Their Story

A newborn Naruto was laying in the hospital with his mother, Kushina as she lay dying in the hospital, the doctors decided against giving her such bad news at this time and told her that he was still taking care of the emergency.

Head Medic: It doesn't matter, she'll be with him soon enough anyway but I can't figure out how she's managed to survive this long.

Kushina's survival was due to her will to see her husband and child together before she died but she was starting to suspect something.

Kushina: He can't still be dealing with the fox, there doesn't seem to be any urgency here. Something's wrong, why isn't he here?

While Kushina was in the hospital, Minato arrives in an unfamiliar place where countless souls were engaged in battle.

Minato: So, this is the belly of the Death God?

As Minato was taking in the scene, he senses an attack being launched upon him. He turns to defend but the attacker is repelled by an unknown force. He looks around to find the source and comes face to face with the Keeper of Souls, he looks around and finds that all of the souls have ceased battling and are bowing to The Keeper.

Keeper: I am the Keeper of Souls. This is a place for the wicked, it is reserved for those who have died without reconciling the inequities they've done in the world of the living. Your soul is different. You don't belong, why are you here?

Minato: I am here because of a deal I have made with the Death God, I saved my village at the cost of my soul.

Keeper: A noble gesture, indeed but you don't belong. The deal was for your life, your soul does not for this realm and to keep you here would disrupt the energies of this realm. Come, I will show you the way to the place for righteous souls.

As the Keeper takes Minato to his rightful place, Kushina was spending her last moments with her newborn son.

Kushina: He would get his father's hair but at least he looks like me. I wonder what this seal is on his stomach, it looks like some of Minato's handiwork with the way it's done. Where is he? Somebody must know.

She was starting to get upset as it was becoming abundantly clear that they were keeping something from her. Time goes by and eventually, Kakashi comes to visit her.

Kakashi: How are you feeling?

Kushina: I'm fine.

Kakashi: So, that's Naruto?

Kushina: Yes.

Kakashi: He looks like you but it seems as if we're going to have another Yellow Flash with all of that blonde hair on his head.

Kushina: Yeah, I guess we'd better get used to it. Kakashi?

Kakashi: Yes?

Kushina: Where is Minato?

Kakashi: He's at the…

Kushina: Don't lie to me! I'm a dying woman and all I want to know is where my husband is so please don't lie to me.

He closes his uncovered eye to get himself ready to tell her the truth.

Kakashi: The truth is that…

He opens his eye to look at her.

Kakashi: …Minato-sensei is dead. He died saving the village from the Nine-Tailed Fox.

She fights back the tears to be able to ask another question.

Kushina: How?

Kakashi: He used his sealing jutsu to seal the fox within Naruto at the cost of his soul.

She was on the verge of breaking down but never the one to let anyone see her in a moment of weakness, she keeps her emotions in check. Minato was being lead by the keeper through an unusual corridor. Along the way, there were windows that showed the past, present & future of those living or dead, some bright and some dim.

Minato: Keeper?

Keeper: Yes?

Minato: May I ask a favor of you?

Keeper: You are a righteous soul, ask and I am at your command.

Minato: Might I be able to see the my son and wife?

The Keeper brings him to two adjacent windows.

Keeper: Look and see.

Minato could see one window that was bright and full, it was the window of his son, Naruto. He could see him pulling pranks on the villagers, entering the academy, crying in his moments of weakness, his graduation after saving Iruka, his fight with Gaara, his learning the Rasengan with Jiraiya and retrieving Tsunade, his clash with Sasuke and battles with the Akatsuki and so on.

Minato: Keeper, it seems as if my son will live a full life but I've noticed that my wife was not involved in any of it.

The Keeper pointed to the other, dimmer window.

Keeper: Look and see.

Minato could see his wife in her hospital bed.

Minato: What's wrong with her?

Keeper: Her window is dim, it seems as if your wife is not long for the world of the living, she will pass on shortly.

The Keeper looks upward as if he can hear something, as if someone speaks to him.

Keeper: Yes, I hear you. It seems as if the Death God has one last task for you before you move to your destination.

Minato: Yes?

Keeper: He desires you to retrieve your wife to end her suffering.

Kushina was in her bed alone, she was not the only one who had to face the truth when Kakashi told her of Minato's death. The death of his mentor, friend, and father figure hit Kakashi almost as hard as it hit her so she let him go as she preferred to be alone with the last thing that reminded her of Minato. Before leaving, Kakashi lit some ritualistic candles to light her way to the other side.

Kushina: Naruto, at least you got to spend some time with us before we leave you.

She had finally given in to her sadness and it was clear that she couldn't go on, then the door opened and the wind blew through the room, outing the candles and causing the curtains to fly. Then he appeared smiling before her.

Minato: Don't be afraid, come on.

Miraculously, she was able to stand and, without fear, she ran to him. Their souls began to fly, she looked back and could see Naruto in the window.

Kushina: What about Naruto?

Minato: Don't worry, I've seen his future and his life will be hard but he will grow to accomplish great things in this world. Things we've only dreamed of.

They looked back together.

Minato: Good-bye, my son.

Kushina: I hope you feel our love from the after life.

She took her love's hand and they entered eternity together.

Here But Now There Gone.