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It's always me, me and me only. He just won't leave me alone. I managed to lose him when the lunch bell rang. So here I am sitting under one of the many trees in the school with my twin sister Ran sitting on my legs, Miki and Suu on either side of us and Dia leaning against the tree singing. She has an exam after lunch and wants her song to be perfect. Ran and I are 17 years of age and in our 2nd year of high school. Miki is 16 and is in 1st year, Suu is 15 and still in middle school and then there's Dia. She's 19 and after her music exam she is legally allowed to leave school for good.

It might seem strange, but our school is three-in-one. There's the elementary school, middle school and the high school all on the one land. Seiyo Private Academy it's called. It was really strange at first, trying to get used to which side of the land you had to be on at all times, where the staffrooms where, toilets and all the other things I'm not bothered to go into detail.

The day was a total nightmare for Ran and I. Even though I was to one to escort him around the school, Ran never leaves my side and vice-versa. His name you might ask; Tsukiyomi Ikuto. From what I heard from Miki and Suu, he has a brother and sister, both are younger than him. Miki told me his brother's name is Tsukiyomi Yoru and Suu says his sister is Hoshina Utau. I found it strange that he name is different from Ikuto's and Yoru's until Suu said that's their mother's name.

Who am I you might ask? My name's Hinamori Amu and for the next painful class, I have to be with Tsukiyomi. I knew today was going to be bad. I could tell since I fell off my bed this morning from a horrible nightmare I had. Since then it's been going downhill.

Dia suddenly stopped singing. "What's wrong Dia?" Ran and I often spoke in unison. It wasn't unheard of for twins, but people still get creeped out.

"It seems that we have company." Dia looked up. We followed her gaze and found two boys sitting on one of the branches just a metre or so up. I recognised one of them immediately, but the other is a complete mystery. Why is he wearing cat ears and tail.

"Tsukiyomi Ikuto." He looked at me and smirked. Geez, all he's ever done is smirk at me, along with flirting, 'accidentally' dropping his pen on the floor and looking up my skirt, I slapped him across the face for that, and trying to hold my hand. I don't mind him trying to hold my hand though.

The mystery boy jumped down from the tree, landing in front of Miki. "Go away! I thought I told you I don't want to see you again!" Miki pulled her burette down over her face.

"I just wanted to talk to you-nya. Is that so bad-nya?" The cat boy, Yoru I'm guessing, tried to take Miki's hat off her head. But Miki refused to let go, this is until he dug his fingers into her sides, making Miki squeal and Yoru getting his chance to remove the hat. "You look much nicer without this silly old hat-nya." A blush spread across Miki's face.

A snicker was heard from the tree. "Leave him alone Yoru. He's not the one I'm interested in." I gazed up at Tsukiyomi Ikuto to see his trademark smirk. God I hate that smirk. "Does the kitten like what she sees?" He's referring to me, calling me kitten all day long.

Tsukiyomi Ikuto jumped down from the tree, landing in front of Ran and I. Ran immediately jumped up and spread her arms out. "For the record Mr. Pervert, Miki is a girl."

RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING! Thank God the bell went. Now I can get away from him...wait...CRAP! I'm in every single one of his classes, including maths. And just to make things even more worse, Ran isn't with me for maths. She's never been good at it so she dropped it and I continued...I'M ALONE WITH THAT PERVERT!

"Oneechan snap out of it. We've got...to...go?" Why did she suddenly stutter? "Hey put oneechan down you weirdo!" Then I realised I was in Tsukiyomi Ikuto's arms. I blushed as he carried me back to the school building.

"Hey!" Dia stepped in front of Tsukiyomi Ikuto. "Put my little sis down...now!" Dia always stood up for us. When something goes wrong for me or Ran, Dia always steps in and takes control of the situation. Ran, Miki and Suu stood right behind her.

"Don't worry. I'm not going to do anything to her. I'm just taking her to our next class seeing she was spaced out and not moving." For once he actually gave me a general smile and not one of those damn smirks. It's nice to see him smiling. Dia eyed him, one of those death glares she gives people who really tick her off.

But Tsukiyomi Ikuto didn't take any notice. "We're just going to class. Now if you excuse us, we need to get going." With that, he walked around Dia and the others and went on his way.

"Wait! Where's my bag?" I panicked. If I don't have my bag then I won't be able to get my things. And my prized possession, The Humpty Lock is in my pencil case. It would be on a chain but Mr. Pervert here broke it. I got it has a present from my ex-boyfriend Hotori Tadase. He was really nice and known as the school's prince. We broke up because he moved to another country and we felt like our relationship would no longer last. He let me keep it as a reminder of all the times we spent together. He said there's a key to go with it, but someone had already bought it.

"Don't worry-nya. I've got it." Walking beside Ikuto was his little brother.


"At your service-nya. Your bag is really light. Not like mine. Mine's heavy, really heavy..."

"Yoru!" Ikuto turned his head to Yoru. There was anger in his eyes. What's this jerk's problem? Before he could do anything I stepped in.

"Leave him be Tsukiyomi-kun. He can carry it if he wants to. He's not doing anything wrong." Ikuto turned and looked at me again. He gave me one of the genuine smiles, but his eyes held sadness. But why? I've never had a chance to see his eyes properly. They're such a lovely deep blue, his hair midnight blue...Ah! Stop! No! No thinking about him like that. I hate him and that's that.

"Yoru. Give me her bag and get to class. I don't want to hear that you're failing another subject, especially since we came to a new school." Yoru frowned. He didn't want to leave I guess.

"I don't wanna go to class-nya. Miki says the teacher is scary-nya." His cat ears drooped and his tail was between his legs. Poor Yoru. Miki's right. Their Geography teacher has been the worst teacher in the school since last year. She was in a bad accident and has never been the same since. Sanjo-sensei is her name. She also my, well, Ikuto and I's Ancient History teacher.

"It's OK Yoru. You can stay with us." Yoru perked up and Ikuto gave me a strange look. "Listen. Sanjo-sensei hasn't been the same like she used to be. It's because she was in an accident. It happened just over a year ago. You know as well as I do, she's not in a good mood today and will take it out on someone who fears her. Yoru will stay with us and we'll explain why to Nikaido-sensei."

I left Ikuto speechless and Yoru jumping with excitement. I looked at Ikuto, but he faced away. "Ikuto." I put my hand on his face and turned it so we could see eye-to-eye. "I've done it before whenever I've had her. Yoru won't get in trouble and neither will we." I gave him a reassuring smile, but I didn't get one back in return.

We finally made it to the classroom just as Nikaido-sensei was entering. "Himamori-san, Tsukiyomi-kun, hurry up." Ikuto put me down and Yoru gave me my bag. I gave Yoru a kiss on the top of his head. Ikuto frowned at this.

"What? I don't get something in return for carrying you hear kitten?" Ikuto put his thumb and finger on my chin and lifted my head. We were so close. I blushed...again.

"Sensei! Tsukiyomi-kun's kissing someone!" One of the students entering the classroom spotted us. I broke away from him, still blushing, but even more. Damn you Yaya. I'm going to kill you when school is done.

Nikaido-sensei came out into the hall with his arms crossed. "Now is not the time to kiss your girlfriend Tsukiyomi-kun...Who is the young one?" Yoru hid behind Ikuto, shaking in fear.

"Sensei, Yoru is Ikuto's younger brother and has Sanjo-sensei this lesson. She's not in a good mood today and he's terrified to go to class. Please sensei, let Yoru stay. You know what that day was like." Nikaido-sensei lowered his head. He was there the day Sanjo-sensei was admitted to hospital.

"Alright Himamori-san..."

"That's Hinamori." I hate it when he says my name wrong. Wait...girlfriend? "Sensei I'm not his girlfriend."

"Hinamori-san, Yoru can stay for the lesson. I will need to send a note to the office to explain his absence. I won't be long, work is on the board. I expect a fair amount of it done by the time I get back." With that, Nikaido-sensei left. Yaya gave us a sly grin and walked into the classroom.

I turned back to look at Ikuto and Yoru. The scene I saw before me was amazing. Yoru was shaking in Ikuto's arms while Ikuto patted his hair between his cute cat ears. Yoru's tail was still between his legs and tears rolled down his cheeks. I don't understand why he's crying.

"Yoru. Are you OK?" I stood beside them and put my hand on his back and rubbed it. Yoru lifted his head from Ikuto's chest, revealing his tear stained face. I wiped one of his away with my other hand.

"I had bad memories...Gomen..." I looked at Ikuto. Again I saw sadness clouding his eyes, along with Yoru's.

"Amu-chi! Nikaido-sensei won't be very happy that you're not doing your work...again." Yaya appeared from the door.

"I'll be there in one minute. I need to take care of someone."

"OKAY!" Yaya disappeared into the classroom for the second time.

When I turned back, Yoru had backed away from his brother, dried his eyes and tried to smile. It failed though. "Come on. We should go inside." I held out my hand to Yoru, but he hesitated. He looked from my hand, to Ikuto, to my hand again. He did eventually take my hand and we went into the classroom. Like sensei said, the work was on the blackboard; page 257, exercise 9.5, algebra. Algebra is easy.

There are only two desks left for Ikuto and I. But where will Yoru sit? I know. "You take my seat Yoru. Both Ikuto and Yoru looked at me. No doubt Ikuto was thinking 'what there hell is she doing?' and Yoru looks confused. "Honestly. Take it. I'll sit on the windowsill."I pushed them both to the desks and took my spot on the windowsill.

"Did you see that?"

"Who is that little cutie?"

"Why is Hinamori-san acting so nice?"

"He looks just like Ikuto-kun, but with cat ears."

"I thought Amu-chan didn't talk to boys anymore after you-know-what."

"I can't believe that Amu let some else have her seat. She's never done that."

"Why would the 'cool and spicy' Hinamori Amu talk to a Tsukiyomi?"

I hate it when the girls start to gossip. The 'cool and spicy' act was an accident back in elementary school. But the last part really ticks me off. What's so bad the Tsukiyomi family?

"Hinamori-sempai?" Sempai? I looked at the door to find one of the middle school students. Why is she here? I got up and walked over to the door. Having a closer look, it was Kusukusu, my friend Rina's younger sister.

"What's wrong Kusukusu?"

"Can we talk away from the classroom...It's about Miki."


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