Remember Me



"Fuck you Edward!" I screamed at him.

"MOM! Edward is reading my diary!"

"Edward Anthony Cullen! Leave your sister alone! Quit reading her things!" Esme yelled from somewhere downstairs.

"Mom and dad will shit when they find out what you and Emmett did." Edward smiled.

"That was 3 years ago Edward! Leave it be!" I threatened.

He just smiled and finished helping me unpack.

Let me start by introducing myself.

I'm Isabella Marie Cullen, my brother is Edward Anthony Cullen, we're twins and we're 17.

We're moving into our new house over Spring Break, we didn't have to move far, just to the outskirts of Forks, Washington.

My mom had found a house to 'fix' and over the past 2 years she's been working on this house.

My father is the Chief of Staff at Forks General.

The 'thing' he's referring to is a hot and heavy make-out session, leading us to get to second base with my then boyfriend Emmett McCarty.

His sister Alice was my best friend, they were twins as well.

They moved 3 years ago and we've since lost touch. I haven't dated since, I miss him and no one compared to him, he was a big huge teddy bear.

Enough with all that.

Spring Break pretty much sucked, our best friends and also twins Jasper and Rosalie (Edwards girlfriend) came over everyday to help us unpack and swim.

I was thankful when Spring Break ended, I wouldn't have to be stuck in this house any longer, it was driving me crazy, I kept thinking of Emmett, ever since Edward pulled that stint on me and read my diary.

Thankfully, the rest of the year went by fast and after an all to fast summer, spent in Europe, me getting a 'tramp stamp', that my parents were going to freak out over, it read "Memor Mihi' meaning 'Remember Me' in Latin.

I got it in memory of Emmett, that's all his goodbye note said to me and I told myself, that I'd have that tattooed on me one day.

And now to the present….


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