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Tsuna sat down on the wooden chair with much apprehension. Turning to shoot Reborn a doubtful gaze, he asked for the last time, "Must I really do this?"

The Arcobaleno, who was seated comfortably on the bed beside his desk, replied as-a-matter-of-factly - perhaps with a tint of amusement in his voice, but Tsuna could never tell, "It's part of your training to be the Tenth. If you want to be a good leader you must know how to solve problems."

"But I don't want to be a mafia!" He shouted, although he knew that this was pretty much useless already. But knowing full well that he could never win an argument - or anything for that matter - against Reborn, he let out an oppressed sigh and drew out the dreaded letter from the envelope. Reborn never failed to amaze him how he could always make things happen his way, and how he stole those letters from the publisher this time. He unfolded the messily folded paper. It read:

Dear Aunt Agony,

Hi, my name is Yamamoto Takeshi. I'm 14 years old, and I attend Namimori Junior High. I'm in the baseball club, although I do fill in for the other sports club when they're short of players. They say I'm good at sports you see. My dream is to become a professional baseball player, I'll have to work very hard to reach that goal! Oops, I think that's not the main point is it? Haha, I've written out of point on my first letter to you, isn't that funny!

Tsuna yelped. "Ah, Yama... Yamamoto is depressed? Don't tell me he broke his arm again! And he actually writes to these kind of stuff?!"

Sipping his warm espresso, Reborn chided, "Just continue reading."

I guess I would have to start telling you why am I so sad now? Let's see how to get started. Ah! I know! You see, I have these bunch of good friends, Sawada Tsunayoshi and Gokudera Hayato.

A smile spread across Tsuna's face.

Tsuna's a really good friend, we all walk to school together. He's the boss in a mafia game we're playing, and he made me the Rain Guardian. Gokudera is an Italian transfer student. He has this mob of silver hair that is so soft it feels like feathers when you touch them. And his skin is very pale, especially under the sun, so whenever he stands in the light you can see the green colour of his eyes stand out. Oh, and he has very white teeth too. He scowls a lot whenever I talk to him, I suppose he's sort of smiling at me when he does, so you can see his teeth. He gets angry at almost everything, but I think it's just because he doesn't know how to express his feelings properly. Because when I confessed to him, he actually scolded me more harshly than ever, and then accepted me as his boyfriend.

Tsuna's jaws dropped. Sweat droplets formed all around his forehead as his trembling fingers held the letter. He just stared at the letter, flabbergasted as if a thousand arrows shot him in his body everywhere. "Ya... Ya... Yamamoto and Go... Go... Gokudera-kun... T... T... Together?!"

Haha, I think I have written off again. Okay, I promise I will move on to my problem. It's a bit hard to tell you exactly what happens, and I'm very bad at summarising because Gokudera often scolds me for being an idiot. So I will have to explain to you what happened that day.

You see, it happened on the day when we're recording for the character albums. By the way, it's out in stores now so quick get it! Ah, back to problem! Sorry again! So Tsuna and Lambo and I-Pin had already recorded theirs, and it was my turn next, followed by Gokudera. Tsuna had to go home first because Lambo and I-Pin were crying about being hungry. Oh, I guess I haven't explained, Lambo and I-Pin are babies staying over at Tsuna's house. I don't know why they are though, maybe because they are related or something. They're great fun to play with! Ah, looks like I have gone out of point again. Haha! Sorry!

I was scheduled before Gokudera, so I went first. It was so fun standing in front of the mike and singing the song! The people have written this song called "Minna Suki Daze", which is supposedly about all the things I like. There's things like baseball, Namimori milk, oh and of course the big tunas. It's just a very funny song, I think, and I really had fun singing it, especially when Gokudera's sitting in the control room and staring at me. It was a bit stressful being stared at like that, but I think it's okay when it's Gokudera who's doing the staring, because I like his stares too.

It took a quite a number of NGs and re-recording again until the person was happy with the final product, it was quite late when I've finished. When I came out and Gokudera went in, Gokudera ignored me when I tried to talk to him. When I grinned at him, his usual response will be to scowl and look away with that cute blush in his cheeks, but this time he just looked away. The wrinkles between his eyebrows were deeper than ever, and the redness in his face wasn't from blushing. I thought it was just because I made too many mistakes and dragged the session until much later in the night. But if that were the case his anger would subside fairly quickly. In the control room when I caught his eye and smiled at him again, he ignored me once more. I started to worry.

His recording ended (his song was called "...loop", but he told me not to tell anyone because he wanted to tell Tsuna himself) and we walked home together. But even then he still continued to give me the cold shoulder, (of course not literally, it being summer and all, hahaha!) which made me very anxious. Like there's a little cat inside standing on the edge of your heart which is on the verge of falling off, something like a cat trying to commit suicide but backing out at the last minute. So I asked him why was he mad.

He told me I would've known why, but I told him I really don't know, that's why I asked him what's wrong. He just made a face at me again and scolded me for being an idiot again. But I still don't know why he's angry with me all of a sudden. He started to turn around and walk away from me. I think he was trying to leave me or something. I would have let him go, honestly, I would... Okay, maybe I wouldn't, but seeing him walk away this time was different. Usually when he did, he didn't really mean it, and I can tell from his actions that he wanted me to catch up with him. But this time, he walked really fast, and... and I can tell he really didn't want me to catch up to him.

Then suddenly, my arm just clutched his elbow. I don't know how, I just did. Sort of like when the ball's flying at you you don't think, you just swing your bat and start running. "Gokudera," I called him. Then I turned him around so that he faced me. I looked into his beautiful green eyes, I don't know why, maybe I thought the answer lies in there.

Gokudera tried looking away, but I continued peering into his eyes, so he sighed and gave in. He swung my arm away in one forceful jerk, and then muttered, "It's your song."

I tried recalling my song. I recited all the lyrics again in my brain, but nothing seemed to be offensive enough to make him mad. So I asked him, "What's up with my song?"

His eyes were downcasted for a second. He kept quiet for a while. Then, he asked all of a sudden, "Do you like me?"

I was quite surprised by the question. "Yes," I answered without hesitation.

He glared at me once more, not that kind of glare he gives everyday. "Then why aren't I one of the things you like?"

I don't get him, because this time, he's the one not making any sense. I think he sensed my bafflement, and so he continued explaining. His pitch this time was higher than when he coaches me history in my room. "In your song... Of all the 27 things you like... Not one of them was... was me."

I blinked at him, then tried to recall the lyrics again. It was a bit difficult because I have forgotten some things already, but I can still vaguely remember most of the things. And then, I realised he was right. Usually when he was right, I would be happy for him and maybe a bit envious that he can remember every facts so well. But this time, I was not.

I tried explaining to him that it was because Katekyo Hitman Reborn was aimed at teenage boys, and is by right not even a love story in the first place, but he refused to accept my explanations. I even told him that shounen ai was not accepted in the society, and since our target audience are teenage boys, isn't it the more so that I can't say I like him out loud?

But he still didn't listen to me, and told me, "You could've hinted it or something! And Jyuudaime's name was mentioned in there too, so why not mine? Am I nothing compared to embezzled gloves and watermelon smashing? Is your new spikes and the public bath more important than me? What happened to the Yamamoto who told me that we shouldn't care how the others think of us, and how we still have tons fangirls supporting us even so? Are you telling me this is all a lie?"

I tried to come up with something else, "But if I were to do so we would have been canon, and because young boys are not supposed to know about such things not only us, but the entire of the Katekyo Hitman Reborn cast would lose their jobs!" It was an excuse, but I hoped it was a valid one. I like everything, really, I do. I like Gokudera the best, but I just can't say it, not in the song at least. So I told him again, "I like you Gokudera." I said it the same way I did when I confessed.

Gokudera just smacked me aside and yelled at me and called me a liar. I opened my mouth, but I don't know why, nothing came out. I didn't know what to say. Usually I would've known what to say, even though I don't know what exactly I'm talking about. Then he stomped off again. I just stood there, and let him walk away this time. That feeling which made me grab him didn't come back.

It was very sad, to just stand there helplessly and watch him go. But it was even sadder the next morning, when he texted me, "May your position in the next popularity poll slip."

That was the saddest.

What should I do?

Very Sad Person

Tsuna gawked at the paper, not knowing whether to be amused, depressed, or unbelieving. His mind was all in a mess, as he struggled to cope with the shocking fact that his two male best friends were seeing each other, and was now having a fight over trivial matters like that. Oh dear mother of sweet potatoes, why must you bring so much tragedies and horrors into his life?!

Reborn, noticing Tsuna's stupefaction, probed, "What's wrong Tsuna?" Of course he knew, but he just enjoyed watching Tsuna's face scrunch up in worry.

Tsuna sank in his chair, and slammed his face onto his desk. He stated it umpteenth times before, he doesn't want to be the boss of a mafia.

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