Hey, it's me! I know it's been a long time, but I was writing a Percy Jackson one shot. Okay, so a lot of you asked for a sequel. Originally, I wasn't going to do one. However, I've decided that I will write one. BUT it will be a long time before I will post it. I will focus on another Twilight fic first- I'm going to post is soon. Do you guys want me to post a new chapter with the summary and link once it's up?

Anyways, back to the sequel. It will take me a long time to plan the whole fic, but I already have some ideas. Unlike this fic, which was based on The Specialists, I've decided to make my own plot for the sequel. It will take months, maybe, because I will write the first chapters before posting it for quick updates.

So like I said, I will write the other Twilight fic first- it's going to be short- while planning the sequel, so it will take time. So I want to know if you guys will still read it even if it takes months to be posted. Are you willing to wait that long? And are you still going to want to read it after a long period of time?

So… basically, that's it. I hope that you'll read my other Twilight fic though. It's cute. :)