Konoha High's Best Years

Chapter 7

On the same 23th December, Sasuke and Sakura were strolling towards downtown, to spend a night out with Naruto, Hinata, Ino and Shikamaru.

Sakura was happy and was looking around with a carefree smile on her face, when she spotted two familiar shapes.



"...Aren't those two Neji and TenTen?"

Sasuke stopped walking and observed intently, due to the evening light he wanted to make sure about what Sakura said... Evil plans were starting to form in the boy's devious mind.

"So it seems, indeed", he confirmed a few seconds later.

"I wonder what they're doing out together, and alone! Hinata always says they don't go out!"

"We'll find out Sakura, trust me"

"...Well It's not so important, they're good friends after all... We should hurry, Sasuke, the others are expecting us!"

"No way. Text Hinata or Ino and tell them to reach us here as soon as possible."

"But Sasuke! "

"Please, sweetie. You remember when Neji bet on us with TenTen? That might have been funny somehow, but I'm assuring you that tonight we'll do something even funnier!" . He smiled cheekily.

"You're such a badass, Sasuke...Fine, fine. I'm texting. But all the responsibility will be yours, not mine. Got it?"

"Yeah, yeah."

Sakura's cellphone vibrated : "K, comin!", was Ino's reply.

"So, what happened?"

Ino looked pissed about the sudden change of programs.

They'd all arrived in a few minutes, the location of their original encounter wasn't far.

"We just saw your cousin, Hinata, and his moody chick heading downtown", triumphant Sasuke's smirking.

Hinata blushed ten folds of red; no one knew why, anyway, but she blushed in every occasion, almost.

"R-really? I di-din't know anything", she stuttered frantically.

"Hinata calm down, it's not like it's something bad, eh!" Naruto reassured her, and gave her a peck on the cheek. More blushing.

"SO NOW!", Sakura spoke loudly, "WE!...Uhm...Will follow them, very very stealthily, and we'll find out EVERYTHING!". She seemed possessed by some gossip demon, and looked quite scary.



"N-Neji nii-san w-will not l-like t-this..."

"Can we stop by a ramen shop first? Since we had to dine together..."

Nonetheless, everyone agreed.

The Mission was starting.

"Here we are, Neji". TenTen smiled at him.

"We're lucky Lee isn't here. Do you remember last time? There was that Temari bitch, too" he replied with a light chuckle.

"I'll never be able to forget a drunk Lee, for my bad luck!"

"He threw up on Temari".

"It has been so disgusting...Plus, you started laughing like a perfect idiot. Pure drama, it has been."

"What else could I've done! It has been one of the most hilarious scenes ever, I say!"

"Points of view, I suppose... But thinking about it NOW...Well it's just ok!". She was trying to remember how strange and beautiful it had been to see Neji laugh so spontaneously, and how his rarely seen smile fit perfectly with his deep and masculine voice. She snapped out of her thoughts and spoke a falsely indignant remark.

"Still, you're a little evil creature, Neji. A cuddly, sadist, little monster". [A.N. / GaGa's Monsters Lahv]

He didn't know why, but he had to fight a faint blush. He blinked.

'That's the sweetest thing she's ever said to me...In an alternative meaning of ''sweet"...'

On the other hand TenTen was processing what had just exited her mouth.

' "CUDDLY" . I didn't say that. No way. Neji's not CUDDLY. '

Thanks to the Gods, the waiter came to their table to take the orders, interrupting the awkward silence between them.

"Hello, what do I bring to you, guys?"

Some minutes later the Stalkers [A.N. / Shortcut for Sasuke+ Sakura+ Naruto+ Hinata+ Shikamaru +Ino] had wandered in the streets nearby in search of the Victims [A.N. Neji + TenTen], when suddenly Ino stopped in front of a window.

"THERE!" she hissed maliciously, pointing a perfectly nail-polished finger towards said window.

The Stalkers suddenly stopped their searching march, and within one second they were all cautiously peeking though the window, partially hidden by the flowers and the bushes beneath the window.

What they saw was a small, cozy premises, with mostly wooden furnitures, full of nice and happy looking people; it looked very tranquil. Even from the outside where they were Girls Just Wanna Have Fun by Cindy Lauper was faintly audible: 'ohoho girls, they want to have fu-uun!', everyone hummed in their heads.

Looking more closely, everyone could see The Victims.


Oh, so kissing.

Let's return to the moment in which the waiter appeared.

" Hello, what do I bring to you, guys?"

"For me a Peach Tea, thanks", "Black Tea for me, thank you" . The waiter noted it on his notebook and toddled towards the counter calmly.

Alone again.

'Damn? At school we are ALWAYS by ourselves practically, it's not so embarrassing!', thought TenTen.

'I hate awarenesses... The awareness that we're here on a date, for exemple', thought Neji. Silence broken.

"Neji... What are you doing these holidays?"

"Nothing in particular, really... I had only this idea of going for a weekend to my family's house on the mountains near the town, just to have a little change of scenery" he said slowly.

"Aw, that's nice!"

"And you?"

"Nothing, I'm staying home this year" said she.

He was looking at her straight in the eye as she spoke. Theit teas were now in front of them, but neither of them did care about it: he wea staring at her, she was avoiding his stare, pretending to be studying the other customers.

He timidly took her hand, and gently kissed it, not caring anymore about hiding his feelings.

She hoped, or maybe knew, that something like this had to happen, sooner or later. She stared at his closed eyes as he kissed her hand. She hadn't thought for a second to stand back.

When his lips came off her delicate hand, he returned to stare at her, only apparently emotionless; his eyes had softened a lot from the usual, and his expression nonetheless betrayed a senso of anxiety, somehow. 'Maybe I shouldn't have'.

Her reaction totally surprised him. Only some time after it happened, he'd been able to define it as 'extremely and lovely clichè'.

She indeed flashed a gracious smile, one of those you may see on some diva's face, but it was a spontaneous smile; she blinked slowly, while she bended over the table and kissed him tenderly on the lips.

He responded without any hesitation, sweet as much as her; the kissing went on for a little while, with increasing passion.

And this is what was happening when our Stalkers started to watch.

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