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Summary: NBA Superstar Nathan Scott was living the life –fame, money, and women –he had it all. When you're born with an ability like his, there's just no way that you waste it. He spent his whole life on the road to the NBA. Life just couldn't get any better than this or so he thought.

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Forever Changed

Chapter One –The Prodigy

Nathan Scott sighed in contentment. He was still half asleep but that didn't matter. His whole body was still buzzing from the night before. He let the events of last night play over in his mind and he smiled tiredly. He had, after all, been the life of the party. In fact, when he walked through the doors everyone stopped and gawked at him like they always did. Not even two steps into Tony Battle's penthouse and he was surrounded by countless women. This was nothing new.

Gradually his eyes fluttered open and as he moved slightly a pair of arms tightened around his torso. He smirked as he glanced to his side. He couldn't remember her name but he remembered the wild night they shared. Her named didn't matter. Hell, she didn't matter. She was lucky that he even let her stay the night. Usually once he was finished with a girl he'd just send her on her way. He rarely let women spend the whole night. But last night was just one of those nights and he needed a little fun.

He dealt with girls like her daily. They were all the same. They all wanted a piece of him. This wasn't news. He lived his whole life this way. It's just the way it was. Even as a child girls flew to him. When he was eight he had his first kiss with Amanda Bess out on the playground. Once he was thirteen, Catherine East, let him go all the way. After that it had been decided for him. Sex was the best thing in the world with basketball right behind it. H hadn't stopped since. Why would anyone not do it? They were fucking crazy to him. There was no other way to live life. Basketball, fame, and sex.

His whole life he had been told that he was just like his father.

Dan Scott was a fucking basketball God. His father was the best back in the day. Just like him, his father was all about giving the ladies what they wanted. He met Deb Lee and nine months later his brother was born. Then just a year later they had him.

Lucas told him that when he was just three years old Deb just left. Nathan didn't know. He was too young to remember her and once he was old enough he was too pissed off to care. Over the years he found out that she had a drinking problem and couldn't handle the lifestyle of a famous basketball player. It also didn't help matters that his father was with a different girl every night when he was away for games and he wasn't home. She just couldn't deal with it. Why she left him and Lucas, he had no idea. Fuck her. She didn't want them and they didn't want her.

As far as he was concerned he didn't have a mother. As far as he knew his brother didn't want to see her either. She made her choice all those years ago.

Dan had been an ok father when he was home. That wasn't a lot. No, growing up he only really had one parent and that was Lucas. Lucas had always taken care of him, had always been there for him, and was still always there for him. Hell, Lucas was just a kid himself back then but still he had been the only constant thing in his life.

Growing up with a father in the NBA had been awesome. Sure Dan was never around, that only meant that they could do whatever they wanted. It's not like the maids told them what to do. No, they had been there just to feed and clean up after them.

He had never been to a public school in his life. No Dan had them in private schools. Then once it was time for Lucas to go off to college that had been weird. It was the first time that he had ever lived alone. He partied so hard that year. One of the best years of his life.

After graduating, he went off to Duke with Lucas. There together, they lit up the scoreboard and they erased all the records before them. By the end of his junior year, with the encouragement from his father, he finally left for the NBA. He was drafted first that year to the New York Knicks. Lucas hadn't been happy about that. His brother was all about the finer education in life. That was Lucas though. Even though he had been amazing at basketball he wanted to finish college. Lucas was all about books.

When Lucas decided not to play pro ball Dan had been pissed. Nathan had never seen him so angry before in his life. He just couldn't believe that his son wanted to become some prissy punk writer. That had been their biggest fight and they had fought a lot. Lucas was just so different from them. Nathan never understood why. Maybe it's because Lucas remembered their Mom and what she was like. Maybe he was just more like Deb.

Their father was all about basketball. Nathan didn't understand why Lucas didn't want to play pro ball. Anyone would kill for the talent that they had. Lucas just didn't seem to care. He did.

He spent his whole life getting ready for the NBA. From high school ball, to Duke, and then to the NBA –it was his dream.

Fuck, he couldn't picture a better life than this. What could be better than this? He was just about twenty when he joined the Knicks. They had wanted to build their franchise around him and they had. Here he was at twenty six and the face of their team. His rookie year had been the best –just like his father told him –he was awarded Rookie of the Year. Two seasons later he brought his team to the NBA Finals and they lost a heartbreaker to the Lakers in overtime of the seventh game. The next season they went all the way and he won his first NBA Championship. The year after that they lost in the first round of the playoffs, and last year they won the NBA Championship again.

He took after his father all right. He was one of the best players in the league. Last year he won the MVP and was the defensive player of the year. He had millions of fans and even more women at his feet. No, life just couldn't get any better than this.

He glanced down at her naked body as she clung to him. Before he could look at her further another set of arms grabbed his face as she slammed her lips to his. This one was…Liz…Liv…no Lisa! Lisa that was her name. That girl did things to him last night that he didn't think was legal. She held his face in her hands as she continued to kiss him.

Now, he remembered why he brought both of them home last night.

A set of hands moved over his chest and he groaned when the other one started kissing down his chest. Her tongue traced all they way down.

"Mmm, baby, tell us what you want," Lisa purred.

He smirked and without a word his hand was in the blonde's hair as he pushed her down on him. She took him in her mouth and he relaxed himself further into the silk sheets as Lisa started kissing him again. Last night they both begged him to fuck their brains out and now they wanted more. That girl could blow him all she wanted, he wasn't about to stop her. Just like always, he let the pleasure take over, his buzz from last night still going strong.

It was two hours later when he finally pushed them out of his penthouse. Walking around his bedroom he searched until he found the boxers that Stella, yeah that was her name, that Stella had taken off of him. He placed them on before making it to the kitchen. He pulled out a bottle of water and an old box of pizza from a few days ago. He was in the living room relaxing a second later watching Sports Center.

He ate the cold pizza quickly and once he was done he washed it down with the water. Finally they started talking about him on the TV and he turned it up. He smirked when they showed the highlights from his game two nights ago. They beat the Wizards by twenty one points. That had been a good night and the party to top of the win was even better.

Once they were done talking about him, he turned it off. What was the point if they weren't talking about him? Noticing that it was still early, he made his way towards his home gym.

He worked out for the next hour until he was covered in sweat and his heart was pounding. He took a quick cold shower and once he was done he dressed in one of his black Armani suits. He made sure that his hair was perfect before he walked out of his room.

Walking into the living room, he was startled when he noticed his agent sitting on the sofa watching TV.

"When did you get here?"

Clayton eyed him with a smirk. "When you were halfway done with the theme to Lion King. Seriously, dude? The fucking Lion King? At least you gave me a good laugh."

"Fag," Nathan muttered.

"Dude, you sing like a girl," Clayton chuckled. "What happened to you last night? One minute we're talking stats with Tony and then the next you're gone. Tony said you left with Stella and Lisa."

He smirked. "Yep."


"Like you don't already know," Nathan stated smugly. "Let's just say that we started in the elevator and I woke up this morning and got one of the best blow jobs I think I've ever received."

"Fuck! You're so fucking lucky," Clayton muttered.

"I know," Nathan smirked as he checked himself out in the body mirror before reaching for his phone and wallet. He glanced around his dirty apartment and hoped that Mel would be coming in soon to clean the place up. The clothes and the dishes were piling up. He reached for his bag and placed his I-pod in his pocket.

"You ready?" Clayton asked as he stood up and made his way towards the elevator.

"Yup," Nathan nodded as he glanced around again. "I feel like I'm missing something." Clayton shrugged and it was seconds later that they were both in the elevator.

He had met Clayton while he was still playing for Duke. He had been so persistent and followed him around for a whole week until Nathan agreed to talk to his father about it. Clayton had promised him to get the best contract he could and he promised him lots of money. The guy had been right. His contract had been for 140 million for six years. Not to mention that Clayton was all about getting him endorsement deals. He was the face of Nike. He had his own shoe, the N Scott 23's. He had a new two year contract with Frosted Flakes. Clayton had been the best agent and also a good friend.

Before the elevator doors opened, he placed on his sunglasses.

Clayton glanced at him. "How you feeling? You're not still drunk from last night, are you? Please tell me that you're not. The last thing I need is you losing this game all because you partied too hard last night. How are you feeling really?"

He was still buzzed from last night but there was no way that he was telling Clayton that. It would only freak him out and he didn't need to deal with that right now. He had more things to worry about. He was a grown man and could do whatever he wanted.

"Like I'm ready to beat the Pistons for the second time this year," Nathan muttered. In that moment he transformed into Nathan the basketball player. The elevator doors opened and sure enough Bear was there to escort them out. Once they were out of his building, just like everyday, it all started. There was yelling, flashing, and reporters holding out their microphones to him as they asked him a million questions. He felt Clayton's hand on his arm as he was pulled towards the limo. He smirked towards a few of his fans.

"Mr. Scott, how do you think you're going to do in the game tonight?"

"What I always do," Nathan answered cockily. "Win."

He waved before Clayton pulled him into the limo and they were off. The press was always all over him. Not that he blamed them. They were just doing their job. He was one of the best NBA players out there. They'd be crazy not to follow him. In fact, he loved the attention.


"You're late!"

Nathan rolled his eyes as he was pulled into the nearest dressing room. Another photo shoot. The girl instantly started undressing him. He stood there as he watched her pull shirt after shirt off the rack before holding it up to him and then putting it back on the rack. Finally she settled on a light blue t-shirt and a simple pair of faded jeans.

"Let's go! I've got my next appointment waiting. Fucking basketball players!"

Fucking photographer, he thought. The guy was always a prick. He took his time walking out of the dressing room. He noticed Clayton trying to calm the guy down. He took his time walking until he reached the set up basketball goal.

ESPN had been doing an article on how "down to earth" he was. He had laughed when Lucas had told him this but still he had to do it. He would be on the cover with a full article in two months. Lucas wouldn't take no for an answer.

"About fucking time."

"Leon," Clayton started. "I told you we were sorry. Now on with it. We've got a big game tonight."

Leon rolled his eyes. "We'll take a few shots with this and then you'll go for another wardrobe change and then start all over again."

He nodded as another girl started fixing his hair.


"Leave him barefoot," Leon answered. "Hand him a basketball."

He took the basketball in his hands. He waited for the first few flashes of the camera before moving a little and smiling. He kept his focus on the ball as the flashes continued. He bounced the ball a few times before running carefully towards the basketball goal and dunking it. He held onto the rim making sure that Leno got the shot he wanted.

After changing into three different outfits and taking countless pictures it was finally over with. He changed back into his suit. Clayton was waiting for him in one of the chairs outside of the dressing room.

"That went well."

Nathan scowled. "That guys a fucking prick!"

"He's the best," Clayton pointed out.

"I don't give a fuck. I'm not working with him again. I don't give a fuck what Lucas says!"

"We needed this, Nate. If you haven't noticed you haven't really been a good boy with the press lately. Every week you're on the cover of a different magazine with a different girl on your arm. Now I'm all about you relaxing and having fun but we need some good press as well. Lucas pushed really hard for this cover story on you."

"I know," Nathan muttered. Fucking press, he thought.

"We need to get going."

They arrived at Madison Square Garden in the back and he was brought safely inside by Bear. He walked with his bag in his hands as he listened to his I-pod. He reached the locker room ten minutes later and took a seat in front of his locker. He listened to the rest of the 50 cent song playing before he noticed Tony looking at him. He took his earphones out hesitantly as he glanced at his friend.

"Nice party last night," Nathan commented as he started unbuttoning his suit.

Tony smirked. "Yeah, it was wild. You know I have the best parties. Did I really see you leave with not only Lisa but Stella's fine ass as well?"

"What can I say," Nathan shrugged with a guilty smile.

"You really have no shame, do you?" Tony muttered shaking his head.

He smirked. "Not at all. The way I see it is that those girls wanted me. I didn't make them do anything that they didn't want to do. That's all on them. I can't help that I'm sexy."

"Whatever, pretty boy," Tony chuckled. "Dude, last night I met this chick Anna –"

"Nice to know you remembered her name," Nathan commented. "I'm not so good with names."

Tony rolled his eyes. "Like I was saying, I met this girl Anna and I swear, man. I had the best sex of my life last night. It was fucking amazing. We didn't stop all night long."

"That good for you?"

"Best sex of my life," Tony repeated. "I can't tell you how fucking amazing it was!"

"I know the feeling," Nathan muttered with a soft smile. Tony went to talking to one of the trainers and Nathan finished getting dressed for the game. It was few seconds later that the coach walked in and talked to them before the game. Nathan was focused and listened to everything. Then Tony got all the guys pumped up and everyone started clapping before they got ready to leave the locker room.

Nathan stood up and tapped the picture hanging in his locker before following the guys out of the locker room. They all hit the wall for good luck before running towards the court. Once they were in the view of the audience, the cheers got loud. The other team was already shooting around.

The team started shooting around and Nathan relaxed himself and tuned everything else out. He was just focused on the basketball. He made all his shots and when the lights went out he rushed to take a seat with the rest of his team. The announcer got the crowd cheering as he introduced the starting lineup. When they got to him, he stood up and ran pass the cheerleaders before making it to his teammates. They bumped fists as the crowd stood on their feet cheering. He was pumped and ready. Glancing up he noticed himself on the jumbotron. He smirked.

By the end of the third quarter they were up thirty points and he sat for the rest of the game. They won 107-90. After the game he talked to one of the reporters on the court before rushing off towards the locker room. He took of his jersey and signed it before tossing it to a little boy that was hanging over the railing. He held up his fist before running the rest of the way into the locker room.

He sat and listened to the coach once again before he hit the shower. He took his time, letting the hot water sting his aching body, once he was done he dressed slowly back into his suit as Tony and the rest of the guys joked around. His cell phone started ringing and he answered it a second later.


"Son. Great game. 33 points, 10 rebounds, and 14 assists. Not bad. Although next time you should try to stay in the game. You could've had more points that way. You should be playing the whole game."

He rolled his eyes. "Thanks, Dad," Nathan muttered. "Where are you?"

"Down in LA, having a few drinks with some old friends of mine. You guys are really looking good out there. The playoffs will be soon."

"I know," Nathan muttered.

"You guys keep this up and you'll be the best team in the league. You know that means home court advantage."

"Yeah, Dad."

"Well, I'll let you go celebrate. I'm sure you got better things to do. I'll talk to you later, son. Make sure you're practicing enough every day."

"Bye, Dad." He hung up his cell phone before tossing it aside. He finished putting on his shoes. He grabbed his bag and made his way towards the coach's office. Tony was right behind him as they all three made their way towards the back where the press was waiting to interview the three of them. He took a seat and a few cameras flashed. It was a few seconds later that Coach Mike took a seat next to Tony and that's when the questions started flying around.

He sat back and waited for it to be over. He answered each question that was asked of him and made a few cocky comments along with Tony. Tony was on of the best defensive players in the league right now. After the grilling questions by members of the press, he made his way back to the limo where Clayton was waiting.

"Clay," Nathan greeted.

"Fantastic game, Nate. I was on the phone with Sprite and they want you."

"What did you tell them?"

Clayton continued pushing buttons on his blackberry. "I told them no."

"What? Why would you do that?"

"They weren't offering you enough," Clayton stated.

"Clay –"

"Don't worry, they'll call back," Clayton pointed out confidently. "I'll give them until tomorrow and I promise they'll be offering you way more money. Just doing what's best for you, Nate."

"I know," Nathan muttered. "You're lucky you're the best or I would've fired your ass years ago."

Clayton chuckled as his phone started ringing. He answered it and wiggled his eyebrows as he started talking sweetly to some girl named Kim. Nathan sat back and enjoyed the ride to some party one of the guys on the team was throwing. It was thirty minutes later when they pulled up to Damien's house. They both went inside and before he knew it two girls linked arms with him on each side.

"Welcome, Nate. Enjoy," Damien smirked as the pointed to both girls.


"Great game, Nathan. You looked really sexy out there."

"Really sexy," the other one agreed.

"Let's get you ladies a drink," Nathan smirked. He ushered them towards the drinks and fixed each of them a round of shots. Once they were done with those he fixed the girls a glass of champagne and got himself a glass of scotch. He took his time checking out both girls. One was blonde with short hair and in a tight red dress. The other one had long black hair and was wearing a hot pink dress. They were both sexy.

They took a seat on the sofa with him in the middle and instantly both girls had their hands on him as one of them started kissing his neck. He noticed Tony smirking at him from across the room and Nathan smirked while nodding his head. Then Tony pointed to the chick next to him and mouthed "Anna" and he chuckled. Anna was sexy.

He pretended to listen as both girls tried to talk to him. One of them was named Amy and she wouldn't shut up about him, which normally he wouldn't mind but she had a really annoying high pitched voice. The other was Tracey and she just continued to tell him how sexy he was as she sucked and kissed on his neck.

He eyed Clayton and with one look, he let his eyes roll to the side with Amy on it and Clayton was standing in front of them a second later.

"How would you like an autographed picture of Nathan here?" Clayton asked Amy as he held out his hand for her. She smiled before taking it.

"I would just love one. My son adores him," Amy laughed nervously.

"Right this way," Clayton muttered before winking at Nathan and then walking away with Amy. Now that he was alone with Tracy he turned to face her before smiling. Her long black hair was hanging over her shoulders and carefully he pushed it behind her ears before leaning in and kissing her. He pulled away seconds later searching her eyes.

"You want to go upstairs?" Nathan asked huskily.

She nodded eagerly. "Uh-huh."

These girls were so easy. There was no challenge at all. These girls showed up to these parties for one thing and one thing only. Every single basketball player here had girls surrounding them.

They stood up as he pulled her along with him. He noticed Tony shaking his head as he watched him and he couldn't help but smirk. It wasn't his fault that the ladies loved him. They reached an empty room a few minutes later and she pushed him on the bed. He chuckled as he sat back and enjoyed the view.

It was an hour later when he made his way out of the room. He fixed his tie and as he reached the main room he noticed Clayton talking to his brother. What was Lucas doing here? He walked over to them smiling nervously.

"I hoped you used protection," Lucas muttered.

He rolled his eyes. "I always do." Like he would just fuck some money hungry whore. He knew that most girls wanted to find a way to trap him because he was famous and was rich. He wasn't stupid. He knew what that girl wanted. And just like she used him, he used her.

"I've heard that one before," Lucas stated while glaring at him. He turned his attention back to Clayton and Nathan hated the holier-than-thou crap from his brother at the moment. He didn't need to put up with Lucas's shit. "So have they called back yet?"

Nathan eyed Clayton. "I was just telling your brother here about the Sprite endorsement. And I'm sure that they'll call before the end of the day tomorrow. They sounded dead set on signing this deal with him and I'm sure that a few extra million won't kill them."

"Why weren't you at the game?"

"I was in a meeting," Lucas answered him before looking at him. "You done here? Let's go back to my place. There's something that I need to talk to you about."

"Does it have to be now?" He just got here.

"Fuck, Nathan. You just fucked some stranger and got your fix for the night. You can do me this one favor and come with me. This is really important," Lucas declared as he glared at his brother. With the look he was sending Nathan there was no way that he was taking no for an answer.

Nathan glanced at Clayton who held up his hands. "I am so not in this one. I'll call you tomorrow as soon as I hear from the people at Sprite. You guys have a good night." He walked away leaving Nathan standing there alone with his brother.

"How did you know I was here?"

"I'm your manager, Nathan," Lucas spit out. "Are did you forget that?"

"What the fuck is your problem?" Nathan growled back. He and Lucas rarely ever fought and when they did it was over quickly. He hated it when Lucas was upset with him. Lucas was his family –his bestfriend. He didn't want his brother being pissed at him.

"Let's just go," Lucas ordered after a few minutes of awkward silence. Begrudgingly he followed his brother out of the house. He hugged and told a few people goodbye on his way out. Once they were outside, he jumped in Lucas's Bimmer. They made their way awkward silence. Once they were out of the gate and onto the road Nathan sighed.


"I don't see why this couldn't wait. I was just enjoying a little downtime. In case you didn't notice but I just played one of the best games of my life," Nathan muttered.

"That's all you do is enjoy downtime," Lucas pointed out.

"Fuck you, Lucas," Nathan barked as he glared at his brother. "I fucking work hard every day. You think its easy being me? It's not!"

"Whatever," Lucas muttered as he made it to the highway.

"Is this what you wanted to talk to me about?" Nathan asked angrily. He didn't want to get into this with his brother now. Lucas was always expecting more out of him and it was starting to piss him off. Why couldn't Lucas just accept the fact that he wasn't like him? This was his life and he was going to live it to the fullest.

"This has got to stop," Lucas stated calmly. "You're not Dad. You don't need to be like him."

"What the fuck are you talking about?"

"Your fucking image, Nathan! Do you not see yourself on the cover of all these fucking sleazy magazines every week? You know that the media views you as a womanizing playboy basketball star, right?"

"And?" Nathan smirked.

"Don't you even care what people think about you? Come on, Nathan. You're better than this."

"You have no idea what my life is like," Nathan bit back.

"Poor you," Lucas commented. "It must be really hard to be you, huh, Nate?"

"I can't fucking believe that I left Damien's party for this," Nathan muttered angrily.

Lucas glared at him. "Do you even know what today is?"

Nathan met his brother's intense gaze. Then carefully he searched his mind for whatever the hell Lucas was talking about. Nothing was coming up in his mind and it didn't help matters that he was a little drunk. Fuck, what the fuck did Lucas mean?

"You don't," Lucas gritted out. "Fuck, Nathan."

"Of course I do," Nathan lied.

"You're so full of shit," Lucas muttered while shaking his head.

He scoffed. "Then tell me what it is, St. Lucas!"

"February 17," Lucas answered angrily, his mouth in a hard line as he looked at Nathan disappointingly.

It was a second later before realization hit him and he felt his buzz completely gone. Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! He knew he was forgetting something today. He glanced away from his brother's heated gaze and in an instant he knew why Lucas was so pissed at him. He instantly regretted the night before. Lucas had reminded him all last week not to forget and of fucking course, he forgot.

"I know," Nathan lied again.

"Did you at least call," Lucas asked heatedly.

"I've been busy. They know that," Nathan muttered awkwardly.

"He's your son!" Lucas gritted out as they pulled up to a gas station. "It's his birthday and not that I should have to do this, but didn't I remind you a million times last week about what today was? Fuck, Nathan. You're a fucking dick, you know that?"

"I don't need this shit."

"I don't care what the fuck you think you need. I've sat back and watched you fuck up what should be the most important thing in your life, but just like Dan the whole fucking world revolves around basketball, huh? You're going to regret this, Nathan. What you're doing to your son and not to mention –"

"Fuck you, Lucas. I don't need to hear this shit. I don't need you to tell me how to live my life. I've been doing just fine and I don't need you trying to fix me. Like I said, I've been fucking busy and I didn't have the time. They know that!" His fists balled up at his sides and he felt himself get angrier by the second.

"I don't know who you are anymore," Lucas mumbled, shaking his head. He glanced at his brother for a second before getting out of the car and walking into the gas station.

Once he was gone, instantly Nathan started slamming his fists into the dashboard. It was a few minutes later when he was done and he was breathing heavily as he pulled out his cell phone. He took a deep breath before dialing the number he knew all to well. He held it to his ear as he waited for her to pick up.

"Hey…I know it's late…please don't hang up. I'm sorry…I'm going to make it up to him…to both of you…I know…don't you think I know that? I sent his present in the mail, did he get it? I said I was sorry. What the hell do you want from me? I told you that I was no good at this…please don't hang up…you still there? Is he still up? Of course I know what time it is…damn it, I know it's late, I just want to talk to him…I had a fucking game, ok…what did you want me to do, miss it? You know how important my career is to me…I didn't say that. Don't put words in my mouth. It's not the only thing I care about! Of course I'm sure…I've been busy! Hello…hello?"


He slammed his phone shut before slamming his fist into the dashboard again. "Fuck!"

Why the fuck did he have to forget? Well, he didn't forget. He knew that it was coming up. He just didn't remember that it was today. He opened his phone once again and dialed. It rang for a few seconds before Clayton answered.

"Nate," Clayton greeted.

"Look, man. I messed up pretty bad."

"Everything ok?"

"No. No, it's not," Nathan muttered. "I need you to clear my schedule for the next few days."

"You sure? What about the interview with GQ?"

"Just get me out of it," Nathan stated in frustration. "I've got somewhere else I need to be. Just make it happen."

"You got it boss."

It was minutes later when Lucas returned and got into the car quietly. They were back on the road seconds later. An uncomfortable silence filled the air. He hated it so much when Lucas was upset with him. The car stopped for a red light and he sighed before glancing at his brother.

"I'm sorry," Nathan muttered ashamed. "I'm going to make it up to him, I promise."

"I'm not the one you should be telling this to," Lucas pointed out as his face softened. Nathan nodded before turning his attention back towards the road ahead as they waited. His mind instantly went into overdrive as he thought about ways to make it up to him…both of them. She had sounded so pissed and hurt on the phone. It wasn't the first time that he fucked up over the last four years. Her voice sounded like she expected it of him. He was going to make this up to them. He had to.

The light turned green and slowly Lucas took off. It all happened so fast. Before Nathan knew it a blinding light was heading his way and then the sound of glass shattering, steel slamming together, and Lucas screaming filled his ears. The car was spinning uncontrollably. He watched his whole life flash before his eyes.

Nathan didn't even have a chance to scream. As the car finally stopped he slowly slipped away until there was nothing but darkness and then nothing at all.