Wolf Lake :Sophia's Choice who to Run with.

Hi this is not my first Fan Fiction, but it is my first try for Wolf Lake. I Love Sophia and Tyler is so cool so this is going to be a Tyler/ Sophia fic. Anybody that hates that idea please leave and never come back. Bye bye for now. And my name is DarkWolfStoppable.


This is going to take place right after Sophia threw Luke in to his car. Instead of running to her father she runs into Tyler Creed.

CHAPTER 1 : The Change!

Sophia's POV.

Sophia was running , running as fast as she could away from Luke. She could fell it. She could fell it was coming and it scared her. She was about to flip and only fate only knew if she would live or... die. She was running in the wood's, she never been this deep before and she only hope she would be safe. But something told her to go this way, she didn't know what but all she knew she she needed to be there.

End of POV.

" Look what we have here if it isn't little Donner"said Tyler Creed as he walk to Sophia. He was naked. Sophia only saw one naked guy in her life and that was Lucas Cates. But from what she saw from Luke and from Tyler, she knew that Tyler was a bater built guy in more then one way.

" Tyler, help me please" said Sophia as her eye's glowed a bright golden yellow. Tyler looked at her, no one ever asked him for help or looked at him with so much hope. He didn't know why but he wanted to help her, his wolf was going crazy wanting to help her.

" Sure I'll help you." said Tyler as he grin his famous wolf grin. He scoped her up and carried her to The Creed Family Manor. Sophia was whimpering in pain as Tyler carried her.

"Your going to Flip I can smell it. Your smell is changing from human to wolf. You kinda smell like my mom , but more like cinnamon and some kind of other spice." said Tyler as he looked at the Donner girl in his arm's.

" It hurts so much" moaned Sophia she was in so much pain.

" I know ....... Don't worry I'm ... here to ... help you" said Tyler it was so hard to say that he never helped anybody so he didn't know how to tell someone that he's there.

"I trust you" moaned Sophia as she was in so much pain.

" Huh, why... why would you trust me" said Tyler as he walked in to his house. Tyler was confused by this half-breed mutt. How can she make him want to care for her and trust him.

" All, right let's get you in my bed." said Tyler he like how that sounded, having little Miss. Donner in his bed made him...... Happy. Tyler walked up his on the third floor. Sophia was very light, he was worried that she might be underfeed. He would cook her a good meal and make sure she ate, no wolf could eat less or they might die.

" Here we go, now I have to strip you of those clothes" said Tyler as he looked at the teenage girl on his bed.

" Ty, help it hurts" said Sophia as she woke up.

" I know don't worry I'm going to help. I need to take off your clothes before you start to flip, you might suffocate if I don't" said Tyler as he looked at Sophia.

" Ok," said Sophia as she looked at Tyler. Tyler riped her shirt off and found she was wearing a black bra.

" Hmm, I thought only bad girl's wore black bras . Let's see if your pantie's match" said Tyler as he riped off her pants. He was grinning like a wolf , little Miss Donner had black panties and a little tattoo of a gray wolf sleeping. Weirds thing the wolf on Sophia looked just like his wolf form. After taking her clothes off, Tyler put his fur blanket over her.

" So when did you get a tattoo huh" asked Tyler trying to make small talk with the mutt. As he threw away the riped clothes.

" Grrrrrrr, it FUCKING hurts so MUCH" growled Sophia as she clawed at the bed sheet's .

" I know , I know don't worry I'm here" said Tyler as he kissed Sophia on the head to calm her down.

" Ty Ty, it hurts" said Sophia as she cried.

" I know stay here I'm going to call your father" said Tyler as he went to grab his cell phone from his pocket.

" AWWWW" yelled Sophia as her hand's stated to change to claws.

Ring , ring

" Hello" said Matt Donner as answered his phone at work.

" Donner , it's me Tyler Creed " said Tyler as he talked into the cell phone.

" Creed , what do you want" said Matt as he glared at the phone in his hands.

" Your daughter is at my place right now" said Tyler as he waited to hear what Matt had to say.

" WHAT , IF YOU FUCKING TOUCH MY LITTLE GIRL, YOUR DEAD" yelled Matt as he was so in rage.

" Look, I found her running in the woods. Shes going to flip so come over here she needs her father here and next time you want to yell at someone you should yell at That Cates kid his scent was all over her and some other human guy. So don't yell at me I'm the good guy here for once" said Tyler as he hung up the phone.

" Damn, look Little Donner your dads coming and then he'll take you home" said Tyler as he glared at Sophia.

" It's to LATE" yelled Sophia as her body started to change. It a bright light Sophia change from Human to Wolf. Tyler was shocked Sophia was so beautiful, he never saw a wolf so...so perfect.

" Your breath taking Sophia" said Tyler as he dropped to his knees and looked at Sophia. Sophia looked around. All these new smells and feelings , Sophia looked at Tyler and jumped off the bed and tackled him to the ground.

" Hey, what's this" said Tyler as he grinned looking at the new young pup on him. Sophia licked Tyler on his cheek.

" CREED, WHERE IS MY LITTLE GIRL" yelled Matt as he ran in to Tyler's room. What he found was a white wolf with black ear's and tail with a black tip that looked like fire.

" Hey, your in my home not your's so no yelling" said Tyler from the ground. Sophia was scared and moved closer to Tyler , hiding her head in the crook of his neck.

" Sophia, it's ok it's daddy" said Matt as he went on his knees and looked at Sophia. Sophia looked at Tyler and at Her Father.

" I'm so sorry Daddy, Luke made me so angry and , and I started to flip. I'm so sorry daddy" said Sophia in the Wolven mental link.

" I'm not angry , I could never be angry at you" said Matt as he smiled at Sophia. Sophia walked over to her dad and let him hug her.

" Daddy , how do I turn back" asked Sophia as she looked confused in her wolf form.

" Hahaha , your kidding right" asked Tyler as he was rolling on the ground laughing .

" Grrrrrrr" growled Sophia as she looked at Tyler.

" So, I guess not, look all you have to do is think of your human body and the boom your in your other skin" said Tyler as he smiled at Sophia. Sophia nodded and closed her golden wolf eye's, in a flash of light Sophia was standing there in the nude.

" SOPHIA" yelled Matt as he covered his eye's. He'll never get use to this now.

" Fuck" said Sophia as she try to cover her body with her arm's.

" Hahaha, I forgot how new pup's where" said Tyler as he smiled . Tyler walked to his closet and grabbed some of his clothes and threw it at Sophia with his eye's closed.

" Thank you" said Sophia as she looked at the clothes in her hand. Tyler gave her a old blue wolf lake high school jersey , a pair of black boxers with full moon's on them and a pair of black cargo pants. Sophia looked around to see if her dad and Tyler both had there eye's close . After seeing that they did she dressed as fast as she could in Tyler's clothes.

" Ok, you can open your eyes." said Sophia as she blushed.

" You guy's talk and I'll make dinner" said Tyler as he left his room.


Well how was that ? Was it any good I hope so. Tell me if you want chapter two The Talk. DWS howls bye bye.