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She Saw It and I Couldn't Stop Her in Time

"Oh, come on! I just got here." Edward moaned when his cell rang, fluting out a piano melody. I chuckled ruefully. I knew Edward asked, well, actually told his family not to call him because he was going to be with me and lately we never had the time to spend together. With a regretful sigh, he flipped the phone open.

"Yeah?...Whoa! Emmett calm down! What's going on?" I shot up from my place on the meadow floor, our spot. Edwards worried voice scared me, his face shown his worry also making me terrified. He rarely had that look, maybe Alice had a vision of something happening to me?

"How long?...No, tell them I'll be there soon." After a few parting words on Emmett's part, Edward closed the mobile device and stood. I scrambled to my feet, barely staying on my feet when Edward grabbed my hand and started to pull me along. Once we reached a place, the place where I usually got on his back, I mounted him.

"What's wrong?" He stayed silent for a long time, not moving, just breathing to calm him-self.

"Edward?" I asked again when he didn't answer me.

"It's Alice." He whispered, so softly I had to strain my ears to hear him.

"What about Alice?" Edward took off in a dead run, startling me, making me clutch on to him tighter. He did that sometimes when he wanted me to hold him close to me, but I had the feeling that this is not one of those times.

"She-" He started, than stopped him-self to do what looking like come up with words to describe what he had to tell me. "She went hunting a few days ago." He told me. I didn't understand. Alice went hunting all the time, even by her-self and it never worried the Cullen's like it was doing this time.

"She hasn't returned yet." He finished. That was the bomb, the bomb that I was waiting to drop and it did drop. It dropped so hard that I had to blink away tears that suddenly fogged my vision up.

"But, she always, always comes back the next day, or at least she tries too."

"We know, that's what's worrying us. When she goes off alone, she promises Jasper and Esme that she'll be back that night or the next day at least, it sets them at ease," It sets all of you at ease I thought to my-self. " and it's nearly sunset now and she's still not back. Rose and Jasper already went out to look and Emmett left after he called. Esme and Carlisle are going to leave when we get there." I said nothing, not knowing how to talk to him about his missing sister. After a few seconds, we stopped in front of the Cullen's house. Edward dropped me to my feet as Esme and Carlisle can running out of the home.

"Let's go, your siblings already left." Carlisle told us hurriedly. All four walked at a quick human speed to the edge of the thick brush that surrounded them.

"She said she'd stay in the general area. She only needed a deer, something small like that." Esme said to the group. "Knowing Alice, she should still be here." Edward shook his head.

"Not if someone or something t-" I cut him off.

"No! Just, no. We have to find her, have to look." If they were surprised at my outburst, they didn't show it, they just nodded numbly.

"Jasper is checking the north, Rosalie and Emmett in the east. We'll go west and you'll go south. That way we have all our bases covered." Carlisle said quickly and turned to Esme.

"If you find her, just yell, we'll hear you." With that they turned and were gone at inhuman speeds. I had to jog to keep up with my boyfriend's slow vampire walk. He had his eyes clenched shut in concentration and his nose in the air, sniffing to find his sister. My best friend. Our family. Our Alice. Without her, the Cullen's would fall apart.

Edward has told me how much she lit up their lives when she came running in, jumping in excitement, calling them all by their names and took his room when he and Emmett were out hunting. Now, a future without the little pixie vampire who could beat you in a game of chance seemed lifeless.

It went on like that for hours, silent, before Edward let out an unnecessary sigh. I looked at him.

"We have to head back; I shouldn't have kept you out this long."

"But Alice-!" I exclaimed.

"I'll take you home and then come back to keep looking." I opened my mouth to protest, but quickly shut up at his look.

"She's my sister, Bella." He told me. "I won't stop looking until I find her. She's our family and all of us will keep looking until we find her. You can come back in the morning when its warmer and brighter out." His words held a hint of finality to them that I could hear.

Edward and I turned and started back to the house. Thirty minutes past before Edward stopped suddenly and looked around, sniffing the air once again.

"Edward, what's-?"

"She's close." Was all he said. I looked around franticly trying to see if I could spot my vampire friend. Squinting so I could see better, I looked around me.

"Alice!" I called seeing if the little pixie girl would respond. Edwards's eyes snapped open and looked to his right. I looked that way too. I saw nothing.

"I heard a…a moan? A groan, maybe? Sounded like Alice." He sounded unsure of him-self, a side of him I usually didn't hear or see. I looked closer to the forest floor, while Edward looked to the sky and the trees. I walked forward, with Edward right behind me. I saw a clump of leaves by the base of a tree that didn't look right.

I walked to it and bent down to brush away the leaves that were much higher than the rest around them. I felt something soft against my hand. I dropped to my knee's and pulled the leafs away from the person on the floor. Alice. Edward hurried over to me and helped uncover her.

Alice laid there, eyes closed, which was worrisome because vampires don't sleep and they don't get knocked out. She was on her side, her fingers gripping the muddy ground and her habitual breathing had stopped. Her face had dirt on it, her cheeks and the tip of her nose. The whole right side of her face was in the muddy puddle. Her hair was knotted in some places and completely fine in others, her clothes were dirty, which we knew, later, would piss her off.

"Alice?" Edward whispered. "Can you hear me?" He asked softly to his baby sister. He smiled a second later.

"Yeah, it did take us a long time… Yes, we did walk right past you… Okay, I'll tell them. Come on, let's get you home." I watched as he hoisted Alice into his arms bridal style and he turned to me.

"Cover your ears." I didn't question him because we found Alice and I didn't want it to take any longer than necessary to get to the Cullen household. Once my hands covered my ears, I heard nothing. It was silent once again. Edward opened his mouth.

"I've got Alice!" It sounded like he was screaming in my ears, like I didn't put my hands on my ears to block out sound. Edward nodded and I pulled my hands away from my face and opened my mouth to tell him something, but he turned his back on me and crouched.

"Get on."

"But, won't it be-"

"It'll be fine. Just get on; it will be much faster this way." With a sigh, I climbed on to his back. He waited until I was completely comfortable before running faster than I've ever seen him run before. We were at the house much faster and saw the looks of the Cullen kids and parents.

All looked worried and scared. Jasper was the first to run up and he took his mate from his brother's arms. He nodded his thanks to which Edward said you're welcome too.

"She told me to tell you she was sorry for worrying you." Said Edward to the family while I jumped off his back. Jasper nodded again and went to carry her inside, the others followed, Carlisle and Esme, than Rose and Emmett close behind and finally me and Edward, to tell them what Alice had to say.


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