My faithful readers,

I have a bit of a dilemma.

I don't have a cover image for this story. So I'm holding a contest.

If anyone has a cover art that would suit this story or who can make one with the story name on it, send it along to my PM box or to my email the_3rd_veronica hotmail com. The four finalists will get ten virtual cookies and the chance to submit possible Pokemon selections for the rest of Crixus' team. So far, there's Farfetch'd and Absol. So there are four Pokemon to be selected and each finalist gets to submit four of their own selections.

The winner will get a chapter dedicated to them, along with more cookies and have their artwork displayed as the cover art for this story until it's completion. The Pokemon selections they would have also submitted would be included in the story and credit would be rightfully given to the winner.

I'll be accepting submissions for the next three weeks. After that time, I'll narrow the choices down to the top four and reveal those finalists in the next chapter after I decide. Then, the next chapter after that will have the winner revealed.

So guys, get working! I can't wait to see all the wonderful cover arts you guys come up with :)

-HollyKalina23 (formerly HollyKalinaStabler)

UPDATE! 16th May 2013

I've been getting a few reviews saying that people can't draw so they're going to pass on the contest. I just want to everyone know that you don't have to draw a picture to submit. I will gladly accept edited photos, as long as they are about Pokemon and have the story title on there somewhere. Sorry for the confusion everyone.