Weeks past since the asteroid hit. The president had reluctantly revealed the presence of the Autobots to the world; this was to aid rebuilding of the parts of the globe that had been utterly devastated by the resulting earth quakes and tsunamis that followed the multiple impacts, with their help.

It had been determined that the Asteroid had indeed been a mile wide and had broken upon entering Earth's atmosphere. Prime soon learnt of why the Asteroid had broken up and Prowl was commended for his courageous efforts and ultimately saving the planet.


The rain was falling heavily, the crowds gathered. There were a handful of black clad humans gathering at the edge of the cliff. Behind them gathered the Autobots some in their alt form. The priest uttered his prayers quietly as the rain became heavier. Nadya glanced up to Bumblebee who knelt down beside her and handed her the small silver urn, she nodded sadly. Stokes squeezed her arm. Walking to the edge of the white cliffs she looked across at the sea churning at the English coastline. She crouched down and opened the urn the wind caught its contents and whisked them away playfully, her eyes clouded. She stood as the ashes dissipated silently into the air.

The people slowly dispersed, most of the Autobots remained looking out over the white chalky cliffs.

Flare-up and Chromia hung their heads sadly, remembering their sister. A loud boom sounded overhead causing them all to look up. A jet shot over them. Optimus frowned.


"He survived?!" Ironhide growled arming his cannons. The jet landed someway from them his red optics watched them carefully; he was holding something in his arms. He took a step forward. Prime motioned for them to stay back.

"Optimus…" Prowl warned subtly.

"He's not here to fight." Optimus walked forward slowly. Starscream copied his motion and they met uneasily. Starscream knelt down and gently placed Trailblazer's body at Optimus's feet. Optimus gazed at the young 'bot's body, he looked at Starscream questioningly. His spark aching with sadness and guilt.

Starscream took a step back as the others approached. He held his head up and spoke clearly.

"Megatron impaled his spark chamber before I could get to him. He had asked me to tell you that he is sorry he betrayed you and that he let you down. He was proud to serve with you." He held Optimus's gaze, who groaned softly and placed his head in his palm.

Starscream hesitated. "Optimus." At the sound of his name rather than his title Optimus looked at the waiting seeker.

"He protected the Matrix; it was destroyed along with the machine. Megatron unfortunately survived thanks to Soundwave but is severely incapacitated. He will however become a threat again. Trailblazer did not betray you. He died bravely. He died as a warrior should." He held his head up high at the last statement. Even Ironhide was stunned at the comment. It was the highest honour another warrior could bestow upon an Autobot. He nodded curtly once and leapt into the sky.