Garcia's POV

Garcia sat quietly, waiting for Emily to return. She did feel happier about JJ now the doctor had spoken to them, but she wouldn't feel completely at peace until she had seen her in person. JJ's doctor approached and quickly informed her of JJ's room number. Garcia thanked him and decided to walk out to the front to find Emily.

Emily was just finishing her call to Reid as Garcia walked up to her. She put her phone away and turned towards her with a smile on her face, but Garcia could see that it was strained.

"The call didn't go too well then?" she queried, "Boy genius being difficult?"

"Not difficult," replied Emily tiredly, "he just wants to be here – I can understand that."

"Yeah. Me too." Garcia continued with, "The doctor says she's in room 216. She's ready for us to go up. Have you got her bag?"

"Right here." Emily indicated the bags at her side. "I got ours too."

"Thanks hon. Let's go and make sure my angel is OK."

They made their way quickly up to the second floor. As they stood in the elevator Garcia could see the same exhaustion in Emily's demeanour as she herself felt. They walked quietly into JJ's room and saw that she was asleep. She looked pale and tiny in the hospital bed, with an IV snaking into her arm and oxygen tubes disappearing into her nose. Garcia could feel tears pricking her eyes. Emily must have noticed as she pulled Garcia into a hug, whispering "You heard the doctor – she's going to be fine."

Without speaking they both pulled chairs to either side of JJ's bed. Garcia saw Emily take hold of JJ's right hand as she took her left, both trying to settle comfortably for a long night.

Garcia woke suddenly some hours later as she felt JJ's hand grip hers tightly and heard her beginning to choke. She looked up to see that Emily must have been sleeping too, as she looked momentarily confused before trying to speak to JJ calmly in an attempt to hold off the coughing fit before it became serious.

"Come on kitten," she heard herself say, "breathe slowly and calmly for me."

She was relieved when her tactics seemed to have worked. JJ quietened after a minute or so and the grip on her hand loosened.

"How are you feeling honey?" she asked gently.

"I've been better." JJ replied, clearly still struggling slightly to speak, but continuing nonetheless.

"I'm sorry guys," she said to both of them, "I should have said something earlier. I should have spoken to you when you gave me the chance."

Garcia heard Emily reply, "JJ, you've got nothing to be sorry for. We know you didn't want to distract us from helping Reid."

"You know that wasn't your fault, don't you kitten?" interrupted Garcia, having to make sure, "You couldn't have done anything to stop him."

"So people keep telling me," replied JJ. She immediately stopped Emily's retort by saying quietly, "I do know...Well, I think I do. It was just tough seeing him suffer and thinking that I should have helped."

"You did help JJ," Emily said gently, "you helped find him. He's going to be OK you know."

"I know." Responded JJ sleepily.

Garcia watched her slowly slipping off to sleep and turned to Emily.

"She's going to be OK, isn't she?" She wasn't asking for reassurance. Her angel was strong; she was clearly already dealing with her demons.

"She'll be fine" Emily replied as they both settled down for an uncomfortable nap.

That's it everyone. Thank you for reading... I hope you enjoyed it.