Now I know that some of you didn't like that "Chapter" I posted in order to get you to review. Sorry, but it had to be done, even though it was deceitful. I'll take it down though. I appreciate those who reviewed so I decided I am going to do a Naruto multi chaptered fic but it just might take a while (because I'm so busy with school etc.). But I decided to crank this out for you guys as a little preview and maybe an apology present. So enjoy.

Prologue: Eye lashes

We sat in absolute solitude, the rain coming down in the forest around us. Naruto's leg was beat up in many spots, fractured most likely, and I was almost totally numb from the waist down. My medical ninja skills were not yet sharp enough to heal out wounds completely, so we just sat on the forest floor. Soaked. Waiting for morning to come and for the rain to let up.

"Sakura…" Naruto said in a husky voice and shrugged off his coat. He forced it into my arms.

"You gotta be freezing." He muttered. His blonde hair was pasted to his forehead from the rain.

"No way Naruto, I'm fine. You'll freeze in that tee shirt!" I scolded, throwing the jacket back at him. He shrugged and scooted closer to me.

"Then let's keep each other warm." He offered. I felt my cheeks warm up a bit. Before I knew it he had pulled me into his lap. I immediately felt the blonde's warmth radiating off of him, warming my iced skin.

We sat there for hours, and I was unable to find sleep. We moved so we were up against a tree, and as soon as Naruto put his head back onto the bark, he was out like a light. I watched him sleep for hours. He looked like an innocent child when he slept, yet he kept his protective arms around me, keeping me warm. I turned back to his wound and tried healing it a bit more with my healing jutsu. It didn't look like I would get infected now, but he deffinatly wouldn't be able to walk on the badly injured leg. I turned back to him and noticed a cute feature.

His eye lashes were long and soaked by rain, sticking together. The little droplets of water gathered up in beads on the lashes and slowly dripped off. His eyelashes were a darker color than his hair, more of a brownish tone. Did I mention it was so fascinating watching the rain gather on the little hairs?

I finally felt tired enough to attempt sleep, so I rested my head onto my comrade's shoulder. I felt him stir when I set my head down, and then I felt him pat my back softly before returning to his deep sleeping state.

That night a dreamed of blood, rain, and my team mate's eyelashes.