The "Not Yet a Shaggy Dog" Story

By Cat Feral

Young Sirius Black and his brother were on the Hogwarts Express, and found themselves sharing a compartment with a new professor. * They hadn't been talking with him for long before it came clear the teacher was muggle-born.

Regulus, of course, made his excuses and moved to the next compartment, but being a naturally curious boy, he still wanted to keep tabs on the conversation.

"You sound American, Sir," said Sirius, "Where are you from?"

"I'm originally from California," the teacher answered, "but I¹ve spent a lot of time in Massachusetts."

"What did he say?" called Regulus.

"He said he's from California, by way of Massachusetts," Sirius called back.

Turning back to the professor, he asked, "Have you done much teaching?"

"I taught at the Salem Institute for several years."

"What did he say?" called Regulus.

"He said he taught at the Salem Institute," Sirius answered. "So what will you be teaching at Hogwarts, Sir?"

"I've been hired to teach Defense Against the Dark Arts," the teacher replied.

"What did he say?" called Regulus, once again.

"He said he's going to teach Defense Against the Dark Arts," Sirius called back. "Tell me, Sir, have you ever had to fight Evil personally?"

"Well, not too long ago, I was taken prisoner and barely escaped alive, from a crazed, female Death Eater who subjected me to every depravity known to wizard-kind!"

"What did he say?" asked Regulus.

"He said he knows Mother."

* Don't ask me where the other Marauders were, or Reggie's Housemates; ­ maybe they'd all gone to buy snacks.