mind their own buisness. Before I can open the door all the way, a tanned hand landed onto mine. I ignore the familiar feeling and electricty connection in favor of twisting the off my wrist.

The man hissed and moved out of my hold, which wasn't tight enough to hurt him too much. The huge, warm hands twisted into my long hair and pushed my body against the wall. Breath escapes me and my every pore is just waiting to kill this fool! I twisted my body enough so that I was facing him, even if my hair was messing up my vision just a bit.

"Bastard!" I growled, cocking back my right hand and landing a solid right jab to the idiot's jaw. He stumpled back, holding his face and his blue eyes narrowed. I noticed just a bit of red bleeds into the sky like eyes and I have a feeling that I know this person.

"Why you-... Gaara?" he was half way through his threat when he looked as if all his memory suddenly came back. I blinked and straightened my stance so that I could study the man before me. Holy Hell! It was Naruto! I hadn't seen him in so long that I'm surprise that he even recognize me in the first place. Which he probably didn't, given the fact that he had attacked me.

"Naruto?" I tilted my head slightly. He looked different. His hair was still spiked and blond, although it looked much softer. He had grew in height and muscles, making me feel short. Sakura had the same effect but it's kind of embarassing for my equal to be taller than me. We used to be the same height for crying out loud.

"Ah!" I shouted when I suddenly felt myself being envolped in warmth. I took a deep breath and the scent of oranges, ramen, and his natural smell filled my nose. Those are strange combinations but it smelled just right on Naruto. I leaned into him, liking his arms around my waist. For some reason I felt so safe.

"I haven't seen you for so long!" his voice boomed, vibrating on my cheek. His voice had deepened slightly to show that he was now a man. Sometimes I wonder if that means that I've been a man all along because my voice has been deep for quite sometime.

"Heeeeelllllooooo!?" Naruto's shout brought me back into the real world. I shook my head, man I've really have to stop spacing out so much.

"Sorry, did you say something?" I asked.

"Yeah, where is your gourd? I hardly ever see you without it!" he just reminded me that I had also forgotten my gourd at the door so that I could race up here. I could have gotten hurt if it were not Naruto that had attacked me.

"Haha, I have it! I saw it when I came up here to see you! You look sorta like Neji with hair like that! Or maybe Haku, but you don't know him... unless you've stalked me when I was younger. That would be creepy man! But..." he was grinning that trademark fox grin and still rambling. I allowed a small smile come to my face. Turning my head from his chest I can see my gourd leaning on the wall not too far away.

"Man, even without that thing you hit hard as all hell! I feel sad that you look girlie and still had enough omph to knock me backwards!" he shouted, sounding proud and not the least bit of sad. I turn my face back into his black clothed chest to hide a slight blush. My body feels warm with that compliment.

"Oh! We're going to be late! Baa-chan sent me to get you before you were late!" Naruto shouted, his hand going to my wrist and pulling me along. I barely had time to grab my gourd, my robes now forgotten. I didn't have time to close the door but I'm sure... that when Naruto pulled me pass I heard the words that was close.

But then again it could be my imagination. Sakura would never be unfaithful, never.

~The End~

That's a shitty ending but I don't care. This is probably not going to go past four chapters and I had unfortunately devolped a longing to make things a living hell for my favorite redhead whenever the fic envolves that asshole, Sasuke.... dammit.

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