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Remember all the things we wanted
Now all our memories, they're haunted
We were always meant to say goodbye
Even with our fists held high
It never would've worked out right
We were never meant for do or die..

Present Day

Stacie awoke in a cold sweat, it didn't happen often but when it did, the dreams shook her to the core. She closed her eyes and placed the palm of her hand on her forehead and took a deep breath before collapsing back down into her bed with a huff. She knew why she was having these dreams, tomorrow was appropriately described as "D Day," tomorrow was the day she moved from behind the scenes to in front of the camera. For the most part she had been quiet content being behind the scenes, she didn't have to deal with the drama, she didn't have to deal with the road frenzy. Her life was collected, organized and simple. Tomorrow it would turn to "where the hell are my things and why is my life so chaotic?" Tomorrow also marked the first time in 10 years that she'd see her ex. Not just any ex, her first love. For the better part of these past 10 years Stacie had done an amazing job for herself. She had worked up into the Marketing area of the WWE, and not just because she was Vince's daughter. She had earned it. She helped WWE go public, helped with the transition from WWF to WWE, and tried to catapult them into a new generation of wrestling. In the mean time it left her to work with Make A Wish, obtain her doctorate and left her to re-furbish a house from the 1880's she had managed to find in Vermont. Life after Mark Calaway had left her just fine.

And then these damned dreamed seemed to pop up. Things between them didn't necessarily end bitter, but any end of any relationship is hard. He was tired of being ragged on by dating Vince's daughter, she was tired of feeling like she couldn't be herself around him in public. They were both private people, but Mark had so much invested in his character as The Undertaker… things just would have never worked out. After "the big fight" she packed her things and left… and never looked back. A few months later Mark married, though divorced now, he seemed happy. And that was enough for her. They were both happy… but "what if" questions still plagued her mind from time to time.

Stacie's hazel eyes glanced to the clock and saw she only had a few more minutes left until the alarm kicked in, so she switched it off and crawled out of bed, the wooden floors squeeking beneath her weight as she made her way out of the bed room and down the stairs to the kitchen for her cup of coffee. She had packing she had to get done, bills to pay and a trip to her parents to leave from Connecticut to Idaho to make her first big appearance on WWE Raw. She cursed the day.

"Sweet heart, you okay?" Michelle looked over at Mark, her big blue eyes full of concern. Mark glanced up from reading the transcripts for the next few weeks of Raw and Smackdown, his face was etched with concern as he read and re-read the name "Stacie McMahon" on several of the sheets. It had taken him off guard, no one had bothered to tell him she was entering the picture, but then again most people didn't know of their past. Her parents, siblings, Paul, J.R., and Shawn and Glenn – but that was it, well, who was still around. The fact of the matter was, he never had forgotten her and had tried his damndest to close that wound and when he discovered he couldn't he just ignored this. Well now the wound was gaping and his heart skipped a few beats when he realized she would be on the road… tomorrow.


"Yeah, I'm fine babe. Just getting a head ache." Mark lied through his teeth at Michelle, but there was no need in her knowing any of this.

"You want some Tylenol?" she asked digging through her pocket book trying to find the bottle.

"Nah, I just need some coffee, I think it's from lack of caffeine." Michelle smiled and got up to go get him some. Did he love her? For the most part. They had a great relationship, she understood the business, she was there. They had a rock solid relationship, he had no reason to complain or any reason to feel threatened about Stacie being here. For God's sake, Stacie and him ended 10 years ago, she had moved on and so had he. Several times, he recalled as he remembered a failed marriage, a period of womanizing and then finally settling down as best he could with Michelle. He sucked in a breath and looked back down at her name, there it was in black and white, "Stacie McMahon." He shook his head and smirked, she had to be cussin' her daddy now.

"Hey Deadman," Paul slid down in the seat next to him, they were in the air port bound for Idaho. Mark's eyes diverted over to Michelle, Stephanie was making small talk with her and Mark knew immediately where this was going.

"So I guess you're here to warn me?" Mark said, without looking at Paul. He knew Paul was trying to soothe over any alarms that was going on his head. Paul may not have any control over the business, but he was better at these sort of things than Stephanie was.

"Well, yeah… I mean you two have had a past…"

"Paul, I know where this is heading. We're fine. I'm fine. I'm sure she's fine. It's just that, the past. Alright? It's been 10 years now."

"I know, I'm just saying – if you need to vent or vedge, I've got your back." Mark looked at Paul and smirked.

"You know having all those girls around, I think you're growing a uterus." Paul chuckled and elbowed him before getting up and joining his wife causing Michelle to come back over and join him.

"Here you go babe," she handed him a piping hot cup of coffee from Starbucks. Mark smiled and took it.

"I didn't even know that Mr. McMahon had another daughter!" Michelle exclaimed, apparently Stephanie had been filling her in.

"Yeah, she's the middle child, didn't have any desire to be in front of the camera back in the day. I was originally supposed to abduct her." Mark remembered, Vince was going to give them some more time together at the time the story line was in creative writing. That whole story line was supposed to be completely different, Stacie was going to betray her family and join the dark side… but when the two ended their relationship, they took the route that everyone knows now.

"Well, what happened?"

"Stacie wanted different things for her life." There were multiple meanings to that statement, Mark thought.

"So you knew her?" Oh… I "knew" her alright. Mark thought to himself.

"Yeah…" Mark figured he'd be as vague as possible.

"Well, what's she like? Is she going to be wrestling?" Mark had to stop himself from laughing, Stacie wouldn't wrestle if her life depended on it.

"I doubt it, she's more business minded if I remember correctly."

"Yeah, Steph said something about bringing in Stacie because she would bring balance to the family dilemma known as McMahon."

"It'll be interesting," Mark declared, plating a light kiss on the top of Michelle's head. His worries began to decrease, it had been 10 years… everything would be fine. Mark leaned back looked at his watch, it was about time to board the plane for their flight to Idaho, he wondered if Stacie was flying into Idaho at the same time – he had to brace himself for seeing her again, regardless of the fact that they had moved on, he hadn't seen her in years; and who knows what that might look like in front of Michelle.

Summer 1995

Stacie brushed her blond hair out of her eyes and finished unloading the last of the costumes needed for tonight's pay per view. It had been a long week – the week of Summer Slam was always the week where all the meticulous planning was acted out and it made every move strenuous. She was just glad that now, for the most part, things were settled. She took a deep breath and looked around, noting everything that needed to be there when she felt two big arms snake around her hips. A smile tugged at her lips and she instinctively leaned back against him.

"Hey you…"

"Hey darlin'…" Mark growled low into her ear, followed by a series of light kisses on her neck. She felt the jolt of electricity up her spine. They had only been dating a few months, but this man literally held her heart in his hands.

"Someone may see us…"

"Hmm… true…" she felt him tighten his grip around her waist and dragged her around the corner into a dark hall way, moving her around him and pinning her against the wall.

"I've missed you." He murmured before bringing his lips down to hers in a rough kiss. Stacie's hand immediately went into his red hair bringing him as close as physically possible. They didn't have enough moments like this, and she had learned to savor every moment.


Stacie fluttered her eyes open and looked around, ah yes, she was in a plane… heading to Idaho… for her job. She cracked her neck and straightened herself out. That was the second dream she had in a row of her and Mark. It was probably just her mind making sense of everything, so that she could handle dealing him in a few hours. She noted she didn't have the cold sweat and her heart wasn't pounding quiet as hard. Good girl… she applauded herself in her head.

"Sleep good?" her dad asked her, her eyes wandered across the aisle at her dad.

"Yeah, I think I'm exhausting myself getting worried about tonight."

"Don't worry about it, you have no speaking parts. We're just introducing you…" Yeah, and then catapulting my face into thousands of homes…she thought.

"So… the obvious elephant in the room." Stacie felt her self tense, she knew her dad meant Mark. She had to play it cool and calm.

"Mark? Why is everyone but me having a hard time with this?"

"Just worried…"

"It's been,"
"Ten years, I know" her dad said cutting her off. Stacie really did think her dad had a harder time with their break up than she or Mark did. He had dreams of her marrying him, which would have been great for the company. She felt herself tear a little at the seam she had mended on her heart, another reason why they never would have worked out. Mark had thought that she was being put up to staying with him on the account of her dad. Quiet the contrary, her dad had tried everything in his power to break them up when he found out. He yanked her from working as stage crew on the road, and had her intern in the creative development in the offices back home. Mark flew out to see her and they had rendezvous' in New York on the weekends or she would fly to Texas on his breaks. Finally they decided to move in together to "prove a point" to her dad. He eventually succumbed and soon enough she was working in creative development on the road while finishing her Masters. Life was bliss… Stacie was stirred from her thoughts when she noted her dad standing up and getting his bags from the overhead storage. She moved to do the same, it was now do or die. In a few hours she'd be face to face with Mark Calaway.

"You know, I can arrange things to where neither of you have to see each other." Her dad piped in.

"No Dad, what kind of message is that? We're grown, mature adults and I harbor no ill will towards him. It'll be fine, it may be awkward at first, but it'll all be fine." Stacie flashed him a reassuring smile and followed him out of the plane.