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Oh lookie, my stomach's starting to bleed. *faints*

"Haha, I didn't know Italian food tastes this good! What's the name of this again?" Yamamoto poked the Hurricane Bomb seated beside him in the restaurant.

Gokudera shoved his elbow away, and spat, "Che, what's the use of telling you? You and your idiotic tongue can't pronounce it anyway."

"Ahhaha, how do you know I can't speak if you've never heard me before?" Yamamoto rubbed the back of his head, before hanging an impish grin on his lips. "Or is it through the late-night sessi- BWAH!"

Tsuna flashed a worried smile at Yamamoto who just had a fist lodged in his face. The Vongola was about to open his mouth to say something, when Gokudera quickly enquired, retracting his knuckles from the permanently-ecstatic face, "Jyuudaime! You look sick! Is the food not to suited to your taste?"

Tsuna immediately shook his head, waving his hands frantically, "No, no it's fine, Gokudera-kun! It's just that Yamamoto looks a bit..."

Gokudera turned to bellow at the swordsman, "You baseball idiot, you've made Jyuudaime worried!"

Tsuna sat by the side, watching his two guardians fall into another ruckus again, not being able to help feeling fortunate - well, sort of - for these kind of days.

But not before recalling the traumatic incident ten years ago, when Reborn made him an Aunt-Agony-in-training for the week. It was terrifying, for the innocent 14-year-old boy who knows nothing about the shounen-ai affiliations of Katekyo Hitman Reborn. But men or not, they are still his best friends, and it was only right that he do something to patch things up. Thankfully, things did smoothen out between them a few days later, although he was not sure whether or not it was due to his involvement. A peaceful smile spread across his face when he remembered finding out the answer today.

Tsuna was browsing through the tonnes of unbelievably thick files, having been ordered by Reborn to arrange the Vongola reports. It was astonishing, how much ten-years-worth of reports and papers can be. It would take him almost a month to finish sorting out the paperworks.

"Serves you right for not being consistent in your work, Tsuna," Reborn leaned against the door, sipping his Espresso, taking sadistic delight in watching the brown-haired pull his disproportionately-large hair out.

Tsuna sulked, and continued carelessly scanning through the page of the report. "Eh?" He straightened his back, taking a sudden interest in the document.

It dated back to ten years ago, and was, expectedly, written by Gokudera. Something was different about the report, mainly because it was not a report.


Jyuudaime once again proved his prowess in the line to become Vongola's next boss. His Hyper Intuition must have gotten stronger, I must work harder to keep up with him, so I have the right to become his right-hand man.

"HIIII!!!" Tsuna shrieked, panicky. "Go-Go-Gokudera-kun's diary? H-He must've accidentally printed it out!" He stared wide-eyed at the piece of paper. The saint and demon in his head popped up and bickered.

"Don't read, Sawada Tsunayoshi, it's private!"

"Don't be a sissy, besides, as a boss you're supposed to understand your members well. Just read."

Somehow Tsuna found the devil's voice to be oddly familliar, only to realise that it was actually Reborn breathing down his neck.

He always knew that Arcobaleno was associated with evil, he knew it.

Gulping and heart palpitating, Tsuna guiltily continued reading the entry, mumbling "Sorry Gokudera-kun" silently.

Other than this explanation, I really have no other inkling of how else Jyuudaime caught wind of baseball idiot and I falling out. I was sure our pretence was near-perfect, no loopholes whatsoever. Yamamoto and I, on as bad as terms can get, never failed to look as though nothing's happened between us whenever he's around, and I don't think the people in our class would be bored enough to inform him of our bad relations. It was really dishonourable of me, to attempt to deceive Jyuudaime. I should've known that his powers are undoubtable.

The end of Tsuna's lips twitched a little, muttering, "It's not really the Hyper Intuition... It's a much less glorious reason actually..."

Anyway, Jyuudaime wisely revealed to us that he knew two days ago, after school. The 3 of us were walking home together, and bidding farewell to Jyuudaime when we reached his house. Before we left, he stopped us, and told us that he wanted to give us something. So he ran into the house and ran back, and passed us our 'Oretachi no Joy' character album.

It was a little awkward between me and the baseball idiot, when Jyuudaime was explaining that he wanted us to go home and listen to it. Despite our probings, (I only asked one question and retreated, while the idiot literally poked his nose into his face) Jyuudaime just shook his head and kept mum about it. So both of us went home with much bafflement, wondering what's the purpose of giving us the albums again, things I don't really wish to remember. As I always did after the day we fell out, I took the long way round to avoid walking with Yamamoto.

At night after I was done bathing I wasted time by staring at the CD, studying the cover with both our faces on it. Suddenly, the events of the day of the photoshoot for the cover came back to me.

I was supposed to pose with the piano, and Yamamoto with the guitar. Because I'm obviously smarter than an idiot, they said I looked natural, while we had to waste time getting Yamamoto to look professional with the guitar. Seriously, can't they just get a baseball bat and glue strings to it or something? I mean, nobody can tell the difference anyway. The worst part is that I have to remain still, unanimated, like the frozen cucumber in Takesushi's fridge, while that idiot took his own sweet time to shift according to prompts by the photographers. It was a good twenty minutes, and he's still happily molesting the guitar. I couldn't take it anymore and wanted to throw a punch at him, when the people suddenly shouted, "Good pose!" and snapped the shutter.

And therefore it turned out this way.

I frowned at the Yamamoto in the picture, with his stupid grin on (it's kind of hard to believe he had that smile on for the entire twenty minutes without even moving, and then I realised that he's been like that since birth). Curse him for making me look so treacherous, not that I care anyway, but I think it left a bad impression on Jyuudaime. If it's not for the budget I would've threatened the people to retake it.

And then, my gaze zoomed in to his eyes. It was like he was staring back at me, with those irritating, moronic, and perverted eyes.

I- I miss those perverted eyes, a-and the secret butt smacks that follows.

Not that I enjoyed it or anything.

Tsuna's wide eyes shrank until it virtually disappeared. Good thing the butt smacks were done discreetly, and hopefully he'll never get to notice it, ever.

Hesitantly, I put the disc into my laptop and played it. It was a period of nolstagia as I listened to the piano's melody and our voices. They fit so well together, and we sound so joyful and carefree, like nothing could stop us. Not even 8018 or 5927 fangirls. Then I recalled how much we've been through to get together. Yamamoto's fanclub, my fanclub, Shonen JUMP! editors, anti-yaoi activists, the mutant living-dead octopus in Takesushi (don't ask)... And everything we've done, had all gone down the drain because of me getting upset over trivial matters.

I got a little remorseful. Maybe me cursing his position in the popularity polls was a bit harsh. I could've just said I wish he would get less screen time, or smaller frames, or run into a wall again.

And then my phone rang. The idiot called. I slowly picked up the phone.

"Hey, Gokudera?" It was the first time Yamamoto spoke to me without any need to pretend. I- I miss this voice.

"What." I didn't want to sound too remorseful.

There was a slight second of delay when he spoke again, "Are you listening? To... To our song?"

"Hell no." We must've did it again, doing things at the same time.

There were chuckles over at the other end. "I can hear the song, Gokudera."

My face grew hot when I yelled back, "It-It's because Jyuudaime told me to! I'm merely obeying orders!"

The idiot laughed again. "I guess Tsuna wants me to apologise to you."

Tsuna flashed a weak smile again. "No really, Yamamoto, that wasn't my intention..." Why do people keep misintepretting him? (Although he didn't know whether to be thankful or not for Gokudera insisting he's straight. On one hand he's faithful towards Kyoko, on the other, well, he does find Hibari and Mukuro paying a lot of attention to him...)

"I-I'm sorry, Gokudera."

That fish-head! First the position of the right hand man (which is rightfully mine, oh look I made a pun), and now he's fighting with me to apologise first? No way in hell I'm going to let that pass! It's my fault for souring our relationships because of some song, it's my fault for being so darn petty, it's my fault for being such a spoilt brat (well it's not entirely mine when he's the one who keeps spoiling me), it's my fault for being ignorant to the world of uptight anti-shonen ai parents whose daughters will grow up to be yaoi fangirls anyway, and it's my fault for cursing his position to slip in the next popularity poll. It's freaking none of his business so he's in no position to say sorry when I'm the one who's wrong. Therefore I am the one who needs to say sorry first, not him. But of course, I'm not going to say such embarassing things out loud because I'm not going to let him laugh at m-

"Hahaha. I-I'm glad you forgave me."

Oh great, I just said it didn't I.

"Sh-shut up! Stop putting words in my mouth! I didn't say I forgive you. I'm the one asking for the forgiving!" As weird as that seems, it sounded perfectly logical to me at that time.

Yamamoto cackled again, and of course, started to piss me off once more, and said, "Ne, Gokudera, let's patch up, okay? It's been weird these past few days, not talking to you like that."

I snorted, a little relieved that I'm not the one who needed to say such embarassing stuff. "Che, fine. It's tiring not talking at all anyway. Besides, I can't get free lunch at your father's place so often."

Yamamoto seemed to have beamed, and chortled. "Haha! I'm glad we're talking again, Gokudera! It seems so long ago, I'm starting to forget the feel of your butt! Haha!"

If the idiot was here, he would forget the feel of his too when he had a dynamite up his rear-end.

Then, he told me that we should record another song together, so that we can never forget to keep smiling, and remain strong in spite of the angry mob of protestors out there. (The peacock guy from Varia thinks that it's because they fail to realise gays are usually sexy, and are in denial.)

So we returned to the studio today, and just finished recording 'Oretachi no Yakusoku', which I find quite pleasant-sounding, although I think I'm getting a headache from straining my voice too much. I got to sound cool to maintain my irresistable Italian image, or so the JUMP! editors say.

We're getting the final version of the recording tomorrow, and I'm going to let Jyuudaime be the first to hear it. It's really thanks to him that we got back together again, I should make him something. Fireworks is a good idea! But the last time I did that I burnt the forest down... How about- No, not the mutant living-dead octopus. I can't believe the idiot father-son pairing still wanted to keep it as a pet. Sheesh.

Sa, I shall retire for the night to ponder over Jyuudaime's thank-you gift.


And there the case of the mysterious tuna-stuffed-inside-an-octopus gift was solved.

"Ah, sorry Tsuna, we got to go. There's still some work we need to finish up." Yamamoto's voice pried him back to consciousness.

Beaming a reassuring smile at the duo who are getting up, Tsuna nodded, "Okay. See you back at the mansion then."

He sat there, savouring the taste of the aglio olio in his mouth, as he observed his two best friends strolled out into the streets. Gokudera was shouting at Yamamoto as usual, and Yamamoto was laughing as usual.

And then Gokudera paused.

Yamamoto turned around to face him.

Gokudera said something.

Yamamoto stopped laughing.

He grabbed Gokudera's wrist.

But it was wrenched off him.

Gokudera said something again,

And he stomped away.

Tsuna slammed his head on the table, tears of helplessness rushing down his face, as he struggled to remember where he put that album.

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