Marine Undercover

A/N: So, my past two have been primarily Tony-centric from point of view, so here's a fun case fic- Tiva of course! - centering on Ziva's thoughts. Least, as close to it as third-person limited POV can get. Plus later in the chapter, I actually did Google Ziva and it wasn't all NCIS. Just most.

Ziva stared at Tony as she sat down at her desk. Tony was there early, tapping away at the keyboard of his terminal. Well, it actually looked like he had been there all night, from the way his beautiful green eyes were ringed red and his clothes were mussed and his hair looked like he had just woken up. She logged into her computer without looking at the screen, still staring at Tony. He looked like he was about to keel over sideways.

Finally she could not take it anymore, watching him like that, and stalked over to his desk. "Tony!"

"What, ZeeVah?" Tony turned his head to look at her, careful to keep his eyes on her face and not the rest of her.

"Why did you stay here all night?"

"Just felt like it," he commented sarcastically.

Ziva's brow furrowed as she watched him attach a document to an email. "It took you so long to finish your report?"

"No, I didn't do it at all yesterday, couldn't sleep last night, and came in." Tony hit SEND, turning his full attention to his partner. "Problem?"

"You look terrible."

"Thanks," he muttered.

She sighed, opening his desk drawer and pulling out the change of clothes he had stashed there. "That is not what I meant. Go put on your fresh clothes, because that looks like the same suit you wore yesterday."

Tony met her eyes for a moment before turning away from her brown stare and stalking to the men's restroom. Ziva followed after a moment, walking in holding his toothbrush and toothpaste as well as a hairbrush just as he was buttoning his shirt.

"D'you have to do that all the time?" he asked. "And I don't have a hairbrush at work," he added, pointing to the hairbrush she held.

"This is mine," Ziva replied, stepping up so they were just inches apart and placing the supplies on the counter. "Your hair is the worst part."

Tony grinned at her sarcastically. Ziva stepped back, hiding a smile as she joked, "I take it back. Your breath is."

She could not help but stay and watch as Tony finished grooming. He finally turned around after having rinsed his mouth. "Breath better?"

He stepped close to her, and she could feel his hot breath on her face. "Minty fresh," Ziva smirked, sliding out of the inviting cage his body and the wall had formed around her.

As they walked into the bullpen together, Gibbs head slapped both of them. "What was that for?" they said in unison.

Gibbs smirked as he walked to the plasma. "Playing grab-ass in the bathroom."

Tony, Ziva and McGee then gathered around the plasma as Gibbs clicked up slides.

"Nichols' team has had four cases like this so far. He asked me to help him out." Gibbs flicked through several pictures of two victims, male and female. They had been tortured to death, from the look of the images. "Marines with Middle Eastern wives. All four couples."

Tony glanced at Ziva, seeing where this was going. "Undercover job, boss?"

"Yeah, DiNozzo."

"Well, we have the Middle Eastern wife, but who'll be the Marine?" McGee asked, looking between Gibbs and Tony.

The corner of Gibbs' mouth raised a bit as he looked at Ziva. "Who would you rather be married to, David?"

Tony, of course. But she would never tell him that. "You, Gibbs."

"Tony it is. McGee, have Abby help with IDs."

"What? You expect me to live with him twenty-four, seven?" Ziva protested. The protest was genuine; the "ninja" did not think she could take being alone with Tony every night.

"Not twenty-four seven, DiNozzo still has to come to work." Gibbs smirked as he stalked back to his own desk.

Tony groaned audibly, plopping down into his desk chair once more. Ziva paced to her own chair, sitting down quietly as she watched Tony tap out something on his keyboard. He is typing faster, maybe McGee actually helped him, Ziva mused as Tony typed a little more rapidly than normal.


She had one new email. Ziva opened it, realizing it was from Tony. Whatever was in there, he did not want Gibbs to hear him say it out loud.

It was a message to Abby in the lab, which he had copied her into.


If you do anything embarrassing to the covers of Ziva or myself, I will have her kill you three ways with a paperclip and leave no forensic evidence. Because I know you've told her how. Plus she probably all ready knew.

Remember that! And keep our names the same, please!



Ziva almost laughed, but contained herself as she glanced at Gibbs through the corner of her eye. He was watching something on his screen, his attention absorbed, but she knew that the ex-Marine still knew exactly what was going on.

Tony grinned across the bullpen from her.

Then, as soon as Gibbs left for his first of five morning coffee breaks, Tony crossed the few feet between them and sat on the edge of her desk. "What are you doing this Friday?"

"Why?" Ziva asked suspiciously.

"Well, sweetcheeks, it could be our first dinner as husband and wife," he replied, a grin threatening to crack through his straight-and-serious expression.

Ziva smiled, standing up to lean against her desk, hands on either side of Tony. Their faces almost touched as she whispered, "Fine… my little hairy butt."

She then pushed him off of the desk, and he landed on the floor with a thud.


Meanwhile, Abby and Tim were downstairs formulating names and such for Ziva and Tony. Tim had read the email out to Abby, and she had simply laughed it off. "If Ziva wanted to kill me, she would have already. I've done worse to her."

"The sad part is, that's true," McGee muttered as he punched some commands into the keyboard.

Abby scrunched her face as she looked over the pictures she had chosen for Ziva and Tony's IDs. "Ok, so Tony can keep his name, I guess, since it's common enough. Do you think Ziva should be able to keep hers?"

McGee nodded. "I think so. We haven't done any cases in the town they'll be in, and there are enough hits on Ziva when you type it in on Google. Plus it's not like we ever make the news."

"Okay, makes sense. AND… done. Mr. and Mrs. Smith."

McGee's mouth gaped. "Abby, change their last name."

"Why? Anthony and Ziva Smith sounds okay!"

"Tim just shook his head. "Do you have any idea how much Tony is going to make of that? Plus, I think he watched that with Ziva last week! So she'll make something of it too! And they'll blame it on me!"

Abby gripped his shoulders, looking into his eyes. "Timmy, Smith is a common last name. Plus, are they not Brad and Angelina in their looks?"

McGee just sighed and called Tony. "We have most of it done; do you two want to help with the background?"

There was a moment's pause and Tim heard Tony asking Ziva in the background. "Sure, we're on our way."

"Guess we'll find out," McGee muttered to himself.