Minato's Story

A sixteen year old Minato Namikaze was walking through the village with his master, Lord Jiraiya The Toad Sage, after just learning how to summon the toads of Mt. Myobukuzan.

Jiraiya: Good job, you've managed to come to terms with Gamabunta even faster than I was and I had Pa with me.

Minato: It was all thanks to you and your training sensei.

As they walk together, Jiraiya notices all of the girls in the village in Minato's age group were making googly eyes at him.

Jiraiya: You sure are a ladies man, aren't you Minato? I guess you take after your master in that regard.

Minato: Ladies man, me? No way, sensei.

Jiraiya: Don't be so modest, besides, you're almost an adult now. You should begin picking out a lady to get next to.

Minato: Maybe one day, sensei.

Jiraiya: Hey, you've been a jonin for a while, now right?

Minato: Yes, sensei.

Jiraiya: And they still haven't assigned you a genin squad yet?

Minato: It should be soon, the academy exams are today and the students graduate tomorrow.

Jiraiya: Sakumo's kid is one of them, right? That'd sure be something if he ends in your squad, two geniuses like you. I wish he could be here to see him graduate, it's a shame what happened to him. Well, I've gotta go, the hokage has a mission for Tsunade, Orochimaru and I.

Minato: I wish I could come with you, I'd love to see the Sannin in action.

Jiraiya: Yeah, well, we might not be as impressive as you think. We are getting old, ya' know.

Minato: Well, it happens to the best of us. I'll see you when you get back, good-bye, sensei.

Jiraiya: Good-bye, Minato.

Jiraiya leaves to go on his mission with his teammates, Minato decides to take the rest of the day off in preparation for tomorrow's events. The next day, was graduation and as the newest Leaf Genin were with their parents celebrating, Hiruzen Sarutobi, the Third Hokage, was in his office assigning each Jonin their squads.

Sarutobi: Ah, Minato, how's Jiraiya's favorite student?

Minato: I'm doing well, Lord Hokage.

Sarutobi: Let's get down to business, shall we? I'm assigning you Team 1.

Minato reads down the list of squad members.

Minato: So, I did get Kakashi and an Uchiha as well. This should be a very interesting squad.

Sarutobi: Are there any problems, Minato?

Minato: No, Lord Hokage.

Sarutobi: I'm sure you'll find this squad to be acceptable.

Minato: So am I, Lord Hokage.

Sarutobi: You can meet them tomorrow at the academy. If there are any problems, be sure to come to me.

Minato: Yes, sir.

Minato bows and leaves, the next day, Minato meets his students for the first time.

Minato: So, why don't we get to know each other first? Each of us will stand up and tell everyone their name and anything they'd like to share. I'll go first, my name's Minato Namikaze. My hobby is working on my jutsu and creating new jutsu, my dream is to live in a world where my job is not necessary. Do you understand how this works?

Kakashi: Okay, my name is Kakashi Hatake. My hobby is also working on my jutsu as well and my dream is to be on a team without this poor excuse for an Uchiha.

Minato: Easy.

Obito: My name is Obito Uchiha. My main hobby is trying to activate my sharingan and I've recently developed a new hobby, sensei.

Minato: What's that?

Obito: I've started reading the same book Kakashi does?

Obito's comment confuses Kakashi.

Kakashi: What book?

Obito: "How to Be a Jackass and Irritate People."

Minato: Why don't we move along?

Rin: The names Rin, hi. My hobby is creating special medicinal equipment and my dream is to become an even better medic than Tsunade. Hey, sensei, I have a question?

Minato: What is it?

Rin: Jiraiya's your master and he's teammates with Tsunade, right?

Minato: Yeah.

Rin: Do you think that you could help me meet her? There a lot I want to pick her brain on.

Minato: I'll see what I can do. So, now that we gotten to know one another, how 'bout we get things started? The first thing I want you three to do is go home and get ready for tomorrow.

Obito: What happens tomorrow?

Minato: You'll see, just meet me at the training grounds at 7:00 am sharp.

The three members of Squad 1 stand up.

Squad 1: Yes, sensei.

Minato: Oh, word to the wise, don't eat any breakfast. You don't want to be throwing up tomorrow.

Squad 1 adjourns until the next day when they meet their sensei on the training field.

Minato: Okay, squad, this is your final test.

He pulls out two bells.

Minato: Two of you will have to take a bell from me by lunch, the one who doesn't will be tied up to one of the training posts while the rest of us eats ours.

Rin: So, that's why he told us not to eat. So we'd be hungry and have a sense of urgency.

Kakashi: And we fell for it.

Minato: Ready? Begin.

As Rin and Kakashi hide, Obito launches a full frontal attack only to be caught solidly in the forehead but a stiff punch.

Minato: Not much for stealth attacks, huh? Although, there's a lot to be said for going straight for it, I guess.

As Minato contemplates his student's strategies, Kakashi takes this opportunity to go for a bell but is caught off guard as Minato simply ducks under him.

Minato: A little more cautious but aggressive as well. The other one seems to be biding her time.

Rin: I see why this guy's a jonin, he's managed to avoid the two them and figured out their battle characteristic from very little interaction. I'd better just keep looking and listening 'til I figure something out.

Rin watches the test rage on as Minato combats Obito's relentless but slightly ineffective barrages and Kakashi's hit and run strategy.

Rin: Kakashi's close but that's only because Obito distracts sensei, same for Obito, he only gets closer when Kakashi decides to attack. The two of them actually complement each other.

As Rin continues to watch, something miraculous happens. Her two teammates attack at the same time and begin to force Minato back towards her.

Rin: They're actually making progress.

Minato: They're doing well but they don't seem to be working together on purpose.

They force him back towards Rin and when he's close enough, she slyly reaches out and grabs a bell. Realizing what just happened, Minato forcibly pushes his two students away from him and checks on the bells to find one missing. Rin steps out of the bushes holding her bell and smiling.

Minato: Clever.

Ever the opportunist, Kakashi tries again but Minato quickly repels him.

Minato: It's going to be a lot more difficult from here on.

Obito: Don't underestimate me, I'm gonna fire this sharingan up and take one those bells, sensei.

Lunchtime hits and Obito's tied up to a training post while the rest of his team enjoys their lunch.

Obito: Damn it!

The team began going on mission a week after that but soon The Second Great Ninja War broke out. After the war waged for years and tragedy struck Team 1 that became Team Minato twice with the deaths of Obito and Rin, Minato and Kakashi were the only two left. Minato was once again walking through the village with his old master, Jiraiya having a familiar conversation.

Jiraiya: Minato, you're a legend comparable to the Sannin, you've basically won the war by yourself, and you're a strong candidate for the next hokage when Sarutobi-sensei steps down, don't you think it's time you started looking for a woman?

Minato: Maybe, sensei.

Jiraiya: Well, there's someone I want you to meet.

Minato: Who?

Jiraiya: She's from the Land of the Whirlpool, the former allies to the Land of Fire, which fell during the war, her name's Kushina Uzumaki. She's pretty and I think you'll like her.

Minato: If you say so then I guess I'll meet her then, sensei.

Jiraiya: Good, I'll set it up.

A few days later, Minato meets Kushina at her house for a date.

Minato: Hello, my name's Minato Namikaze.

She stares at him.

Kushina: What's with the hair?

Minato: My hair?

Kushina: You look like you're out of a manga or something, accept it.

Minato and Kushina's relationship starts off rough due to her tomboyish ways as she often challenged Minato to fights.

Kushina: If you're going to be with me, you're going to be as strong as me. Accept it.

When he finally proved his strength and gained her acceptance, she began picking fight with the other women whom had eye for Minato.

Kushina: If any of you come near him, I'll crush all you. Accept it.

Over the course of their courtship, Kushina's personality began to soften as she and Minato fell deeper and deeper in love until they married. At the ceremony, all anyone could do was comment on how beautiful she had become. Later that night, they consummated their marriage. Minato was surprised at how his once brash love seemed so nervous because of what was about to happen. He came over to put her at ease by kissing her on the lips as he relieved her of her wedding kimono. Emboldened, she begins to return his kiss and undress him in kind, he pulls away to be able to see her naked form for the first time and his manhood hardens at the beauty before him. He picks her up and lays her on the bed, the love they made to each other that night was the greatest feeling they'd ever had and they were locked in bliss as they made love until the sun came up. As the months passed, a strange air began to blow over the Village Hidden in the Leaves. As the hokage was coming close to stepping down, people were being abducted, shinobi in particular. Minato was walking through the village with his newly discovered pregnant wife when he bumped into Fugaku Uchiha with his wife, Mikoto, their son Itachi and their newborn son, Sasuke. Kushina talks with Mikoto as Minato and Fugaku talk village business.

Fugaku: Minato, Kushina.

Minato: How's it going, Fugaku, Mikoto?

Fugaku: Stressful.

Minato: I take it the Military Police haven't found any leads in the abductions, huh?

Fugaku: And the ANBU are as useless as ever, whenever one of them helps in the investigation, they just get abducted. I swear, my children and the child you're about to have will be better shinobi than they'll ever be.

Minato: Speaking of which, it's almost time for Itachi to enter the Academy, right?

Fugaku: Yeah, his entrance test scores are almost as high as yours. I glad I'll be able to die a happy man knowing that I'll be leaving the clan in his hands.

Minato: Well, I hope that's a long ways away. We'd better get going, Kushina's having a craving for ramen so we're heading to Ichiraku's. See you later.

Fugaku: That's right, I heard she was pregnant. Well, congratulations, hopefully my son and your child can look after each other.

Minato: I'd like that.

The two families part ways. A few months later, the Third Hokage calls all of the shinobi in the village to the hokage tower.

Sarutobi: I've brought you all here because I've made a decision on who's going to succeed me when I step down.

Everyone in the room assumes that it's going to be one of the Sannin with Minato as the dark horse candidate.

Sarutobi: That person is…

Jiraiya: He may pick me but I don't think I'd be a good choice.

Tsunade: I hope he doesn't choose me for such a foolish job.

Orochimaru: No doubt, he'll choose me. Then I'll be able to conduct my experiments without any hindrances.

Sarutobi: …Minato Namikaze.

Orochimaru: What?

Jiraiya: Wise decision.

Tsunade: Better you than me, Minato.

Kakashi: Congratulations, sensei.

Minato: Thank you, everyone. I'm truly honored to be chosen when I was up against three shinobi of such stature.

Kushina was sitting at home and was beginning to show her pregnancy when Minato came home with the news.

Kushina: That's wonderful, Minato. If anyone deserves it, it's you.

Minato: Thank you, he said that he wants to wait until he finds out who's behind the abduction. He doesn't want to leave something like hangin' on his watch.

In the coming months, it was revealed that Orochimaru had been the one abducting people within the village. The Third Hokage went to arrest him but couldn't bring himself to do any harm to the shinobi that was once his most favored student and let him escape. Minato was at the hospital visiting his injured sensei that fought Orochimaru in an effort to bring his old friend back to the village.

Minato: How are you feeling, sensei?

Jiraiya: My body will heal, but I still can't believe that Orochimaru would do something like that.

Minato: Why'd you go alone?

Jiraiya: I had to, Tsunade's gone with Dan's niece, Shizune and I couldn't ask you with you having a child on the way and about to be our new kage. Asking anyone else would've been like asking them to sign their own death warrant. Speaking of being our newest kage, when's it going to happen?

Minato: Tomorrow.

Jiraiya: Good, I should be able to see it before I leave.

Minato: Where are you going?

Jiraiya: Someone's gotta keep tabs on Orochimaru and like I said before, I'm the only one who's able to. It's the last mission Sarutobi-sensei's given me as hokage.

Minato: Are you sure?

Jiraiya: Yeah, what kind of shinobi would I be if I'm unable to save my friends life?

Minato: Sensei, I…

Jiraiya: So, you're still gonna name your kid Naruto?

Minato feigns a smile as he realizes that he can't talk his master out of his present course of action.

Minato: Yes.

Jiraiya: So, when's the baby expected?

Minato: From the looks of it, the day after tomorrow.

Jiraiya: I'm sorry I'll miss the birth of my godson.

Minato: Don't worry, you're doing your duty. I should go check on her, anyway. I'll see you tomorrow, sensei.

The next day, Minato greets the villagers as hokage with Kushina at his side.

Minato: Thank you all for the support you've shown me since I was selected. I promise all of you that I will do my very best to ensure the peace and prosperity of this village, even at the cost of my own life.

The villagers cheer their new hokage as he gave everyone that wasn't vital to the village the rest of the day to celebrate. Later that day, he and Sarutobi went to see Jiraiya off.

Sarutobi: I wish you well on your mission, Jiraiya.

Jiraiya: Thank you, sensei.

Minato: Don't forget to send for us if you need any assistance, sensei.

Jiraiya: I'll be sure to do just that, Mina… forgive me, lord hokage.

Minato smiles.

Minato: You don't have to call me that, sensei.

Jiraiya: I guess, I'll be going now but I'll check in periodically to let you know how I'm progressing.

Jiraiya leaves as his student and master wave and wishes him farewell. The next morning, Kushina goes into labor.

Kushina: Minato, the baby's coming.

After all of the preparations made and classed taken for this event, the usually calm, cool, and collected still manages to panic.

Minato: The baby's coming, the baby's coming, what do I do? What do I do?

Kushina: Minato!

Minato: Yeah?

Kushina: You can start by getting me to the hospital.

Minato: You're right.

Minato grabs a hold of Kushina.

Minato: Hold on.

Kushina: What are you doing?

Minato: I left one of my kunai at the hospital just for this.

He uses his Flying Thunder God Jutsu and transports her to the hospital instantly, the medics acted instantly and took her into the delivery room. She was in labor the eighteen hours, it would've been longer but there were complications during the delivery process and they had to operate. The baby was fine but more work had to be done on Kushina, Minato was holding his new son while was sitting in the operating room.

Minato: Naruto Namikaze, you got my hair and eyes but I'm glad you look more like your mother.

At that moment, an ANBU bursts in.

ANBU: Lord Hokage, come quick.

Minato: What is it?

ANBU: I, I, I don't know. Some sort of giant fox with nine tails, every available shinobi is in the forest trying to fight it off but we're not making any leeway.

Without thinking, Minato leaves with the ANBU not realizing he still had his son with him until he reached the scene. He hands his son to the ANBU and summons Gamabunta to battle when he notices and strange masked figure in the forest that seemed to be connected with the fox, he went to investigate.

Minato: Who are you?

Masked Man: Who, me? I'm no one of consequence.

Minato: You're controlling the fox, take it and get out of here or they will be consequences.

Masked Man: Who may I ask are you to be making such threats?

Minato: I'm the new hokage.

Masked Man: A new hokage and they still haven't chosen an Uchiha.

Minato: What about the Uchiha?

Masked Man: We only founded the village you know, lord hokage.

Minato: We? What do you mean, we?

Masked Man: You're the hokage, figure it out.

The mask the man wore was bizarre in its design and only hand one whole over the left eye but in that eye was the sharingan that morphed into strange design.

Minato: Sharingan? I'll ask again, who are you?

Masked Man: I'll tell you again, no one of consequence.

Minato attacks him but phase right through him.

Minato: What?

He tries to attack again and again but continues to fail.

Minato: Some sort of space/time jutsu, just like my jutsu.

As he watches a perplexed hokage, the masked man chuckles.

Minato: What's so funny?

Masked Man: I think it's strange that the newly appointed hokage would rather waste time than save his village.

Minato looks over and finds that the fox is decimating his shinobi, he leaves the masked man to help out.

Minato: That sharingan he had, I've heard about it before when the Third Hokage was preparing me to take over, the Mangekyo Sharingan but there are only two men in history to have been known to have it, Madara and his brother, Izuna. Then Madara killed Izuna to achieve a more powerful form of it but he was killed by the First Hokage, wasn't he?

Landing on top of Gamabunta's head, Minato could see that there was no way to defeat the fox and came to a decision. He calls for the ANBU to bring his child forth.

ANBU: Lord Hokage, what do you plan on doing?

Minato: The only thing I can think of.

He performs some hand signs.

Minato: Sealing Art: Reaper Death Seal!

After the chaos and turmoil was over, Minato lays dying with Kakashi and the Third Hokage standing over him as he struggles to speak his last words.

Minato: How is Kushina?

Kakashi: They're still working on her in the hospital.

Minato: Will she be alright?

Kakashi: I…

Kakashi couldn't find any words as he was unusually over come with grief.

Minato: That's fine, whatever happens please don't look down on the child. He's a hero that has saved the village today and may very well save the village again someday.

With those last words, Minato breathes his last breath in the world of the living.