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Konoha High Best Years

Chapter 1


Hinata was walking down the street quietly,but on the inside she was awfully worried about her first day in high school .

She already knew she wasn't going in the same school as her friends from middle school,and this was what frightened her the most: she would have to make new friends,and due to her shyness,this had never been simple for her .

As she was thinking these things,she bumped involuntarily into someone .

The pink haired girl turned swiftly to face her,smiled,and helped her up .

"S-sorry,I was-wasn't looking where I-I was going . It's-it's my fa-fault" Hinata started to get away,but the pinkette touched her shoulder slightly and asked "Do not worry,really...I see your uniform is the same as mine,are you going to Konoha High?" she still smiled,then added "and by the way is my fault,I was texting a friend just in the middle of the broadwalk!"

Hinata thought that this girl was one nice person to talk with,so answered,a little more tranquil than before: "Yes,i-it is my first year though..." "Oooh,it's going to be my first year too! Nice to meet you,my name's Sakura Haruno!" she said excitedly .

"What's your name?"

"Hinata...Hinata Hy-Hyuuga" . Sakura smiled,'this girl is so shy,but I bet we can be good friends . I'll introduce her to Ino as soon as we get to school...'

Sakura said : "Hinata,I'd like to introduce you to a friend of mine,if it's not a bother for you!" .

Hinata gulped,'I thought making new friends would have took way much more time...'

she smiled at Sakura,"Ye-yes,why not? Let's g-go" .

Naruto was sitting in the back of the crowded bus,listening to his new iPod . American Idiot,his favorite song .

At his side,his friends Sasuke and Shikamaru were lazily chatting about the new school .

"Itachi said that when he studied in that school,it was full of walking shit" Sasuke stated matter-of-factly .

"What did he mean by 'walking shit'?" asked Shikamaru,not really curious;

"Jerks,stupid fan girls,idiots,freaks of every kind" ,replied efficiently Sasuke .

"How troublesome" .

Naruto suddenly spoke,his usual grin plastered on his face : "It cannot be so bad! I heard the new principal is like a dictator!Believe it!"

"Still,how troublesome" . They noticed Kiba,Chouji and Shino,people they knew by sight in middle school,in the front section of the bus;Naruto went immediately by them to chat cheerfully .

He couldn't wait to get to the new school .

As Hinata and Sakura entered the big garden of Konoha High,they were greeted by a loud shrieking . All the students around turned to them .

"SAAAKURAAAA! There you are,I haven't seen you in all summer!"

Hinata looked scared at the blonde beauty running towards Sakura .

"INO!how are you?" Sakura remembered Hinata,and said happily "Ino,this is Hinata Hyuuga,I met her for the first time this morning . Hinata,she is Ino Yamanaka!"

The two girls shook hands,and Ino started to squeal about how the new girl looked cute with those light purple eyes . Hinata blushed instantly,usually nobody complimented her for her eyes .

They entered the school building talking,Ino and Sakura careful not to let Hinata out of the conversation .

As they passed the door and the first rooms,they heard some bickering .

"Temari,for the millionth time,I never asked to become captain of the volleyball team! Tsunade just appointed me,that's all . I'm sorry if you wanted to be captain as well,but really,I didn't know anything about this!"

"I don't give a damn about you and your not knowing Tenten,now leave me alone!Don't ever talk to me again,you got it?!And I'm out of the team!"

The three girls didn't move,as they saw an older slender dark-haired girl heading towards the principal's office,looking frustrated and really pissed .

She was followed shortly by a taller boy with brown long hair . Hinata recognized immediately her cousin,Neji Hyuuga .

He spotted her as well,and stopped Tenten .

"What?!" "There's my cousin over there,the one I talked you about,do you want to know her?" he spoke calmly .

He hoped to distract her from her murderous intentions .

"Ah...Well,ok,let's go",agreed Tenten .

They walked towards the three girls . Tenten was already smiling warmly at them . 'Moody' ,they thought .

"Hinata,this is Tenten,my friend . Tenten,she's Hinata,my cousin " ,introduced Neji .

"Nice to meet you", spoke sweetly the taller girl . "Ni-nice to me-meet you too!" .

Hinata introduced also Sakura and Ino to her cousin and Tenten,which seemed to be some years older than them .

"Well,I -uhm- suppose it's time to get going . See you around ,bye" Tenten waved politely,then turned to Neji and in the blink of an eye she was pissed again . "Neji,are you going to come to the principal's office with me or not?!"

Poor boy sweatdropped and follower her .

"Those two are funny,Hinata,do you think we might hang out with them sometimes?Even if they're older?"

"I think s-so,Ino" "Which grade are they attending?" "The fo-fourth" .

Ino smiled evilly : "Music to my ears,older boys to know!"

Sakura was curious :"Am I wrong or there's something between them?"

Hinata answered immediately :" No,n-no!A-absolutely nothing,they-they're just good friends,that's...all " .

Hinata blushed,and Sakura rolled her eyes playfully,knowing her new friend's attitude already .

Suddenly the bell rang,and they raced off to the main hall for the principal's speech .

As they sat in one of the frontal rows,they spotted a freak running towards them .

"Youthful cherry blossom! I just saw you,but I know already that we're meant for each other!",screamed the boy .

He stopped in front of Sakura,who stayed stunned for a second,examining the weird guy,then spoke sheepishly . "Good...Morning...Who am I...talking to?"

Ino was about to laugh her ass off,while Hinata looked utterly shocked by his apparition.

The guy had some bowl-cut hair,black and shiny,flashy smile,round enormous eyes,and the most bushy brows in the whole Japan,for sure .

"My name's Rock Lee,here to help you!" The guy also had a loud firm cheerful voice .

"Ooh,ehm,thank you Lee but really,I'm doing fine...!"

"Yosh,you're such a wonderful and strong creature,may I have the honor of knowing your name!?"

"Sakura...Haruno..." she replied weirdly .

By now almost every person in the hall was looking at them,or even laughing or snickering,just,as Hinata noticed,Neji and Tenten some rows behind them . Lee looked older than Sakura,Ino and Hinata . 'Maybe Neji knows him...',thought Hinata . And as Lee kept on rambling,she thought immediately: 'How-how embarrassing,poor Sakura' .

As Lee continued to torment the poor girl,Naruto,Sasuke,Shikamaru and the others from the bus walked in .

Obviously,they noticed immediately the odd scene,and got closer to listen .

Hinata noticed some guys looking about their age coming towards where they were sitting;

Naruto was grinning at the scene in front of him,and the shy girl randomly thought that he had extremely white teeth . She awkwardly blushed,apparently for no reason .

Naruto noticed that cute girl blushing ,and wondered why . Then he averted his attention to the Lee-Sakura scene again .

As Shikamaru noticed the blonde girl laughing shamelessly,almost rolling on the floor in a fit of laughter as she listened to Lee's crap

("Youthful flower,can you tell me what is your favorite animal? I,Rock Lee,will get you the most extraordinary stuffy animal in the world!" "I...uhm...like...I adore snails!Yes,snails,because they're so,mmh,warm and...and friendly..." 'Ah,I wanna see you manage to get a giant snail stuffed animal!Leave me alone!' ),

'How troublesome',he thought .

'Itachi...Was...So right...Poor girl,I feel sorry for her . So unlucky on her first day...' thought Sasuke ,glancing at Sakura,that was starting to loose her cool at Lee's loud proclamations of eternal and undying love .

Just as Sakura was starting to get really pissed,the principal walked in on the stage .

She was a beautiful honey-blonde woman in her fifties,probably,but somehow she managed to look as if she was in her thirties; she had piercing light-brown eyes . Impossible not to notice her rather big cleavage .

She dressed in a really professional way,yet elegantly .

As the students saw her,they immediately sat wherever there was a free seat .

Just by case,Naruto,Sasuke and Shikamaru ended up sitting right behind Hinata,Sakura and Ino . Poor Lee stomped away still grinning to go to sit next to his favorite teacher,his grown up copy .

"Good morning to everyone,and welcome to this new school year at Konoha High .

I'm your principal and my name is Tsunade ; I'll be clear on this point : I expect from you the highest respect of every single rule and person . I also suggest you to study hard,because nobody here is going to help you if you do not deserve it"

Her speech went on like this for about 15 minutes,when a sudden "Arf!" was heard .

Silence . Everyone was already looking surprisingly at Kiba,which started to panic .

His pet,Akamaru,just hopped out of his owner's bag and started to snuff around .

"Idiot,why did you bring him?!" whispered Naruto .


"I see we've started in the better of the ways. Dismissed . Kakashi,please lead the new ones around,show them the school . Thank you . The others will go to their first class . You,dog boy,my office" said Tsunade dangerously quiet .


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