Wolf lake2

(Last time)

" Yha, well much to my fathers discuss my mother taught me how to cook and that was one of the recipes" said Tyler as he smiled thinking of his mother.

" And the pizza , you said it was Creed pizza" said Sophia. She didn't know why but she wanted to know everything about Tyler.

" Now , Thats my grandmas pizza she made it for my grandpa , for my dad and then for me." said Tyler with a huge grin.

" Oh, that sounds nice" said Sophia as she smiled. They all enter the kitchen. Sophia smelled something mouth watering.

" Yha, I made a lot so chow down" said Tyler as he sat down at the head of the table. Sophia and Matt sat on the side of the table.

" I want to thank you again Tyler , you really helped me" said Sophia as she looked at Tyler. Tyler looked at Sophia and for some reason he wanted to hugged her and tell her it's ok.

" No Big" said Tyler as he shrugged his shoulders.

" It's a Big for me and I will make it up to you,...... Oh I know you can come over to out house and I'll make you dinner what do you like." asked Sophia as she smiled.

" Umm, ..... I don't know I just eat" said Tyler as he frowned. Matt was watching the talk and helping himself to the large Creed Pizza.

" Well, you have to like something a lot" said Sophia as she frowned to. Not knowing what you like was kinda weird.

" Hmm, well I do I like candy and chocolate." said Tyler as he gave Sophia a small smile.

" I'll make a surprise for you ok" said Sophia as she grabbed Tyler's and squeezed it.

" Sure, I guess umm but you don't have to" said Tyler as he looked at Sophia .

" Your coming and thats it Tyler , don't you dare hurt My pup's feeling's." said Matt as he glared at Tyler.

" Fine, Eat up Sophia and I like my meat rare and bloody " said Tyler as he dug in to the Creed Pizza.

" Ok, Ty" said Sophia as smile . It was the biggest smile Matt Donner has seen on his little girl in a long time and as much as he dislike Tyler he'll put up with him for that smile. The three ate the rest of there meal.

" Do you want help cleaning up" asked Sophia as she looked at the dishes.

" No" grunted Tyler as he looked at the pile of dishes in the sink.

" We need to go Home Sophia" said Matt as he looked at his little girl.

" Ok, dad can I call you Tyler to ... to talk about the dinner" asked Sophia as she looked at him.

" If you want" said Tyler as he shrugged his shoulders.

" Great , then I'll see you soon" said Sophia as she walked out with Matt.

" Hmm, I think I'll bring a pie over" said Tyler as he turned off the lights and went to his room forgetting the dirty dishes.

( Donner Home)

" I'm going to bed Daddy, good night" said Sophia as she kissed him on the check.

" Sweet dreams honey" said Matt as he watch her leave.

( Sophia's room )

" I'm so sleepy, I hope I can sleep tonight with out any weird dream's." said Sophia as she climbed in to her bed and closed her eye's.

" I hope stupid Luke will leave me alone." said Sophia as she went to sleep.

( Next day , still at the Donner home)

"You know you don't have to go right" said Matt as he frowned.

" I can't run forever dad , so I'm going to go and face the music" said Sophia as she left her house and walked to school.

" Thats my girl." said Matt as he got ready for work.

Next chapter 3 Sophia vs Luke and Who's the Alpha Bitch

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