"Would dad like to cut the umbilical cord?" The doctor asked over the crying sounds the baby was making.

"Yeah, I would." Booth kissed Brennan's hand before moving to the foot of the bed to cut the cord. They took him away to clean him up and Booth took his place back at her bedside.

"You are amazing, so amazing." He kissed her softly, tears rolling down his cheeks.

Although she was exhausted she kissed him back "Where is he?"

Booth looked over at the nurse "They're bringing him back now."

"Alright Doctor Brennan here we are." The nurse placed the baby on Brennan's bare chest and the crying stopped almost immediately.

She gasped "Booth, he's so..." her own tears making it hard to finish the sentence "beautiful."

"I know. Having the most beautiful mother in the world helps." He smiled, the only thing that could make this moment more perfect would be her declaration of love but he promised he wouldn't rush her. That didn't stop him from telling Brennan though. "I love you." He whispered.

Brennan wasn't sure if he was talking to the baby until she looked up at him. "Booth...it's just not the right time, I'm sorry but I can't say it back."

Maybe it was the happiness of having a new born baby that softened her words, he didn't know but he didn't feel hurt or sad that she couldn't say it back, he understood her like no one else and a less patient man would have given up on her long ago.

"It's okay, I just wanted you to know that I love you."



"I'm exhausted; do you think you could take him?" She asked softly, her eyes becoming heavy.

"Of course, you get some rest and I will be here when you wake up."

"What would you say to the name Ryan?" Brennan asked.

He smiled at her as he lifted the baby and swaddled him in his blanket "I love it."

She smiled and her eyes shut, she was sound asleep.

Booth cradled the baby before the nurse took him away again to clean him up properly and weigh him. "You've got a visitor outside Mr Booth; I think everyone would like the good news."

"Of course I just...I can't take my eyes off him." Booth smiled.

The nurse laughed "Don't worry, I'm going to take good care of him and when you come back he's going to be all clean and you can hold him properly. Do you have a name yet?"

"Ryan." He turned after one more glance at his son and Brennan and went to deliver the good news.

Angela approached him almost immediately and hugged him. "How are they?"

"They're doing fine, Bones is asleep and the baby is being cleaned up."

"Aren't you going to tell me the sex?" she smiled as he had avoided giving it away.

"I want to tell you all together." They walked to the waiting room where Hodgins, Max, Cam and Sweets were sat waiting.

Max jumped up "Well?"

"It's a boy, I have another son." Booth felt more tears erupt from his eyes as everyone congratulated him and shook his hand.

"How is Temperance?" Max asked as he pulled Booth in for another hug

He clapped Max on the back "She's resting, she did great."

"I knew she would, she's my daughter."

Angela planted a kiss on Booth's cheek "Did you decide on a name yet?"

"Bones picked the first name and I would like to choose the middle one so I would love for you all to come and meet Ryan Brennan Booth."


I know this one is shorter but I think it's the perfect place to end. I'm unsure if I should continue the story here or start another following on, either way I will be continuing so don't worry you are going to find out what happens!