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"Damn Sakura… woah," Naruto's mouth dropped as he realized that blood was slowly pooling from in between Sakura's thighs while her face was twisted in an expression of utmost pain. He picked up the girl first and looked at Sasuke, he would have to tell the medic ninjas' Sasuke's location. Naruto had a feeling that Sakura was in more danger than his black haired friend was.


"How would you like the name Ki?"

"No…? Well Ai?"


"You must have something for me to call you... Miyoko?" The shaking head paused and the blue eyes blinked slowly, digesting the rather pretty name before a smile came to the strawberry blonde's face and she nodded rapidly. Gaara nodded along and concentrated on their destination as the girl slowly drifted into the land of dreams once again.

He wanted somewhere that was familiar with the Sand but was not all too friendly with the Leaf. Well, there were several places that met half of his requirements but there was only one town in the Hidden Mist Village that would not pose any danger to him or his offspring and it wouldn't report his location.

Gaara placed a flat hand on his belly, turning his mind inward to feel the tiny bundle of chakra that resided inside him. It reminded him a bit of Shukaku. When he meditated he could feel Shukaku's chakra inside him, swirling and spinning around his body in a dizzying pattern whilst his simply flowed gently. The child inside him wasn't as crazy as Shukaku's chakra and it was oddly comforting. Gaara allowed another sigh to escape his mouth and went back to his journey to the Mist.


"Please help!" Naruto shouted as he burst through the hospital doors, panting after lugging not only Sakura bridal style but having a rather heavy Sasuke on his back hadn't helped matters. Sakura was still bleeding in a sporadic matter and Naruto could only hope that he hadn't made matter worse seeing as he had been jarring the young woman rather hard. He had almost dropped Sakura twice and Sasuke fell from his back and hit the ground with a sickening crack but he hadn't moaned or anything and Naruto decided to take that as a good thing.

"What happened!?" a nurse shouted, calling out an emergency code on the intercom. Immediately, three other nurses came rushing into the open, carrying two stretchers. Naruto gently laid Sakura on the cloth and guided Sasuke onto the other.

"I… I don't know. I just came to Gaara's house and they were liked that," Naruto answered, sweat forming on his forehead. He didn't want either of his best friends to die. They were his former teammates. They were the reason as to why he continued to be the light hearted boy that he had been. They couldn't die. The fact that they could possibly know where Gaara was and if he were still among the living only furthered his cause to help in any way possible.

"The Kazekage… was he there!?" another nurse asked as she threw off the cover that Naruto had hastily tied around Sasuke. The man was as naked as the day he was born which was another sign that something was not right. In his slightly frantic mind, Naruto couldn't piece the puzzle together.

"Uh, no. I didn't see him and there wasn't any sand so…" Naruto trailed off, turning away as the nurse began to check over Sakura who was still bleeding though she was starting to moan and writher on the bed she had been relocated on.

"This boy has suffered severe trauma to his body, mostly located in the head area," the doctor said though he didn't start to work on Sasuke at all. Instead he looked to the nurse who also had a glowing hand over Sakura, starting at the pink haired girl's head and going down carefully.

"This girl has strained herself, using a lot of chakra. She's nearly out and… oh Kami, she's having a miscarriage," the nurse groaned, jerking her hands away. The doctor was over in less than a second and Naruto was being pushed out at the same time. The blond twisted and tried to look back in the room that he was being forced away from only for the door to be slammed. The blond turned to a nurse that had maneuvered Sasuke in a wheelchair and was pushing him away.

"Whoa I thought that guy said Sasuke brain was scrambled!" Naruto shouted, stopping the male nurse from walking away. The man raised a brow, his look obviously asking Naruto if he were born this stupid or if it was something he strived for out of boredom.

"That girl in there saved his life but is dying because of it," the nurse stated and started away. Unfortunately the heavy hand holding him back didn't release him. He let out a sigh and looked back at the blond who looked a bit more confused if that was possible.

"Huh?" Naruto hated being confused, absolutely hated when he didn't know something. This man made Naruto want to punch him through a wall but seeing as it would probably lead to him being banned from the hospital, no matter the fact that he was soon going to be the Hokage.

"This kid, Uchiha, was attacked—badly enough that he might have been paralyzed or in a coma if the damage had stayed any longer. The girl, Sakura, used healing chakra. She is in an early stage of pregnancy so it was dangerous. She's dying because of the miscarriage she's having. The doctors are trying to save her and the baby," the nurse stated slowly in the 'honey you are slower than a turtle stuck in glue' tone that really grated Naruto's nerves but he stopped himself from decking the man. He wanted to be allowed in the hospital later on in his life.

"The waiting room is there, if you want to sit Naruto," a voice said behind him. Naruto whirled around to see Shizune. The short woman smiled gently at him, guiding him to a plastic chair. Naruto fell gracelessly, leaning into the older woman. "Lady Tsunade was called in to help."

"So… so it must be really bad, huh?" Naruto gulped. Tsunade was the best of the best and the Leaf Village's leader so the only reason she was ever called down was for people too important to lose or the doctors simply could not be of any use. Sakura was in really deep.

"It's not good," Shizune admitted though she hated to see the young, tanned face of Naruto drop. She pulled her fingers through his disordered hair gently, allowing him to lay his head on her shoulder carefully.

"I… do you know if Gaara is okay?" Naruto inquired, curious over his… friend. He didn't want to call the redhead his mate if the redhead didn't even know about it. Shizune pulled away to steady his face almost as if he had asked where flying pigs lived.

"Gaara? He left for a year's retreat," Shizune stated, startled that the road had even gone to the small redhead. Except for the fact that it happened in Sakura and Gaara's home, the former Sand leader had little to do with any of this. She expected more questions on Sasuke and Sakura.

"Oh, that's good. Do you know why Sasuke was at their house anyway?" Naruto stretched, letting out a yawn as he relaxed in the chair. He figured Sakura was good as fixed with Tsunade around and Sasuke just had to sleep off his mostly healed up injuries and Gaara was safe so what was the point in being tense?

"Well no, the ANBU were instructed to no longer follow him though his arrest is still in place," Shizune stated. She had a bad feeling pooling in her gut but she knew that Sakura was no fool. She had to know that Gaara was not the most stable of men so provoking his anger with infidelity was hardly the way. This had to be a robbing or a random attack to hurt the already hurt former Kazekage.

Or, at least she hoped it had been.


Gaara landed softly on the ground, his sand dispersing in the air and gathering to form a gourd on his back with just a wave of his hand. He shook the young girl awake, guiding her to a lovely cabin that was usually reserved for traveling delegates. As former Kazekage, Gaara was aware of all the cabins that were hidden along the way to each village. This was the first in four.

"Come Miyoko," Gaara ordered as she stopped and stared at something. Gaara followed her line of sight and saw some reasonably gorgeous red and yellow flowers intertwined together. The redhead glared at the flowers, cursing fate for playing with his heart as the flowers morphed into himself and Naruto within his mind.

Gaara considered slicing the flowers and crushing them in an agonizing death for those that were alive enough to scream but the little strawberry blond was in his way. He let out a growl under his breath and went into the cabin, noticing that the little girl limped after him.

"Sit on that counter," Gaara instructed, pointing to the counter close to the sink. He turned away, hoping she found some way to do as she was told before going to the closet in order to grab the first aid kit. Returning to the kitchen found the little girl on the counter top, sweat lightly on her pink face. He pondered what she had done to get to the counter that obviously exerted her.

Gaara approached the newly named Miyoko and took her injured ankle firmly in his hand, glaring when she tried to pull away. The area was swollen badly and covered with dirt that was obviously stopping it from bleeding. He felt it carefully, nodding as he noticed that it wasn't broken—only twisted and cut rather badly. The laceration was deep but it hadn't hit anything important so she would soon be walking normally.

"I'm done," Gaara patted the newly cleaned and bandaged ankle. She nodded to him, smiling slightly. Gaara turned sharply and went into the bedroom, falling onto the bed with little thought. He felt his tense body slowly relax and his mind go into the darkness with little effort seeing as sleep was nearly instantaneous without Shukaku there to screw his sanity over. He dimly noted that the wiry little girl had climbed in next to him and was definitely cuddling against his warm body with little difficulty.


Sakura slowly opened her eyes, looking groggily around the white room she found herself in. She looked at the source of the beeping, noticing that the heart rate was a little low but nothing to really get alarmed over. She lifted her arm, pondering on which patient she had fallen asleep on but the needle anchoring her to another machine was definitely not of the norm.

It then clicked: she was the patient. It was her heart rate that was a little low. Sakura grimaced and pulled her body to an upright position, the dull throb in her belly wasn't the nicest feeling in the world. The pink haired girl groaned and ran a hand through her pink hair, attempting to figure out as to why she was in the hospital. What the Hell happened?

She turned her head and nearly let out a shriek of surprise as she came face to face with a stoic looking Sasuke. It was obvious that he had snuck out of a different hospital room because how often his eyes darted to the door and then turned to glare at her. The small bleeding wound on his arm from where his IV was forcefully torn out also clued her in.

"Do you ever think?" Sasuke suddenly gritted from his clenched teeth. Sakura shrunk back in her bed as she tried to think what she could have done so wrong. Suddenly last night came slamming back at her. Gaara had found out what happened and had injured Sasuke so bad that he nearly died. Sakura had healed him with the last of her being, pouring all of her healing chakra into him and risking the life of their unborn child.

"Sasuke… I… was only trying to save you!" Sakura whimpered, pleading her case. A strong, rough hand clasped onto her wrist and tightened almost painfully tight. She winced and attempted to pull away only to stop herself.

"You will never put anything before our child again. I don't care if the Hokage is seconds from dying—you think of our babe first. If that child dies…" Sasuke trailed off, leaving his threat to hang in the air before disappearing. Sakura felt her heart pounding in her chest and laid back with a relieved sigh. Sasuke wasn't leaving her and he was only a little upset. All was fine. A small smile came to the pink haired girl's face as her hand trailed to her still flat belly.

"You are going to make your papa so happy," Sakura whispered gently before going back to sleep.


The End

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