Remember Me



I can't believe it.

The triplet's are graduating today. Bella and I would finally be empty nesters and I was going to surprise her with a second honeymoon. We were renewing our vows this summer before the triplets left for college and I wanted to take her away for a nice relaxing vacation, just the two of us, we hadn't had that, EVER, just a weekend here or there, so I was taking her away for an entire month! Because I also retired from coaching this year when the boys left the football program, so Bella would have me 24/7, we were excited.

Darcy and Emiele were Valedictorians, they actually had the exact same GPA, they busted butt and both got into Dartmouth, both wanting to be doctors like their big brother, uncle and grandfather, we ended up buying them a townhouse close to the school and Esme and Alice had it decorated to their specifications, they each had their own cars, so that wouldn't be a problem either, they were all set, Darby, well, Darby ended up pulling a 3.5 and shocking us all, his temper and all we sent him to counseling, we were worried once he left for college he'd get into serious trouble, he was a mix of Edward and me and it was not a good combo, especially when he'd been drinking. I had to pick him and E.J. up from a party one night, thankfully Rose and Bella were out of town that weekend for a girl time, Darby got into a fight, he was so drunk, broke a kids nose and arm, because he said he looked at him funny, of course E.J. didn't help the situation any and egged it on, they were all Edward and me, it was funny, but bad, we sobered them up and didn't ground them because then their mothers would know what happened, but let them know we were disappointed and that's when I told Darby he didn't have a choice but to go to Anger Management counseling.

Darby and E.J. were going to Notre Dame, Darby wanted to be a Sports Manager and E.J. wanted to do medicine, but he was specializing in sports, to work with athletes, they wanted to work together. Edward wasn't happy when E.J. turned down Dartmouth, but at least he chose a respectable school. Edward and Rose bought them 2 bedroom condo close to the college, they both had cars, but it was walking distance as well, there was underground parking for their precious cars, they were both like Edward in that way, loving their dumb cars. For graduation, Edward and Rose let E.J. pick out any car under $30,000, which then Esme and Carlisle added to that to get him what he really wanted, a Mercedes SLK 300 in Black, just like his grandfather. They also gave our children the same the so for Darby he got a Mazda RX-8 in Black, Darcy wanted a Nissan Frontier King Cab in Deep Blue and our sweet Emiele got a Nissan Cube in a Maroon. They were all very excited.

Izzy was there with Mike and their little one and Izzy was pregnant with our second grandchild, Bella and Izzy had gotten into an argument shortly after the baby was born and it broke Bella's heart, Izzy didn't talk to her for 2 weeks, all because Bella would watch the baby when Izzy went back to work. It's just something Bella didn't agree with, they had plenty of money and couldn't understand why she didn't take time off to raise a family. It took all Mike Jr. and I could do to get them two to talk it out. Finally Bella said she'd watch the baby on occasion, but she'd raised her family, we were going to enjoy our time alone now and she should maybe hire a nanny, if she insisted on working, Bella was stubborn, but stood her ground and I had to agree with her. Finally Izzy gave in and asked if Bella would at least help her in the search for a nanny and Bella gladly agreed and said she'd even make a few surprise visits to make sure the nanny was treating the baby right. They hugged and everything was back to normal, Mike wiped fake sweat off his forehead and I agreed, shaking my head.

Lily was now head nurse at Forks hospital and worked closely with Edward who was Chief of Staff, they worked great together, almost like one, it was scary. She was still single, Edward tried to keep all the single doctors away, but one kept popping up and he was with her today again, his name was Garrett, he was tall, like Edward, dark brown hair, mesmerizing eyes, in a honey color and was very polite and respectful, he was obviously from a very well off family from the way he carried himself. Lily said he graduated from Oxford, he'd went to boarding schools as well, yes, very well off, we could have sent our children away too, but Bella and I preferred the craziness. Lily and Garrett sat beside us and he shook my hand and hugged Bella.

The speech our two gave was wonderful. They wrote it together and gave it together, taking turns, thanking us several times and even thanking Darby and E.J. a few times as well as their other siblings, Ailin and his wife couldn't be there, he was stationed overseas, so we were recording it and Adhamh and Penny were expecting their first, but she was having complications, so she wasn't allowed to travel, they lived in Arizona, just far enough away to not want to risk it.

It was over and Bella and I sighed. I pulled her to my side "It's finally over, babe. We'll be empty nesters soon and I've got a big surprise for you and not what's in my pants either." I said as I kissed her deeply. We heard a throat clear and it was Mike Jr. with the camera, video taping us, "The twins will LOVE to hear that little fact." he laughed and smiled. "Put the camera away Mike or I'll beat your ass." I laughed. "beat ass" Mike III said, yes, they had a boy and he was a III, looked just like him too. "Oh, yeah, he's in the repeating stage Emmett, you can't say stuff like that anymore. Izzy will be so mad." Mike said. I laughed and said "You didn't grow up in our house man, when Darby was little he repeated EVERYTHING Ailin said and Ailin had a horrible mouth. Darby still does, but remember when he took you down at graduation?" I asked. Mike laughed "Yeah, seems like a lifetime ago." We laughed and walked back to where our wives had wandered to with our family. "Everyone ready to eat? My treat, let's go!" I smiled.

We piled into our cars and headed off to the food.


We renewed our vows in simple ceremony and it was beautiful.

Emmett said he had a surprise for me after we took all the kids to college.

First was Darby and E.J., they were on the football team at Notre Dame and had to be there early for practice. We got them settled and spent a few days there, Emmett threatened Darby with his life, saying if he got kicked out, his ass was in the military and if that didn't work, he was sending him to Russia or some shit. Darby promised to be good and E.J. said he'd tried to be a better role model as well. Rose threatened his life as well and I know he'd feel bad if he let his grandfather down.

The following week we took Darcy and Emiele to Dartmouth, their townhouse turned out perfect, they were happy. They really only had their personal things and clothes, so we stocked up on food and took in the city. Edward was happy to be back in his old stomping grounds. He went to see some of his old Professors and to see if the kids had any of them. Em did, so Edward introduced her to him he was Prof. Smithe, an English Lit. Professor from England, Edward was top in his class and remembered well, all the girls swooned when Edward would read from the classics. The Professor was happy to have Em in his class.

We came home and packed for our trip, Emmett had ordered me a bunch of new clothes off the net for this trip, a bunch of easy to wear and go pieces. Rose and Edward drove us to the airport and told us to have fun, they call if the kids needed us and take care of anything that was minor.

Emmett handed me my ticket and I looked at the destination and gasped "Greece! Really?" I smiled up at him. "Yes, only the best for you babe! We've got a month of pure bliss ahead of us. It's a small island called Corfu, it's romantic and pretty private this time of year. Nice clubs and a fairyboat to take us to the mainland if we choose to go." he smiled at me.

We enjoyed a month of total seclusion.

We called and talked to the kids once a week and made sure everyone was O.K., because I was a nervous wreck without the kids the first few days.

We were like a couple of teenagers again. We couldn't keep out hands to ourselves. Emmett to me I was even more beautiful today than when we were little and the very first time we kissed.

"Bella?" he asked. "Hhhmmm?" I responded as we walked down the street hand in hand.

"What do you think about selling our house when get home? I think it'll be to big for us." he asked. "Emmett Mc McCarthy, how dare you! We said this is the house we were going to grow old in! And now you want to sell it so our grandkids can't enjoy it!" I let go of his hand and huffed ahead of him. "Bells. Wait! I just thought we could buy something along smaller. That's all. This place is huge. Who's going to clean it? I don't want you to have to do it!" I smiled at him. "We'll hire someone. I want to write again, only something small though, nothing big. Maybe an advice column from home for the paper or a magazine. I don't want to sit around the house and have nothing to do, I'll go crazy, you know after having kids to raise for all these years, I'm going to be climbing the walls." I shuddered. Emmett laughed. "You should have just agreed to keep Mike III then and not been so stubborn!" he hugged me tight. "No, because then I'd be committed to something everyday and I don't want that. If I write, I can do it at my own pace you know?" I hugged him back and kissed him.

We had a wonderful time and enjoyed our stay.

We made a side trip on our way back to see Adhamh and Penny and promised to be back for the birth of our granddaughter, we stayed with them for 3 days before heading home.

Once we got home and unpacked, I cooked dinner and we sat at the table, it was quiet and empty, I broke down. "Babe, what's wrong?" I asked as I took her into my arms. "It's too quiet in here, I miss my babies." she sobbed into my shoulders. "Tomorrow while I'm out with your dad playing golf, call your mom, go shopping." I looked at Emmett like he had 3 heads. "Shopping? You think that's going to solve anything?" I asked. "I can't believe you Emmett!" I got off his lap and stormed into our room, throwing a pillow and blanket into the hallway. "Come on Babe, most women want new things and their husbands to send them shopping. I'm just trying to do the right thing." Emmett yelled from the hallway. "Want to do the right thing for me Emmett?" I asked turning on the doe eyes. He looked at me and smiled. "Of course I do honey. I love you and I would do anything for you, you know that. I only want to make you happy. I live for making you happy." Emmett held me. "What can I do to make you happy Princess?" he kissed my forehead.

"Why don't we think about Foster Children?" I smiled and batted my eyes.

Emmett's mouth dropped and then he fainted.

So much for my tough man!

Needless to say he came around and he did make me happy.

Six months later we had 2 foster children, we decided on teenagers, we still had a lot of love to give. We took them to meet all the siblings they could and even Penny and Adhamh when they had their baby. It was a wonderful family reunion we had. Everyone was there, even Ailin got a leave to come home with his wife and they just discovered they were pregnant, only by a few weeks, they'd been trying for years and it finally happened, our family kept growing and we couldn't be happier.

Carlisle and Esme welcomed our foster children in with open arms and we were going to try for adoption if things went fine over the next six months, they were adjusting well to the new school, the boy was Latino (Juan) and from a druggie mom and non existent dad he'd been in and out of 10 foster homes, we were last chance, he was 16, him and Emmett got along great, he was a sports fanatic, so that helped and he was smart, we had him tested and he was in all advanced classes, he made football team as running back and Emmett went to help put as a Volunteer coach.

He couldn't help it.

The girl was mulatto and beautiful, her father had killed her mother and he was in prison, she was a baby when it happened and never knew them, was raised by her grandmother until she passed away 2 years ago and then put into the system, her name was Jasmine and it was very fitting, she wanted to try out for cheerleading, so I went to the school and talked with the counselor, she said tryout were coming up, so she would be fine and gave me the qualifications, she had 2 weeks to get ready, we hired a coach to train her and everything, she was very excited.

We were happy to have teens in our house once again. I was writing a small advice column for the local paper about raising kids and enjoying my time with the grandbabies as well.

Jasmine and Juan loved the babies too and Juan even worked for Mike at the store a few days a week.

We had two new additions and I was content for now, but what would I do when they leave for college in two years?

The End


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