For those of you that have followed 'New Apartment, New day, New life?' and 'Welcome to the World' I will be continuing with that series but this just something that came to me while trying to get to sleep last night! I'm not quite sure where this story will go but it wouldn't leave me alone last night so to please my muse I started writing it 


"Bones you in here?" Booth hollered across the lab then seeing the light on in her office and the sound of soft music playing he took a deep breath and went to find his partner.

"Bones what are you doing here so late?" Booth sat next to her on the sofa.

Brennan continued to write on the paper "I needed to get this paperwork finished for tomorrow. What are you doing here?"

Booth shifted a little uncomfortably "I brought Thai and I wondered if we could talk?"

This time Brennan stopped writing, Booth never asked if they could talk. This must be serious. "Sure Booth, what's on your mind?"

He paused as if looking for the right words, Booth always knew what to say and this only caused Brennan to worry even more about what he wanted to talk about. She put her hand reassuringly on his.

"Bones, I wanted to ask you for a favour."

Brennan let out a sigh of relief "I thought you were going to tell me you had to 'die' again." She did air quotations when saying die. "Or that you were being re-deployed in the army."

"I think doing any of those things would be easier right now." Booth muttered quietly.

"What's wrong Booth? What do you need me to do for you?"

Taking a deep breath he looked into his partners deep blue eyes. "I...would you..." he couldn't find the right words, the speech he had prepared earlier had been forgotten and he wished he had written it on his hand like the answers to a test in high school.

Brennan watched as he struggled with the words wondering what kind of favour he might be asking of her.

Starting again he thought it best to just say it quickly, rip the band aid off in one smooth motion "I wondered if you would help me have another child." He cringed at his own words, he hadn't meant for it to sound so out of the blue and random but he had been thinking about it a lot recently.
Brennan sat perfectly still as though she wanted to blend in with the furniture, she couldn't possibly have heard that right could she. Opening her mouth she tried to speak, nothing came so she shut it again, then opened it to say something else but again nothing but air left her lips.

Booth could see her processing his words and the impression of a fish led him to believe that she hadn't a clue how to react or what to say in response. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said anything forget I even mentioned it. I will just see you tomorrow" He stood quickly to leave but Brennan placed a hand on his arm and tugged lightly. He sat back down and looked at her face; she had regained her usual confidence and composure.

"Why?" That was all she said for now, his answer would lead her to more questions though.

"Why do I want you to help me have a child or why do I want another child?"

"Both and I thought your religion was against artificial insemination" She took one of the Thai containers from the bag while he took off his jacket and tie to try and ease the tension.

"The...insemination, it's against my religion but it's something I want to do and I talked it over with my priest. I've been thinking about having another child for some time now, I always wanted more than one and obviously Rebecca and I weren't meant to be together so after we had Parker I always thought that I would meet someone and start a family with them when the time was right." He reached for a carton of food and picked at it, Brennan stayed quiet knowing that there was more he wanted to say.
"I just don't think that that's going to happen anymore, I haven't been in a romantic relationship with anyone who I would even consider taking that step with."

"What about work? How will you look after a child and work in the field, our job demands long hours from us."

"I'm still going to do field work I just...I want to come home to a family." He put the almost full food container back on the table and sat back, for once he didn't feel hungry.

"I don't know anything about children, Booth but I would imagine you need help."

"I would put the baby in day care when I'm at work and the rest I will figure as I go along. I know this sounds like I haven't thought it all through but in truth I haven't thought of anything else lately."

"You still haven't said why you want me to be the mother of your child."

"I know this is a lot to ask of you...of anyone really but I trust you with my life. I've accepted that if I want another child before it's too late, before I can appreciate it fully then I'm going to have to do this on my own. I know that you don't want to have children of your own and I'm not saying that I want you to be the child's mother, you don't have to be involved after the birth I mean, I obviously still want to be your partner and I wouldn't want it to be awkward, I wouldn't ask you for any money or anything for the baby either." He was rambling now but he wanted desperately to convey his feelings and thoughts to her, he wanted her to say yes so desperately.

"Booth, I need some time to think about this."

His head shot up, she hadn't said no, she was actually going to think about it "Of course, take however long you need."

"Can I ask you something?" She placed her food on the table and sat back with Booth.


"Anthropologically, a mother develops a bond with a foetus and it would be natural of me to feel something for it. If I agreed to do this, would you let me interact with it? Maybe hold it sometimes; I'm sure the baby would feel some comfort from that."

He smiled a little "Of course I would, you can be involved as much as you like." Booth knew she needed some time alone, standing up he tidied away the food and put it in the trash. "Thank you."

"For what, I haven't agreed to anything yet."

"I know I just want to thank you for thinking about it, for not dismissing what I said."

"Booth, I would never dismiss anything you say. I care a lot about you."

Both stood looking at each other as no more words were needed. Leaning forward he placed a kiss on her cheek then gathered his jacket and tie and left the lab heading for home.


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