The Smell of Regrets

"Mm… Shuuhei-san… that feels so good…" she groaned as the man aforementioned rolled his fists down her back. He gently pressed against the muscles running along her spine, trying to be a little gentler so she'd stop making those god damn noises.

He should have left her at the door when he knew she was home safe. That's all he was supposed to do: make sure she wasn't attacked, make sure she didn't hurt herself, and make sure she got home without any problems.

He couldn't resist her when she turned around and pushed up against him at the door, asking him sweetly to make sure she didn't hurt herself getting to bed. He couldn't resist her when she groaned for water to sooth her parched throat, or when she whimpered about how unbearably sore her back was.

He knew in her right mind she would never be selfish enough to ask anything from anyone, but he couldn't help but think her alcohol induced state was starting to bring out her desires to be doted upon.

It's like she wouldn't let him leave.

"Don't… stop…" she begged as she started feeling his hands slow down. "Oh, please it feels so good…"

He jolted as she sat up, pushing him off of her lower back as she stretched her arms above her. His eyes widened as she slowly unbuttoned her shirt, shrugging the material off her shoulder. She laid back down, turning to look at them with those sparkling grey eyes he knew he couldn't deny it.

"Please, don't stop."

He repositioned himself on top of her, trying to make as little contact with her body as possible. He turned away his face, a blush creeping up his features as she moaned under his touch. It was like something that would happen out of a fantasy of his. Except, in a fantasy, she wouldn't be drunk and he'd be doing a lot more than massaging her.

"Shuuhei-san…" she moaned again, her ass rising up to rub against the thing he was fighting so hard to keep tamed. He pulled his hands away, swinging his leg over her body so that both his feet were planted on the ground.

"I think you'll be fine," he muttered, quickly standing up from the futon. He needed to get out of there; he needed to get away from the half-naked girl who was wearing nothing more than a skirt, panties, and a bra.

It all felt so wrong.

"Wait!" she exclaimed, her feet stumbling as she tried to chase after him. She tripped, falling flat on her face and issuing a loud shriek throughout the apartment building.

He quickly rushed back to her, kneeling down to get a better look at her. "Are you alright?" he asked in all seriousness, hoping she'd say no so that he could leave. He needed to leave. He had to leave.

She looked up at him, the tears swelling in her eyes making his heart wrench. "It hurts," she whimpered, pointing to a small cut on her cheek. "Shuuhei-san, it hurts a lot."

He hadn't seen someone cry over such a small wound in a very very very long time, but for some reason seeing her crying made him sick, even if it was for something so pitiful.

"Kiss it to make it better," she pouted, pulling her body closer to his. "Please?"

He couldn't help but look at her fantastic chest only being covered by a flimsy, white, lacy bra. He couldn't but notice her flat tummy that curved out into perfectly proportioned hips. He couldn't help but notice the way she wrapped her delicate fingers against his rough ones, pulling his hand up so that it rested on her cheek.

"Please?" she asked again, this time in a whisper.

He could smell the sake on her breath but he couldn't stop himself; he leaned in and kissed.

Before he knew what was happening she had turned towards him, her lips capturing his own. Her fingers found their way underneath his Shinigami robes, tracing lines around his abs and up to his chest. Her breasts pushed against him upper body, letting him know that they really did feel as amazing as they looked.

He should have pushed her away, but he couldn't, because part of him rejoicing in the aggressiveness of the girl. He should have pushed her away, but instead he pulled her in, enjoying her completely as he leaned backwards and she climbed over top of him.

She pulled off his shirt, wiggling herself free of her bra as he unclasped it, letting her fingers trace the bare skin one last time before she sat up. He stared at the woman before him, her head tilted curiously to the side as if waiting for him to tell her what to do next.

That innocent look in her eyes…

He sat up, resisting a groan as the weight of her rubbed against his erection. She didn't hold back though, letting out a gasp every time she felt him press against her. He reached forward, letting his thumb graze over her nipple, eliciting yet another gasp from her. A smirk crept up his features as he leaned forward, taking the pink flesh into his mouth and sucking on it.

"Oh, Shuuhei-san," she moaned, her hips bucking up against him. "I want more. It burns…"

"Burns?" he asked, looking up at her as she grabbed onto his hand, placing it exactly where she was talking about.

"It burns here. I want more."

He blushed as he felt the wetness soaked through her panties. She glided his hand up and down, gently rubbing her clit through the thin material. He took control, letting her hands grab hold of his hair as he rubbed her with a little more intensity, making sure to rub up against her with his erection occasionally to bring out a louder moan.

He reached underneath the fabric, making her cry out in pleasure as he touched her wet sex. He pushed her off of him, laying her flat on her back and spreading her legs wider for him. He slid off her panties, putting a finger at her entrance as she waited in anticipation.

Her walls clamped around him as he inserted a digit, her moans load enough, as he slid his finger back and forth, to shake the walls. He inserted a second finger, moving back and forth faster and faster, making sure to hit her sweet spot every time. She cried out his name, begging him to take her; begging him to make the burning in-between her legs to go away.

She whimpered as his hand got tired, unable to keep up with the fast paced motion he'd set.

"Shuuhei-san, don't leave me like this," she moaned, her hips bucking upwards in search of something to fill herself. "Don't tease me. Don't tease me."

He looked down at her, her writhing body underneath him as she looked up at him with her eyes pleading for some sort of pleasure only he could bring her; begging him to just take her right then and then and there.

She leaned forward, grabbing the rim of his pants and slowly pulling them down, her eyes carefully watching him as he continued watching her. She reached under the brim of his boxers, her fingers slowly running up and down his length.

He needed to stop.

He pushed away her hand, immediately regretting it as she looked as if she'd been burned. "Stop," he ordered; the determination in his voice fading as she looked at him with those damn eyes again.

She reached forward again, her fingers running around his belly button and across his toned stomach. She reached for his face, pulling him closer so that she could let her tongue run along the juncture between his neck and shoulder. "Please, Hisagi. Make me feel good."

He couldn't stop. Not when she said his name like that.

He leaned in and kissed her, his tongue battling with hers for dominance. He sucked on her lower lip, causing her to moan in a way that sent him over the edge. He pushed her down, ignoring the fact that it'd probably be more comfortable on the futon or that he hadn't prepared her enough. He spread her legs, completely removing his boxers before placing himself at her entrance.

He looked down at her one last time, wondering if he'd ever see that innocent but lustful look in her eyes ever again before leaning down and kissing her, thrusting in one motion into her entrance.

He could feel her scream against his mouth and he could feel the warm tears streaming down her face when he reached up to cup her cheek, but he couldn't stop himself. He kept thrusting into her, harder and harder, waiting 'til she could meet his thrusts before he started speeding up.

He pulled away from the kiss, immediately hearing her earth-shattering moans again. Her fingers traced along his jaw-line, traced the outline of his tattoos, traced the scars that ran down his face; they found their way to his back and they dug into his skin 'til he bled.

It would compare to the blood she lost though.

"Hisagi… I can't… I…"

He felt her shiver beneath him, signaling to him that she'd reached her release, but he didn't slow down. He couldn't now; not when he was so close to being done.

She gripped the tatami mats below her, the waves continuing to rush through her as he kept pounding into her. He heard her moan one last time before he released, his warm seed shooting into her before he collapsed down on top of her.

He stayed in her for that moment, holding himself up on his elbows as he tried to calm his ragged breathing. He closed his eyes as he felt her trace his scars again, her fingers delicately tickling the skin around it before drawing him in for another kiss.

It wasn't until then that he fully realized exactly what he had just done. It wasn't until he tasted the lingering sake on her breath that he understood who he had just defiled. It wasn't until he separated from her, pulling away, that he noticed the blood on him and floor below.

He had taken the innocence of a drunk and helpless girl.

"Shit!" he shouted, pounding his fist against the floor. What had he done?! He had told himself he'd be able to stop, but he hadn't.

"Hisagi!" Orihime mumbled as she watched the man stand up in his spot. "What're you doing?!"

He'd already slid back on his boxers in pants, noticing that his top was being held in her vice grip.

"Let go."

"You can't leave me!" she cried, refusing to let go of the fabric. "Please, stay. Please, you can't leave me."

He couldn't deny a crying girl. He didn't want a one-night-stand. He didn't want to leave the helpless victim to his own desires.

He didn't know what to do.

He dropped the shirt, opening his arms as she ran towards him, her face burying in his chest as she cried against his bare skin. Her warm tears trickled down his body, leaving a cool streak wherever they came across and a chill up his spine.

This was so wrong.

He wrapped his arms around her, disgusted with himself as he held the naked girl in his arms, wondering how he was going to explain this to her in the morning. Even more so, he worried how he was going to explain this to the other Shinigami.

"Oh, I didn't return back last night because I was fucking the girl I was supposed to be protecting. No big deal… I mean… did I mention that she's a human… or that her name is Orihime? Yeah, no big deal…"

He'd be killed; if not by the Shinigamis, by Ichigo… or Tatsuki… or Ishida… or any other human being in the world. She was loved by everyone and he had taken advantage of her.

When her crying died down he picked her up bridal style carrying her over to the bathroom.

"You need to clean up…"

She nodded her head in understanding, reaching for him as he started to walk out.

"I'm not leaving. I'm going to clean up our mess." He almost smiled when he said our mess, as it'd be a little more endearing if the situation called for it, but unfortunately enough that mess was proof of his failure.

He returned to her to find her staring at herself in the mirror, her fingers touching the glass.

"Come on, let's get you some clothes…"

She leaned on him for support, the warmth of her skin sending a pleasurable waves through his body. It felt so nice, holding her close and feeling her beating heart against him.

"Don't leave in the morning. Wait… 'til… wake…up…" she mumbled, her eyelids drooping as she drifted off into a sleep; her face buried into his chest as he held her close to him.

He kissed her forehead, brushing her messy auburn hair out of her face to look at her sleeping features. "I'll take responsibility. I'll do whatever it takes," he whispered, unable to get rid of the pang of guilt that shot through him every time he looked at her sweet face.

"I won't leave you… not until you force me."


Another bleach smut fic!

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