When I was watching the Lucario Pokemon movie last week, I was wondering to myself. Was Ash the only one Lucario sensed with a powerful aura when he was released from Sir Aaron's Aura Staff? Maybe, maybe not. And how is Ash connected to Sir Aaron if not only by aura?

Starts during the ball in honor of Sir Aaron. Excuse me if I have misspelled Lady Rin's name. The first section may be similar to the movie but this is only to establish the basis of the story. I am making Pikachu a GIRL because she just seems to be and besides, there's another reason.

Disclaimer: I do not own Pokemon, Ash, May, Brock, Dawn, Lucario or Sir Aaron. If I did, then Sir Aaron would be mine...


The ballroom inside Cameron Palace was filled with cheerful guests, friends and travellers, each enjoying the festivities. Among the crowd were a few of our very own heroes.

Ash Ketchum sat in his small throne next to Lady Irene, Sir Aaron's Aura Staff in his lap. Pikachu and the other Pokemon were having fun on their own, eating whatever they could find. Grovyle just sat there with a twig in his mouth.

The Queen's maid had taken it upon herself to make sure that Ash stayed in the one place, until it was time to celebrate the night with the annual fireworks. Her Mime Jr. sat at Ash's feet, feeling his disappointment and copied his moves when he tried to join his Pokemon and when he leaned back in his chair, bored out of his mind.

Ash was thinking about the voice he heard when he was looking at the staff moments before. It had called out to Sir Aaron but he wasn't here. Who could the voice be? he thought.

The night seemed to go by slowly. All the guest danced slowly with one another and sometimes switched partners to meet someone new.

A certain team of Pokemon thieves were mixed within the large crowd, the two human partners dancing together with incredibly ridiculous disguises. James' wild purple hair stood out from the rest of the guests but so did the flame-red hair of his dancing partner.

James noticed that Pikachu, along with May's and Ash's other Pokemon, were unguarded by their individual trainers, dancing and laughing to the music.

"Now is the perfect time to waltz off with some Pokemon," He smirked at Jesse. But it seemed she wouldn't hear of it. "Oh, don't be a drag. I want to boogie the night away!" She exclaimed excitedly, twirling James around and around until they were separated from one another.

Jesse found herself face to face with a handsome stranger. "You dance divinely."

Jesse blushed and sighed her greeting before continuing to dance as she had with James, twirling to her heart's content, her partner struggling to keep pace with her.

James, on the other hand, had wound up dancing with Ash's female friend, May. He refuses to look her directly in the eye, fearing she will recognize him and expose his presence to Ash. But this sparks a curiosity within May. "Have we met somewhere before?"

James chuckled nervously, still not making eye contact, "Oh, I get that all the time."

Underneath the table of food, Meowth is eating everything in sight.

He sighed happily, a full plate of food in his hands.

"I always prefer dining to dancing." He said. The plate was cleared in seconds.

Outside of the table cloth, Meowth hears Pikachu talking with her Pokemon friends. He peers his head out to see them exiting the room through the doorway near the table. Aipom and Pikachu were leading the group and Swellow and Grovyle were at the rear. They wanted to make sure they're smaller comrades didn't get into trouble while exploring the Palace.

Meowth was definately curious.

Kidd and Brock were dancing together, smiling. Brock was trying very hard not to blow this. Suddenly, Kidd stopped dancing and sighed, wiping sweat off her brow. "I sure could use a glass of punch."

Brock get hearts in his eyes and quickly agreed, screaming, "The lady wants punch!" In his effort to get the punch, he knocked a couple out of the way as he run over to the refreshment table on the other side of the ballroom.

Kidd smiled after him, thinking he was sweet. She blushed slightly but not noticeably. She then took off in the other direction, towards the doorway Ash's Pokemon has exited through, thinking to herself.

Aipom was leading the group now. They were just passing through an empty room in the Palace. As the last of the group, which was Grovyle, had exited out the other doorway, Meowth popped his head around the one that had entered the room from. He saw a flicker of Grovyle's tail as he left the room.

But as Meowth tried to shadow them, the door slammed back into him, knocking him into the fireplace.

Kidd entered the room, Meowth watching her from the fireplace, not wanting to make his presence known just yet. She seemed to be talking to someone. It was then Meowth noticed she wore a headphone.

"Hello, Kidd, how's the party?" The voice of en excited old man came through the headphone. "It's fantastic. Too bad you couldn't be here," Kidd replied, speaking into the mouth piece of the tool.

"One of us has to keep this outlet running," The old man teased back.

"For your information, I left the dance floor early to call you," Kidd retorted, "There's something I want to check out that could really pay off for us."

In the forest across the lake from the Palace, a jeep sat there, a satellite moving on it's roof. "It better. This operation is costing us a lot. We could be in serious trouble if this goes wrong," The old man spoke, his voice being transmitted from the jeep to a building in a city. The old man is named Banks and he is working out on his tread mill.

"I need to blueprints of the Palace." Kidd said.

"Could you wait a moment? I only have two minutes left."

"Banks." Kidd said warningly and jokingly.

"Alright. One minute," He added.

Soon, Banks was sending the blueprints over to Kidd. "Thank you." She said. Meowth watched her open the large window behind her and as she pulled off her evening gown to reveal a jump suit beneath. Kidd jumped out of the window, leaving Meowth stumped as to why.

Ash was still seated in his small throne, unable to even get something to eat but now he was looking at the painting of Sir Aaron with his staff. To do so, Ash had to tilt his head diagonally and lean on the edge of the chair. The Queen's maid cleared her throat and Ash jolted back to reality.

He was lost in his thoughts after the voice spoke again and didn't notice the maid telling him to stand up. He did so immediately, noticing Lady Irene had been waiting.

"Now, we pay one last tribute to the memory of Sir Aaron. Our new Guardian will give the signal to start the fireworks," Lady Irene addressed the guests. Ash gave the maid a confused look and muttered, "What signal?"

She sighed and pointed to the portrait of Sir Aaron. Ash understood then and lifted the staff over his head, giving the workers the O.K. to start the fireworks. They burst into the sky and amazed the people.

"Sir Aaron, why?"