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"What happens next Granma?"

"Yea tell us, tell us!"

"Calm down children. Let your Granma try to remember."

"Did Ikuto really leave? For good?" asked one of the kids.

"You dummy. No way would he leave for good. The letter said that he would be back and I'm sure he did" replied the other.

"Settle down you two. I remember what happens next." Both of my grandchildren cheered. Ever since I started telling them my life's story, they've been more and more egger to know how it ends. "From what I can remember, he never did return."

"What!? But that's not right!" My my my, they're in perfect synch again. It just so happens that my grandchildren are twins; identical boys, but I've found a way to tell them apart. Aruto is bossier and has more pride than he should for an eight year old, and Hikaru is shyer, but lets curiosity take fold if he finds something interesting.

"I'm sorry to say, but it's true. Ikuto never came back because we had moved house. It took him an extra two years to come and find me. And I know what you're both thinking and it was because I had actually lost my phone when moving. I couldn't get in contact with anyone unless I went for a visit."

"What happened to Tadase? Did you ever see him again?" asked Hikaru. I found it funny. Throughout the whole story, he was interested in what Tadase-kun was doing and didn't pay much attention to the rest. Well I'm not surprised. Tadase-kun likes to spoil him more than his brother.

"About a month or so after the move, I ran into him when I was out shopping. I talked with him for a while and found out that he didn't work for Easter and that wasn't him in my bedroom that night. Even to prove to me that it wasn't him, we talked with his grandmother and she explained that she was in the hospital getting a check-up on how her medication was going and that Tadase was with her to drive home. I know she wouldn't lie, but I wondered, who was in my room that night? Can you guess?"

"Was it Kiseki?" Hikaru asked while looking over at a picture on my table with Tadase-kun and Kiseki. Kiseki's Tadase's older cousin who lived with them because his parents died from a car crash.

"No it wasn't Kiseki." I wonder if they'll get it.

"No one else looks like Tadase other than Kiseki. Are you sure it wasn't him Granma?" Aruto eyed me suspiciously, thinking I had something to hide. They won't get. I may as well say it.

"That night I was actually having a bad dream. The fight Ikuto and Tadase-kun had in the hospital was plaguing my mind. It's true that Ikuto was with me that night, but he didn't fight, instead, he was trying to wake me up so that's why Ikuto had suddenly burst through the door in my dream." Everyone was in my bedroom that night, not just Ikuto. It turns out I was screaming my head off that even the neighbours could hear me. I'm thankful that it was a dream and not a real situation.

"But what about the Humpty Lock and Dumpty Key? And the Sleeping Goddess?" Aruto motioned to the lock and key hanging on a fine chain around their necks. Aruto was given the key and Hikaru got the lock. I finally understood who the Sleeping Goddess really was.

"Well the lock and key never came together. The lock has never been opened yet. It seems that the key was made slightly too big by mistake. And as for the Sleeping Goddess, I'll tell you that when you two are older, so for now I'll let you ponder."

"We don't like that idea." Both boys crossed their arms and pouted. They never liked it when I wouldn't tell them stories, and it seems the Sleeping Goddess is the next chapter.

"So where is Ikuto now?" I was just about to answer that question when the front door opened, revealing my husband with plastic bags in his hand.

"I'm home!"

"Grandpa!" My husband was suddenly knocked over by the two trouble makers jumping up all over him. I stood up from the chair and removed the boys, helping him back to his feet.

"Why don't you two go upstairs and play with your toys. I want to have a word with your Grandpa." At the sound of toys they bolted up the stairs and the door slammed behind them.

"So what is this word you wanted with me?" he asked, setting the bags down to the side.

"I told the boys about my past."

"You didn't tell them about what happened to Ikuto did you?" He smiled, or more like smirked. Even when he's old he still likes to wear that famous smirk around me.

"Actually I was just about to tell them when you, Tsukiyomi Ikuto, interrupted." That's right. Ikuto's been my husband for 39 years. He proposed to me on my 21st birthday and we married two months later, and next month is our 40th anniversary.

"I'm sure they know and just want to hear it from you." I gave him a quick kiss and grabbed the shopping.

"Why don't you go play with the boys while fix us up some lunch?" Without another word, Ikuto removed his shoes and bound upstairs. The last thing I hear before the door closed was the boys asking why he'd left me all those years ago...and if he bought chocolate cake.

I don't blame him for going; I just blame myself for being stupid enough to lose my phone when I knew he'd be calling or sending me pictures of where he's been. Our daughter, Kairi, had been the same way as the boys. Always asking questions about what happened to her father, whether or not if I actually moved to be away from him. You know...all those questions kids like to ask just for the sake of it. I think they get it from her.

I wonder where my Sleeping Goddess is right now. Probably still on holiday with her husband, away from the dynamite duo I call my grandchildren. She didn't say when they would be back, just that they'd defiantly be back by our anniversary. Oh that daughter of mine. She'll forget, like she forgot what it's like inside the Humpty Lock.

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